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behaviour [Br.]; behavior [Am.] [listen] [listen] Verhalten {n} [listen]

work behaviour [Br.]; work behavior [Am.] Arbeitsverhalten {n}

explorative behaviour; reconnaissance behaviour [Br.]; explorative behavior; reconnaissance behavior [Am.] Erkundungsverhalten {n}

vehicle behaviour [Br.]; vehicle behavior [Am.] Fahrzeugverhalten {n}

leisure behaviour [Br.]; leisure behavior [Am.]; leisure habits Freizeitverhalten {n}

flight behaviour [Br.]; flight behavior [Am.] Fluchtverhalten {n}

protective behaviour [Br.]; protective behavior [Am.] Schutzverhalten {n}

competitive behaviour [Br.]; competitive behavior [Am.] Wettbewerbsverhalten {n}

the unkindness of his behaviour/behavior sein unfreundliches Verhalten

in an attempt to justify his behaviour um sein Verhalten zu rechtfertigen

deviant behaviour abweichendes Verhalten

electrical behaviour elektrisches Verhalten [electr.]

behaviour [Br.]; behavior [Am.] [listen] [listen] Benehmen {n}; Betragen {n}; Verhalten {n}; Handlungsweise {f} [listen] [listen] [listen]

to be on one's good behaviour/behavior gutes Benehmen an den Tag legen

abusive behaviour [Br.]; abusive behavior [Am.] (criminal offence) Beleidigung {f} [Dt.] [Ös.]; Beschimpfung {f} [Schw.]; Ehrenbeleidigung {f} [ugs.] (Straftatbestand) [jur.] [listen]

verbally abusive behaviour [Br.]/behavior [Am.]; use of abusive language; use of abusive words; verbal abuse verbale Beleidigung [Dt.] [Ös.]; verbale Beschimpfung [Schw.]

physically abusive behaviour; minor physical abuse tätliche Beleidigung [Dt.] [Ös.]; tätliche Beschimpfung [Schw.]

comparative study of behaviour [Br.]/behavior [Am.]; behavioural biology [Br.]; behavioral biology [Am.]; ethology vergleichende Verhaltensforschung {f}; Verhaltensbiologie {f}; Ethologie {f} [biol.] [sci.]

human ethology Humanethologie {f}; Verhaltensforschung {f} beim Menschen

animal ethology Tierverhaltensforschung {f}; Verhaltensforschung {f} bei Tieren

consumer behaviour [Br.]; consumer behavior [Am.] Kaufverhalten {n}

buying behaviour [Br.]; buying behavior [Am.] Kaufverhalten {n}

purchase behaviour [Br.]; purchase behavior [Am.] Kaufverhalten {n}

setting behavior (US); setting behaviour (UK) Abbindeverhalten {n} [constr.]

diversion behaviour [Br.]/behavior [Am.] [listen] Ablenkungsverhalten {n} [zool.]

adaptive behaviour [Br.]; adaptive behavior [Am.] Anpassungsverhalten {n}

appetitive behaviour; appetitive behavior [Am.] Appetenzverhalten {n} [biol.] [psych.]

courtship behaviour; courtship behavior [Am.] Balzverhalten {n} [zool.]

appeasement behavior [Am.]; appeasement behaviour Befriedungsverhalten {n}

reader behavior Benutzerverhalten {n}

operating characteristics; operating behaviour [Br.]/behavior [Am.]; operational behaviour [Br.]/behavior [Am.] [listen] [listen] Betriebseigenschaften {pl}; Betriebsverhalten {n} [techn.]

movement behaviour; motion behaviour [Br.]; movement behavior; motion behavior [Am.] Bewegungsverhalten {n}

fire behaviour [Br.]; fire behavior [Am.] Brandverhalten {n}

fuel behaviour [Br.]; fuel behavior [Am.]; fuel performance Brennstoffverhalten {n} [mach.]

fracture behaviour [Br.]; fracture behavior [Am.] Bruchverhalten {n}

average behaviour; average behavior Durchschnittsverhalten {n}

eating behaviour [Br.]; eating behavior [Am.] Essverhalten {n} [psych.]

driving behaviour [Br.]; driving behavior [Am.] Fahrverhalten {n}

change in driving behaviour Veränderung des Fahrverhaltens

rock behaviour; rock behavior Gebirgsverhalten {n}

health behaviour; health behavior [Am.] Gesundheitsverhalten {n}

habituation behaviour [Br.]; habituation behavior [Am.] Gewöhnungsverhalten {n} [psych.]

gambling behaviour [Br.]; gambling behavior [Am.] Glücksspielverhalten {n} [psych.]

air of secrecy; mysterious behavior Heimlichtun {n}

information behavior; information behaviour [Br.] Informationsverhalten {n}

corrosion behaviour [Br.]; corrosion behavior [Am.] Korrosionsverhalten {n}

sickness behaviour; sickness behavior [Am.] Krankheitsverhalten {n}

during good behaviour/behavior (Ernennung) auf Lebenszeit

market behaviour; market behavior Marktverhalten {n}

crowd behaviour [Br.]; crowd behavior [Am.] Massenverhalten {n} [psych.]

molecular behaviour [Br.]; molecular behavior [Am.] Molekularverhalten {n} [chem.]

cleaning behaviour [Br.]; cleaning behavior [Am.] Putzverhalten {n}

drug-seeking behaviour [Br.]; drug-seeking behavior [Am.] (psychische) Schmerzmittelabhängigkeit {f} [med.] [psych.]

fatigue behaviour [Br.]; fatigue behavior [Am.] Schwingverhalten {n}

to be on one's best behavior / behaviour sich von seiner besten Seite zeigen {vr}

sexual behaviour; sexual behavior [Am.] Sexualverhalten {n}

game playing behaviour [Br.]; playing behaviour [Br.]; game playing behavior [Am.], playing behavior [Am.] Spielverhalten {n} [psych.]

addictive behaviour [Br.]; addictive behavior [Am.]; drug abusing behaviour Suchtverhalten {n}

symmetry behaviour [Br.]; symmetry behavior [Am.] Symmetrieverhalten {n} [math.] [phys.] [statist.]

system behaviour [Br.]; system behavior [Am.] Systemverhalten {n}

behaviour / behavior of the offender Täterverhalten {n}

displacement activity; behaviour out of context [Br.]; behavior out of context [Am.] Übersprungsshandlung {f}; Übersprungverhalten {n} [psych.]

transmission behavior; transmission behaviour [Br.] Übertragungsverhalten {n}

holiday (travel) behaviour [Br.]; vacation behavior [Am.] Urlaubsverhalten {n}

behaviour coordination [Br.]; behavior coordination [Am.] Verhaltenskoordinierung {f}

behaviour modification; behavior modification; behavioural change Verhaltensänderung {f}

behaviour repertory [Br.]; behavior repertory [Am.]; behaviour repertoire [Br.]; behavior repertoire [Am.] Verhaltensrepertoire {n} [psych.]

behaviour therapy [Br.]; behavior therapy [Am.] Verhaltenstherapie {f} [psych.]

cognitive behavioural/behavioral therapy kognitive Verhaltenstherapie {f}

behaviour pattern [Br.]; behavior pattern [Am.] übliche Verhaltensweise {f}; Verhaltensmuster {n}

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