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Word division: Mi·ni·mum
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at a/the minimum, at least; no less than, not less than mindestens; zumindest {adv} (+ Zahlenangabe/Mengenangabe) [listen] [listen]

to at least [listen] bis mindestens

to the very least zum Allermindesten

at least four times a week mindestens viermal in der Woche

We'll need 10 years at a/the minimum. Wir brauchen dafür mindestens 10 Jahre.

She must be at least 40. Sie muss mindestens 40 sein.

I've known her at least as long as you have. Ich kenne sie mindestens ebenso lange wie du.

No less than half the students failed the test. Mindestens die Hälfte der Schüler hat die Prüfung nicht bestanden.

minimum; minimum value; minimum face value [listen] Mindestwert {m}

minimums; minimum values; minimum face values Mindestwerte {pl}

minima; minimum guaranteed value garantierter Mindestwert

minimum; slightest [listen] mindest...

minimum [listen] Minimum {n}; kleinster Wert

minima; minimums Minima {pl}

local minimum lokales Minimum [math.]

global minimum globales Minimum [math.]

minimum price Mindestpreis {m}

minimum prices Mindestpreise {pl}

guaranteed price garantierter Mindestpreis

minimum value of response Ansprechwert {m}

minimum values of response Ansprechwerte {pl}

minimum inventory Bestellbestand {m} [econ.] [adm.]

minimum livelihood guarantee scheme (social security benefit) Grundsicherung {f}; Mindestsicherung {f} (staatliche Sozialleistung) [fin.]

minimum wage level Lohnuntergrenze {f}

minimum wage levels Lohnuntergrenzen {pl}

minimum quantity surcharge; extra charge for small quantities Mindermengenzuschlag {m} [econ.]

minimum quantity surcharges; extra charges for small quantities Mindermengenzuschläge {pl}

minimum purchasing quantity; minimum purchase Mindestabnahmemenge {f}; Mindestabnahme {f}

minimum distance Mindestabstand {m}

maintaining a minimum distance Einhalten eines Mindestabstandes

minimum age Mindestalter {n}

minimum requirement Mindestanforderung {f}

minimum requirements Mindestanforderungen {pl}

minimum information; minimum details Mindestangaben {pl}

minimum make-up air quota Mindestaußenluftanteil {m}

minimum order quantity Mindestbestellmenge {f}

minimum order value Mindestbestellwert {m}

minimum sum; minimum charge; minimum value Mindestbetrag {m}

minimum sums; minimum charges; minimum values Mindestbeträge {pl}

minimum functional pressure Mindestbetriebsdruck {m}

minimum elongation at fracture Mindestbruchdehnung {f} (Zugversuch) [techn.]

minimum diameter Mindestdurchmesser {m}

minimum diameters Mindestdurchmesser {pl}

minimum stake Mindesteinsatz {m}

minimum stakes Mindesteinsätze {pl}

minimum content Mindestinhalt {m}

minimum contents Mindestinhalte {pl}

minimum length Mindestlänge {f}

minimum lengths Mindestlängen {pl}

minimum time delay Mindestlaufzeit {f}

minimum capital Mindestkapital {n}

minimum [listen] Mindestmaß {n}

minimum quantity Mindestmenge {f}

minimum quantities Mindestmengen {pl}

minimum threshold Mindestmenge {f} (Lagerhaltung)

minimum required mark/grade Mindestnote {f} [school]

minimum qualification Mindestqualifikation {f}

minimum number of semesters Mindestsemesteranzahl {f} [stud.]

minimum section Mindestquerschnitt {m}

minimum reserve requirement Mindestreservepflicht {f} [econ.]

minimum reserve system Mindestreservesystem {n}

minimum reserve systems Mindestreservesysteme {pl}

minimum temperature Mindesttemperatur {f}

minimum rules; minimum requirements; minimum standards; minimum regulations Mindestvorschriften {pl}

minimum tensile strength Mindestzugfestigkeit {f} [techn.]

minimum social security benefit; minimum benefit Mindestsicherung {f} [adm.] [soc.]

minimum benefit based on needs bedarfsorientierte Mindestsicherung

minimum current Mindeststrom {m} [electr.]

minimum obligatory exchange Mindestumtausch {m}

minimum [listen] Minimal...; Mindest...

minimum size; minimum height Mindestgröße {f}; Mindesthöhe {f}

minimum amount; lowest amount Minimalbetrag {m}; Mindestbetrag {m}

minimum amounts; lowest amounts Minimalbeträge {pl}; Mindestbeträge {pl}

minimum polynomial Minimalpolynom {n} [math.]

minimum polynomials Minimalpolynome {pl}

minimum value Minimalwert {m}

minimum values Minimalwerte {pl}

minimum radar vectoring altitude Radarführungsmindesthöhe {f} [aviat.]

minimum temperature Temperaturminimum {n}; Mindesttemperatur {f} [meteo.]

grass minimum temperature; grass minimum Grasminimum {n}

minimum stress (mechanics) Unterspannung {f} (Mechanik) [techn.]

minimum perceptible difference /MPCD/; just noticeable difference /JND/ Wahrnehmungsschwelle {f} [phys.]

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