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single row of paving elements / paving blocks / paving slabs Pflasterzeile {f} [constr.]

single rows of paving elements paving slabs Pflasterzeilen {pl}

to cover sth. with slabs; to slab sth. etw. mit Platten belegen {vt} [constr.]

to divide / form into slabs; to slab sth. etw. zu Platten schneiden; aus etw. Platten formen {vt}

building made from prefabricated slabs; prefabricated building; plattenbau Plattenbau {m} [constr.]

buildings made from prefabricated slabs; prefabricated buildings Plattenbauten {pl}; Arbeiterschließfächer {pl} [pej.] [DDR]

prefabricated construction (using concrete slabs) Plattenbauweise {f} [constr.]

aluminium ceiling slabs Aluminiumdeckenplatten {pl} [constr.]

levelling slab Ausgleichplatte {f}

levelling slabs Ausgleichplatten {pl}

concrete building slab; building slab Betonbauplatte {f}; Bauplatte {f} [constr.]

concrete building slabs; building slabs Betonbauplatten {pl}; Bauplatten {pl}

concrete slab; structural slab Betonplatte {f} [constr.]

concrete slabs; structural slabs Betonplatten {pl}

reinforced concrete slab Stahlbetonplatte {f}

slab [Am.] [listen] Betonstraße {f}

slabs Betonstraßen {pl}

concrete edge bedding [Br.]; concrete edge footing [Am.]; concrete trough [Am.] (for concrete slabs) Betonstuhl {m} (für Betonplatten) [constr.]

concrete edge beddings; concrete edge footings; concrete troughs Betonstühle {pl}

floor slab Bodenplatte {f} [constr.]

floor slabs Bodenplatten {pl}

suspended floor aufgeständerte Bodenplatte

paving slab Bodenplatte {f}; Platte {f} (für Gehwege und Plätze) [constr.] [listen]

paving slabs Bodenplatten {pl}; Platten {pl} [listen]

garden paving slab; natural garden stone flag Gartenplatte {f}

footpath paving slab Gehwegplatte {f}

precast concrete paving slab; precast paving block; precast concrete paver [Am.]; module paver [Am.]; sidewalk paver [Am.] Gehwegplatte aus Beton; Betongehwegplatte {f}; Betongartenplatte {f}; Bürgersteigplatte {f} [Dt.]; Gehsteigplatte {f} [Bayr.] [Ös.]; Trottoirplatte {f} [Süddt.] [Schw.]

patterned concrete paving slab Betonplatte mit integriertem Belagsmuster; Bodenplatte mit Belagsmuster

roofing panel; roofing slab Dachelement {n} [constr.]

roofing panels; roofing slabs Dachelemente {pl}

roof slab; roofing slab Dachplatte {f} [constr.]

roof slabs; roofing slabs Dachplatten {pl}

top panel; structural slab Deckenplatte {f}

top panels; structural slabs Deckenplatten {pl}

planting mat; pregrown mat; preplanted mat; precultivated mat; planting slab [Br.] (for rooftop gardening) Fertigbegrünungsmatte {f}; Begrünungsmatte {f}; vorkultivierte Substratmatte {f} (zur Dachbegrünung) [agr.]

planting mats; pregrown mats; preplanted mats; precultivated mats; planting slabs Fertigbegrünungsmatten {pl}; Begrünungsmatten {pl}; vorkultivierte Substratmatten {pl}

slab of rock; rock beam Gesteinsplatte {f} [geol.]

slabs of rock; rock beams Gesteinsplatten {pl}

solid plaster bar; plaster of Paris back slab; plaster slab Gipslonguette {f}; Gipsschiene {f} [med.]

solid plaster bars; plasters of Paris back slab; plaster slabs Gipslonguetten {pl}; Gipsschienen {pl}

glass slab; glass pane Glasplatte {f}

glass slabs; glass panes Glasplatten {pl}

glass sheet Glasscheibe {f}; dünne Glasplatte

hardwood fibre board; hardwood fibre slab Hartholzfaserplatte {f}

hardwood fibre boards; hardwood fibre slabs Hartholzfaserplatten {pl}

core slab; hollow slab Hohlplatte {f}

core slabs; hollow slabs Hohlplatten {pl}

horizontal core slab Langlochplatte {f}

horizontal core slabs Langlochplatten {pl}

waist slab Laufplatte {f}

waist slabs Laufplatten {pl}

marble slab; marble top Marmorplatte {f}

marble slabs; marble tops Marmorplatten {pl}

solid slab Massivplatte {f}; Massivstreifen {m} [constr.]

solid slabs Massivplatten {pl}; Massivstreifen {pl}

precut paving stone; natural stone slab; natural stone flag; flagstone; flag [listen] Natursteinplatte {f} für Gartenwege; Natursteingehwegplatte {f}; Steinplatte {f} [ugs.]

precut paving stones; natural stone slabs; natural stone flags; flagstones; flags Natursteinplatten {pl} für Gartenwege; Natursteingehwegplatten {pl}; Steinplatten {pl}

dressed flagstone; flag cut to shape Natursteinplatte mit bearbeiteten Kanten

sawn flagstone gesägte Natusteinplatte

quarry flagstone; raw stone flag; roughly-hewn flag unbehauene Natursteinplatte

to flag a path einen Weg mit Natursteinplatten belegen / pflastern

paving stone; paving block, paving unit; paving slab [Br.]; paviour [Br.]; paver [Am.] Pflasterstein {m} [constr.]

