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tread groove; tread rib Profilrille {f}

tread grooves; tread ribs Profilrillen {pl}

transverse groove Querrille {f}

transverse grooves Querrillen {pl}

cross-groove tread; cross groove profile (tyre) Querrillenprofil {n} (Reifen)

croses-groove treads; cross groove profiles Querrillenprofile {pl}

square groove Rechtecknut {f}

square grooves Rechtecknuten {pl}

right-hand groove Rechtsgewinde {n} (Seiltrommel)

stria; groove; mark (flaw in material) [listen] [listen] Riefe {f}; Riffel {f}; Schramme {f} (Materialfehler)

striae; grooves; marks [listen] Riefen {pl}; Riffel {pl}; Schrammen {pl}

rounded groove Rundnut {f}

oesophageal groove Schlundrinne {f} [anat.] [zool.]

oesophageal grooves Schlundrinnen {pl}

predetermined breaking notch; predetermined breaking groove Sollbruchkerbe {f}; Sollbruchrille {f} [techn.]

predetermined breaking notches; predetermined breaking grooves Sollbruchkerben {pl}; Sollbruchrillen {pl}

tongue-and-groove joint (carpentry) Spundung {f}; Anschlitzzunge {f} (Tischlerei)

rain groove Spurrille {f} (Reifen)

rain grooves Spurrillen {pl}

lead-over groove (disk record) Überleitungsrille {f} (Schallplatte)

gutter groove; lockring gutter Verschlussringnut {f}

gutter grooves; lockring gutters Verschlussringnuten {pl}

pass; groove (rolling mill) [listen] [listen] Walzspalt {m}; Kaliber {n} (Walzwerk) [techn.]

to be tilted over; to be fallen over; to be upset im Kaliber umgeschlagen sein

drop nose; dripstone; water drip; weather groove Wasserablaufnase {f}; Wassernase {f}; Tropfnase {f}; Tropfkante {f} [constr.]

drop noses; dripstones; water drips; weather grooves Wasserablaufnasen {pl}; Wassernasen {pl}; Tropfnasen {pl}; Tropfkanten {pl}

shrinkage groove Wurzelkerbe {f} [techn.]

shrinkage grooves Wurzelkerben {pl}

embryonal dental groove Zahnfurche {f} [anat.]

embryonal dental grooves Zahnfurchen {pl}

notch; groove [listen] [listen] Zarge {f} (Nut)

notches; grooves Zargen {pl}

chimb; cross groove (barrel) Zarge {f}; Kimme {f} (Fass)

to be stuck in a groove festgefahren sein {v}

to cut a groove into sth.; to dado sth. [Am.] etw. (für die Aufnahme eines Brettes) nuten {vt}

to plough and tongue sth. together; to tongue (and groove) sth.; to feather sth. (carpentry) etw. spunden; verspunden; mit Nut und Spund verbinden {vt} (Tischlerei)

groove-billed ani Riefenschnabelani {m} [ornith.]

groove-billed toucanet Blauzügelarassari {m} [ornith.]

slide mark; drag mark; groove cast Schleifmarke {f}

slide marks; drag marks; groove casts Schleifmarken {pl}

channel sample; groove sample; strip sample Schlitzprobe {f}

channel samples; groove samples; strip samples Schlitzproben {pl}

insulating wall panel Dämmplatte {f} [constr.]

insulating wall panels Dämmplatten {pl}

slab with spigot and groove Dämmplatte {f} mit Nut und Feder

ball bearing Kugellager {n} [techn.]

ball bearings Kugellager {pl}

deep groove ball thrust bearing Axial-Rillenkugellager {n} [techn.]

wire race ball bearing Drahtkugellager {n} [techn.]

thrust ball bearing Längskugellager {n} [mach.]

self-aligning ball bearing; self-aligning bearing Pendelkugellager {n}; Pendellager {n}

deep groove ball bearing Rillenkugellager {n} [techn.]

angular contact ball bearing; angular ball bearing Schrägkugellager {n}

double row angular contact ball bearing zweireihige Schrägkugellager

multi ball bearing Vielkugellager {n} [techn.]

self-locking ball bearing selbstschließendes Kugellager

two-row/double-row ball bearing zweireihiges Kugellager

raceway; race of a ball bearing Laufring {m} des Kugellagers; Kugellagerring {m}

radial cam; plate cam; disc cam [Br.]; disk cam [Am.]; cam plate; cam disc [Br.]; cam disk [Am.] Nockenscheibe {f}; Nockenplatte {f}; Kurvenscheibe {f}; Scheibenkurve {f}; Flachkurve {f}; Steuerkurve {f} [techn.]

radial cams; plate cams; disc cams; disk cams; cam plates; cam discs; cam disks Nockenscheiben {pl}; Nockenplatten {pl}; Kurvenscheiben {pl}; Scheibenkurven {pl}; Flachkurven {pl}; Steuerkurven {pl}

plate cam with groove; cam plate with groove; disc/disk cam with groove; cam disc/disk with groove Nutkurvenscheibe {f}; Nutkurve {f}

rhythm [listen] Rhythmus {m} [mus.] [listen]

disco beat Disco-Rhythmus

polyrhythm Polyrhythmus {m}

pronounced rhythm; strong beat; groove (popular music) [listen] ausgeprägter Rhythmus; mitreißender Rhythmus (Popmusik)

African grooves mitreißende afrikanische Rhythmen

crack initiation; crack formation; cracking (in a surface) Rissbildung {f} (in einer Oberfläche)

tread groove cracking Rissbildung in der Profilrille

chevron cracking; centerbursting (extrusion) Bildung von Innenrissen (Strangpressen)

pitch circle; graduated circle (toothed wheel work) Teilkreis {m}; Rollkreis {m} (Verzahnung) [techn.]

pitch circles; graduated circles Teilkreise {pl}; Rollkreise {pl}

pitch circumference of a pulley groove Teilkreis einer Seilscheibenrille

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