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multicoloured [Br.]; multicolored [Am.]; multi-colour [Br.]; multicolor [Am.]; many-coloured [Br.]; manycolored [Am.]; many-hued; varicoloured [Br.]; varicolored [Am.]; parti-coloured [Br.]; particolored [Am.]; fancy (of flowers); polychrome; polychromatic; polychromic [listen] mehrfarbig; mehrfärbig [Ös.], vielfarbig; bunt; polychrom {adj}

coloured pencil [Br.]; colored pencil [Am.]; colour pencil [Br.]; color pencil [Am.]; colouring pencil Buntstift {m}

coloured pencils; colored pencils; colour pencils; color pencils; colouring pencils Buntstifte {pl}

to use coloured pencils to draw sth. etw. mit Buntstift zeichnen

coloured cardboard [Br.]; colored cardboard [Am.] Buntkarton {m}

coloured edge; coloured edges (book) Farbschnitt {m} (Buch) [print]

coloured pencil [Br.]; colored pencil [Am.] Farbstift {m}

coloured pencils; colored pencils Farbstifte {pl}

coloured tracer thread; tracer [listen] Kennfaden {m}; Beilauffaden {m} [electr.]

coloured tracer threads; tracers Kennfäden {pl}; Beilauffäden {pl}

coloured [Br.]; colored [Am.] [listen] farbig; gefärbt; koloriert {adj}

brightly colo(u)red; multi-colo(u)red bunt {adj}

coloured glass [Br.]; colored glass [Am.] Colorglas {n}

coloured finch Fünffarbennonne {f} [ornith.]

stained glass; coloured glass Buntglas {n}

trass (a light-coloured tuff) Duckstein {m}; Tuffstein {m} [geol.]

non-white; coloured person [Br.]; colored person [Am.] (dark-complexioned person) Farbiger {m}; Farbige {f} (dunkelhäutige Person)

non-whites; coloured/colored people [listen] Farbige {pl}

chamois-coloured goat (goat breed) Gämsfarbige Gebirgsziege {f} (Ziegenrasse) [zool.]

paste-coloured edge; paste-coloured edges (book) Kleisterschnitt {m} (Buch) [print]

body-coloured [Br.]; body-colored [Am.]; colour-matched [Br.]; color-matched [Am.] in Wagenfarbe lackiert {adj} [auto]

amber; amber-coloured [listen] amber; bernsteinfarben {adj}

amethyst; amethyst-coloured amethystfarben {adj}

anthracite; anthracite-coloured anthrazit; anthrazitfarben {adj}

apricot-coloured aprikosenfarben [Dt.] [Schw.]; marillenfarben [Ös.] {adj}

beige; beige-coloured [Br.]; beige-colored [Am.] [listen] beige; beigefarben {adj} [listen]

bronze; bronzy; bronze-coloured [Br.]; bronze-colored [Am.] bronzefarben; bronze {adj}

shot-coloured [Br.]; shot-colored [Am.] changierend; changeant {adj} [textil.]

cream; cream coloured [Br.]; cream-colored [Am.] [listen] cremefarben {adj}

three coloured dreifarbig {adj}

dark-coloured [Br.]; dark-colored [Am.] dunkelfarben; dunkelfarbig {adj}

earth-coloured; earth-colored [Am.] erdfarben {adj}

richly coloured farbenprächtig; farbenreich {adj}

flesh-coloured; incarnadine; incarnate fleischfarben {adj}

parti-coloured; variegated (dyeing; colouring) geflammt {adj} (Färben)

yellow-coloured; xanthochromatic; xanthochromic gelbgefärbt {adj}

piebald horse; coloured horse [Br.]; pinto-colored horse [Am.]; pinto horse [Am.]; pinto [Am.]; paint horse [Am.]; paint [Am.] geschecktes Pferd {n}; Schecke {f}

piebald horses; coloured horses; pinto-colored horses; pinto horses; pintos; paint horses; paints gescheckte Pferde {pl}; Schecken {pl}

gold-coloured [Br.]; gold-colored [Am.] goldfarben {adj}

light-coloured; light-colored hellfarben; hellfarbig {adj}

salmon; salmon-coloured; salmon-colored [listen] lachsfarben {adj}

pearl coloured perlfarben {adj}

rainbow-coloured regenbogenfarben; regenbogenfarbig {adj}

soot-coloured [Br.]; soot-colored [Am.] rußfarbig; rußig {adj}

slate-coloured; slate [listen] schiefergrau {adj}

sulphur-coloured; brimstone-coloured schwefelgelb; schwefelfarben {adj}

self-coloured [Br.]; self-colored [Am.] selbstfarbig {adj} [chem.]

straw-coloured strohfarben {adj}

dove-coloured taubengrau {adj}

multi-coloured; multi-colored; polychromatic vielfarbig; polychrom {adj}

many-coloured; many-colored [Am.] vielfarbig; kunterbunt {adj}

claret; ruby-coloured weinrot {adj}

two-coloured [Br.]; two-colored [Am.]; bicoloured [Br.]; bicolored [Am.]; bichrome [formal] zweifarbig; zweifärbig [Ös.]; bichrom [geh.] {adj}

four-coloured [Br.]; four-colored [Am.] [only before noun] vierfarbig {adj}

cream-coloured courser Rennvogel {m} (Cursorius cursor) [ornith.]

rosy starling; rose-colored starling; rose-coloured pastor Rosenstar {m} (Pastor roseus) [ornith.]

slate-coloured hawk Schieferbussard {m} [ornith.]

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