paving stones; paving block, paving units; paving slabs; paviours; pavers Pflastersteine {pl}

large-sized paving stone; Belgian block paver [Am.] (of granite or concrete) Großpflasterstein {m} (aus Granit oder Beton)

large-sized concrete paving stone; large-sized concrete paving sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; large-sized concrete pavestone [Am.]; large-sized concrete paver [Am.] Betongroßpflasterstein {m}; Betonstein {m}

concrete paving stone with exposed crushed basalt; concrete sett with exposed crushed basalt [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; concrete paver with exposed crushed basalt [Am.] Betonpflasterstein {m}; Betonstein {m}; Gehwegplatte {f} aus Beton

standard (non-interlocking) concrete paving block; standard (non-interlocking) concrete paver [Am.] Betonpflasterstein {m} ohne Verbundwirkung

concrete paving stone with exposed crushed basalt; concrete sett with exposed crushed basalt [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; concrete paver with exposed crushed basalt [Am.] Betonpflasterstein {m} mit Basaltsplittvorsatz; Betonstein {m} mit Basaltsplittvorsatz

concrete paving stone with hard-wearing surface layer [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; concrete paver with protective coating [Am.] Betonpflasterstein {m} mit Verschleißvorsatz; Betonschwerlastpflasterstein {m}

standard concrete paving block without exposed aggregate Betonpflasterstein ohne Natursteinvorsatz; Betonstein ohne Natursteinvorsatz

exposed aggregate paving block; exposed aggregate paving unit; paver with exposed aggregate [Am.] Betonpflasterstein mit Natursteinvorsatz; Betonstein mit Natursteinvorsatz

coloured paving stone [Br.]; coloured paving block [Br.]; tinted concrete paver [Am.] eingefärbter Betonpflasterstein; eingefärbter Betonstein; eingefärbte Betonplatte

large-sized natural paving stone; large-sized granite sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; large-sized natural pavestone [Am.]; large-sized cobblestone [Am.]; jumbo cobblestone [Am.] Granitgroßpflasterstein {m}; Kopfstein {m}; Katzenkopf {m} [ugs.]

small paving stone; small paving sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; cube [Br.] [coll.]; small stone paver [Am.] [listen] Kleinpflasterstein {m}

mosaic paving stone; mosaic paving sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; mosaic paver [Am.] Mosaikpflasterstein {m}

natural stone sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; random sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; cobblestone [Am.]; cobble [Am.] Naturpflasterstein {m}; Pflasterstein aus Naturstein

paving set; paving sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ] (of sandstone or granite) Quaderpflasterstein {m}; rechteckiger Pflasterstein {m} (aus Sandstein oder Granit)

interlocking (concrete) paving block; interlocking (concrete) paving unit; interlocking (concrete) paver [Am.] Verbundpflasterstein {m} (aus Beton); Verbundbetonstein {m}

to lay setts on mortar [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; to lay pavers on mortar [Am.] Pflastersteine in Mörtel verlegen; in Mörtel pflastern; in Mörtel pflästern [Schw.]

to lay setts on sand [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; to lay pavers on sand [Am.] Pflastersteine in Sand verlegen; in Sand pflastern; in Sand pflästern [Schw.]

to lay setts to falls [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; to lay pavers to slope [Am.] Pflastersteine ins Gefälle verlegen

slab; board [listen] [listen] Platte {f} (mittlerer Stärke); Tafel {f} [constr.] [listen] [listen]

slabs; boards Platten {pl}; Tafeln {pl} [listen]

slotted slab geschlitzte Platte

two-way slab zweiseitig gespannte Platte

skew slab schiefe Platte

slab (carpentry) [listen] Schalbrett {n}; Schwartenbrett {n}; Schwarte {f} [ugs.] (Zimmerei)

slabs Schalbretter {pl}; Schwartenbretter {pl}; Schwarten {pl}

slab [listen] dicke Scheibe {f} (Brot; Fleisch)

slabs Scheiben {pl} [listen]

snow slab Schneebrett {n}

snow slabs Schneebretter {pl}

(continuous) slab of steel (foundry) Stahlstrang {m} (Gießerei) [techn.]

slabs of steel Stahlstränge {pl}

substrate mat; substrate slab [Br.] (for rooftop gardening) Substratmatte {f} (zur Dachbegrünung) [agr.]

substrate mats; substrate slabs Substratmatten {pl}

corrugated (roof) slab Wellplatte {f} [constr.]

corrugated slabs Wellplatten {pl}

tectonic plate; continental plate; lithospheric plate; lithospheric slab; slab of lithosphere tektonische Platte {f}; Kontinentalplatte {f}; Lithosphärenplatte {f} [geol.]

tectonic plates; continental plates; lithospheric plates; lithospheric slabs; slabs of lithosphere tektonische Platten {pl}; Kontinentalplatten {pl}; Lithosphärenplatten {pl}

concrete slab Betonwerksteinplatte {f}

concrete slabs Betonwerksteinplatten {pl}
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