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time-delay switch Zeitschalter {m}

thermal time-delay switch temperaturgesteuerte Zeitschalter

relay [listen] Relais {n} [electr.]

relays Relais {pl}

time-delay relay anzugsverzögertes/verzögertes Relais; Relais mit verzögertem Anzug

antisquegging relay Pendelschutzrelais {n}

locking relay Sperrrelais {n}; Halterelais {n}; selbsthaltendes Relais

latching relay; time pulse relay; pulse relay Stromstoßrelais {n}; Stromstoßschalter {m}

latching relay Stützrelais {n} [telco.]

interlock relay; latch relay Verriegelungsrelais {n}

wiping contact relay Wischkontaktrelais {n}

double-acting relay; double-action relay zweistufiges Relais

drop-out; release of a relay Abfall/Abfallen eines Relais

drop-out voltage of a relay Abfallspannung eines Relais

set point of a relay Einstellwert eines Relais

growth rate curve; growth curve Wachstumskurve {f} [biol.]

growth rate curves; growth curves Wachstumskurven {pl}

time-delay logistic model (of populations); sigmoidal/sigmoid growth curve logistische Wachstumskurve; S-förmige Wachstumskurve [zool.]