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lyrics (of a song); a/the song's lyrics; words [listen] [listen] Liedtext {m}; Songtext {m}; Text {m}

lyrics (of songs) [listen] Liedtexte {pl}; Songtexte {pl}; Texte {pl}

song [listen] Lied {n}; Song {m}; Gesangsstück {n} [mus.] [listen]

songs Lieder {pl}; Songs {pl}; Gesangsstücke {pl}

peace song Friedenslied {n}

to burst into song; to break into song ein Lied anstimmen; zu singen anfangen

singing; song [listen] Gesang {m} [mus.]

singings; songs Gesänge {pl}

classical singing; classical song klassischer Gesang

In Aztec music, song and dance played an important role. In der Musik der Azteken spielte Gesang und Tanz eine wichtige Rolle.

song of praise Loblied {n}

to sing sb.'s praise ein Loblied auf jdn. anstimmen

to sing one's own praises ein Loblied auf sich singen

song book; choir book; hymnbook Gesangbuch {n} [mus.]

song books; choir books; hymnbooks Gesangbücher {pl}

song festival; songfest Gesangsfest {n}; Gesangsfestival {n} [art]

song festivals; songfests Gesangsfeste {pl}; Gesangsfestivals {pl}

song flute; tonette [Am.] Lernflöte {f} [mus.]

song of praise; hymn of praise Lobgesang {m}; Lobeshymne {f}

songs of praise; hymns of praise Lobgesänge {pl}; Lobeshymnen {pl}

song cycle Liederzyklus {m}; Liederkreis {m} [mus.]

song sparrow Singammer {f} [ornith.]

love song Liebeslied {n} [listen]

love songs Liebeslieder {pl}

soppy love songs schmachtende Liebeslieder

schmaltzy song; tear jerker Schnulze {f}; Schmachtfetzen {m}

schmaltzy songs; tear jerkers Schnulzen {pl}; Schmachtfetzen {pl}

to be a tear jerker auf die Tränendrüse drücken [übtr.]

lilt; sing-song Singsang {m}; singender Tonfall {m} [ling.]

Irish lilt; Irish sing-song irischer Singsang; singender irischer Tonfall

to speak with a lilt; to lilt; to speak in a singsong (voice); to singsong mit einem singenden Tonfall sprechen

Advent song Adventslied {n}; Adventlied {n} [Ös.]

Advent songs Adventslieder {pl}; Adventlieder {pl}

barcarolle; barcarole (song of Venetian gondoliers) Barkarole {f}; Barcarole {f} (Venezianisches Gondellied) [mus.]

own composition; self-composed song Eigenkomposition {f} [mus.]

own compositions; self-composed songs Eigenkompositionen {pl}

birthday song Geburtstagslied {n}

birthday songs Geburtstagslieder {pl}

gospel song; gospel [listen] Gospelsong {m}; Gospel {m} [mus.]

the Song of Love das Hohelied der Liebe (Bibel, 1. Korinther 13) [relig.]

the Song of Solomon; the Song of Songs; the Canticle of Canticles [rare] das Hohelied Salomos; das Lied der Lieder (Bibel, altes Testament) [relig.]

hunting song Jagdlied {n} [mus.]

hunting songs Jagdlieder {pl}

battle song Kampflied {n}

battle song Kriegslied {n}; Kampflied {n}

battle songs Kriegslieder {pl}; Kampflieder {pl}

art song; Kunstlied; lied [listen] Kunstlied {n}

art songs; Kunstlieds; lieds Kunstlieder {pl}

early morning bird song; dawn chant (of singing birds) Morgengesang {m} (von Singvögeln) [zool.]

The Song of the Nibelungs (heroic epic in Middle High German) Nibelungenlied {n} (mittelhochdeutsches Heldenepos) [lit.]

whisper song; subsong Plaudergesang {m} (leiser Vogelgesang) [ornith.]

protest song Protestlied {n} [mus.]

protest songs Protestlieder {pl}

cavalry song Reiterlied {n}

pop song Schlager {m} [mus.]

pop songs Schlager {pl}

swan song Schwanengesang {m}

swan songs Schwanengesänge {pl}

swan song; swansong [fig.] (final performance, speech, work) Schwanengesang {m}; Abgesang {m} [übtr.] (letzter Auftritt, letzte Rede, letztes Werk)

satirical song Spottlied {n}

satirical songs Spottlieder {pl}

commercium song Studentenlied {n} [mus.]

commercium songs Studentenlieder {pl}

theme song Titelsong {m}; Erkennungslied {n}

theme songs Titelsongs {pl}; Erkennungslieder {pl}

drinking song Trinklied {n}

drinking songs Trinklieder {pl}

to cover a song eine eigene Version / Coverversion eines Liedes aufnehmen; ein Lied covern {vt} [mus.]

birdsong; bird song Vogelgesang {m}

folk song Volkslied {n}; Folksong {m} [mus.]

folk songs Volkslieder {pl}; Folksongs {pl}

hiking song; wandering song Wanderlied {n}

cradle song Wiegenlied {n}

wonderwall (coinage in the lyrics of a song) [listen] Wunderding {n} (Wortschöpfung in einem Liedtext)

fluty; flutey (of a voice, sound, or song) glockenhell; hell; kristallklar (Stimme, Klang, Lied) {adj} [listen]

belter (forceful song) [Br.] kraftvoller Song {m}; dramatische Ballade {f} [mus.]

to belt out a song ein Lied schmettern {vt}

for a song um einen Spottpreis

Dichterliebe ('The Poet's Love'; song cycle of Robert Schumann) Dichterliebe {f} [mus.]

to belt out (a song) (ein Lied) schmettern {vt}

mongolian song thrush Chinasingdrossel {f} [ornith.]

'The Song of the Earth' (by Mahler / work title) "Das Lied von der Erde" (von Mahler / Werktitel) [mus.]

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