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armed forces of Germany between 1935 and 1945 Wehrmacht {f} [mil.] [hist.]

Germany [listen] Deutschland {n} /DE/ (Kfz: /D/) [geogr.]

Northern Germany; North Germany Norddeutschland {n}

Eastern Germany; East Germany Ostdeutschland {n}

Southern Germany; South Germany Süddeutschland {n}

Western Germany; West Germany Westdeutschland {n}

Federal Armed Forces Flight Operations Division (Germany) Abteilung Flugbetrieb der Bundeswehr [mil.]

Altmark (region in Germany) Altmark {f} (Region in Deutschland) [geogr.]

Bestwig (town in Germany) Bestwig (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.]

British Army of the Rhine /BAOR/; Army of the Rhine (occupation force in Germany) Britische Rheinarmee {f}; Rheinarmee {f} (Besatzungstruppe in Deutschland) [mil.] [hist.]

Federal Youth Games (annual sport event in schools in Germany) Bundesjugendspiele {f} [Dt.] [sport] [school]

order of the Federal Republic of Germany Bundesverdienstkreuz {n}

Federal Central Register for Tax (Germany) Bundeszentralamt {n} für Steuern /BZSt/ [Dt.]

German Democratic Republic /GDR/; East Germany Deutsche Demokratische Republik {f} /DDR/ [hist.]

Socialist Unity Party of Germany Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands {f} [pol.] [hist.] /SED/

Greater Germany Großdeutschland {n} [hist.]

years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany (end of 19th century) Gründerzeit {f}; Gründerjahre {pl} [hist.]

discharged prisoners' aid (for political captives outside Germany) Häftlingshilfe {f}

Hunsruck mountains; Hunsrück (low mountain range in Germany) Hunsrück {m} (Mittelgebirge in Deutschland) [geogr.]

Craft Guild Health Insurance (Germany) Innungskrankenkasse {f} /IKK/

taking into care; taking into custody; (emergency) removal (of a child from parents' home by child welfare authorities in Germany) [listen] Inobhutnahme {f} (eines Kindes in einer Notsituation durch das Jugendamt) [Dt.]

ceremony in which teenagers are given adult social status (esp. in East Germany) Jugendweihe {f}

National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Germany) Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung {f} /KBV/

(Regional) Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Germany) Kassenärztliche Vereinigung {f} /KV/

National-Democratic Party of Germany Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands {f} /NPD/ [pol.]

Nazi Germany Nazideutschland {n} [hist.]

Oberammergau (small town in Germany) Oberammergau (Ortschaft in Deutschland) [geogr.]

Party of Democratic Socialism (Germany) Partei {f} des Demokratischen Sozialismus /PDS/ [pol.] [hist.]

Labour and Social Justice Party (Germany) Partei "Arbeit & soziale Gerechtigkeit - Die Wahlalternative" /WASG/ [pol.]

license to play golf courses (in Germany) Platzreife {f}; Spielerlaubnis für Golf (auf deutschen Golfplätzen) [sport]

Reichsbank (central bank of Germany from 1876 until 1945) Reichsbank {f} [Dt.] [hist.]

Social Democratic Party of Germany Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands {f} /SPD/ [pol.]

pre-March era (1815-1848 in Germany) Vormärz {m} [hist.]

undermining military force (offence in German military law during the Nazi Germany) Wehrkraftzersetzung {f}; Zersetzung der Wehrkraft (Straftatbestand in Nazi-Deutschland) [mil.] [jur.] [hist.]

as used in the FRG; as used in Germany (postpositive) bundesdeutsch {adj} [pol.] [ling.]

Federal Republic of Germany /FRG/ Bundesrepublik {f} Deutschland /BRD/ [geogr.] [pol.]

Central Germany Mitteldeutschland {n} [geogr.]

Essen (city in Germany) Essen (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.] [listen]

Stuttgart (city in Germany) Stuttgart (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.] [listen]

Hamburg (city in Germany) [listen] Hamburg (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.] [listen]

Frankfurt am Main; Frankfurt on the Main [rare] (city in Germany) Frankfurt am Main; Frankfurt a. M.; Frankfurt/Main; Mainhattan [humor.] (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.]

Frankfurt an der Oder (town in Brandenburg, Germany) Frankfurt an der Oder; Frankfurt (Oder) (Stadt in Brandenburg, Deutschland) [geogr.] [listen]

Cologne (city in Germany) Köln (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.]

Mannheim (city in Germany) Mannheim (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.]

Düsseldorf (city in Germany) Düsseldorf (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.] [listen]

Nuremberg (city in Germany) Nürnberg (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.]

Hannover; Hanover (city in Germany) Hannover (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.] [listen]

Munich (city in Germany) München (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.] [listen]

Dortmund (city in Germany) Dortmund (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.]

Bremen (city in Germany) Bremen (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.] [listen]

Duisburg (city in Germany) Duisburg (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.]

Dresden (city in Germany) [listen] Dresden (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.] [listen]

Leipzig (city in Germany) [listen] Leipzig (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.]

Bochum (city in Germany) Bochum (Stadt in Deutschland) [geogr.]

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