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154 results for aluminium | aluminium
Word division: Alu·mi·ni·um
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to aluminium-coat sth. by spraying; to alumetize sth.; to alumetise sth. [Br.] etw. spritzaluminieren; etw. alumetieren (oft fälschlich; spritzalitieren) {vt} [chem.] [techn.]

aluminium-coating by spraying; alumetizing; alumetising spritzaluminierend; alumetierend

aluminium-coated by spraying; alumetized; alumetised spritzaluminiert; alumetiert

aluminium profile frame; aluminum profile frame Alu-Nutenprofilgestell {n}

aluminium coating [Br.]; aluminum coating [Am.] Aluminiumanstrich {m}

aluminium airframe Aluminiumaußenhaut {f} [aviat.]

aluminium box [Br.]; aluminum box [Am.] Aluminiumbehälter {m}

aluminium boxes; aluminum boxes Aluminiumbehälter {pl}

aluminium sheet [Br.]; aluminum sheet [Am.] Aluminiumblech {n}

aluminium container; aluminum container Aluminiumcontainer {m}

aluminium containers; aluminum containers Aluminiumcontainer {pl}

aluminium can [Br.]; aluminium tin [Br.]; aluminum can [Am.] Aluminiumdose {f}; Aludose {f} [ugs.]

aluminium cans; aluminium tins; aluminum cans Aluminiumdosen {pl}; Aludosen {pl}

aluminium facade [Br.]; aluminum facade [Am.] Aluminiumfassade {f}

aluminium window frame [Br.]; aluminum window frame [Am.] Aluminiumfensterrahmen {m}

aluminium window frames; aluminum window frames Aluminiumfensterrahmen {pl}

aluminium window-sill [Br.]; aluminum window-sill [Am.] Aluminiumfensterbank {f}

aluminium bottle; aluminum bottle Aluminiumflasche {f}

aluminium bottles; aluminum bottles Aluminiumflaschen {pl}

aluminium frame glass roof Aluminiumglasdach {n}

aluminium frame glass roofs Aluminiumglasdächer {pl}

aluminium cast; aluminium casting [Br.]; aluminum cast; aluminum casting [Am.] Aluminiumguss {m}; Aluguss {m}

aluminium mill [Br.]; aluminum mill [Am.] Aluminiumhütte {f}

aluminium mills; aluminum mills Aluminiumhütten {pl}

aluminium alloy [Br.]; aluminum alloy [Am.] Aluminiumlegierung {f}

aluminium oxyde wafer Aluminiumoxidscheibe {f} [electr.]

aluminium frame [Br.]; aluminum frame [Am.] Aluminiumrahmen {m}

aluminium powder [Br.]; aluminum powder [Am.] Aluminiumpulver {n}; Alupulver {n}; Aluminiumpigment {n} [techn.]

aluminium tube [Br.]; aluminum tube [Am.] Aluminiumrohr {n}

aluminium tubes; aluminum tubes Aluminiumrohre {pl}

aluminium salt [Br.]; aluminum salt [Am.] Aluminiumsalz {n} [chem.]

aluminium salts; aluminum salts Aluminiumsalze {pl}

aluminium compound foil; aluminum compound foil [Am.] Aluminiumverbundfolie {f}

aluminium steel-reinforced cable Alustahlseil {n}

aluminium hypothesis Aluminiumhypothese {f}

aluminium box [Br.]; aluminum box [Am.] Aluminiumdose {f} (Schachtel)

aluminium boxes; aluminum boxes Aluminiumdosen {pl}

aluminium silicate [Br.]; aluminosilicate [Am.] Aluminiumsilikat {n} [chem.]

aluminium chlorohydrate Aluminiumchlorhydrat {n} [chem.]

aluminium chloride Aluminiumchlorid {n} [chem.]

aluminium window Alufenster {n} [techn.]

aluminium windows Alufenster {pl}

aluminium constructions Alukonstruktionen {pl} [techn.]

aluminium crane; alu-crane Alukran {m} [techn.]

aluminium crane manufacturing Alukranbau {m} [techn.]

aluminium drilling plate Aluminium-Bohrauflagen {pl} [techn.]

aluminium casting machine Aluminium-Druckgussmaschinen {pl} [techn.]

aluminium pressing products Aluminium-Press-Produkte {pl} [techn.]

aluminium - tables Aluminium-Tische {pl} [techn.]

aluminium rolling fabrication Aluminium-Walzfabrikate {f} [techn.]

aluminium works Aluminiumarbeiten {pl} [econ.]

aluminium strip Aluminiumband {n} [techn.]

aluminium making materialis Aluminiumbaumaterialien {pl} [techn.]

aluminium working machines Aluminiumbearbeitungsmaschinen {pl} [techn.]

aluminium roofing Aluminiumbedachung {f} [techn.]

aluminium sheets Aluminiumbleche {pl} [techn.]

aluminium bronze Aluminiumbronze {pl} [chem.]

aluminium ceiling slabs Aluminiumdeckenplatten {pl} [constr.]

aluminium jointings Aluminiumdichtungen {pl} [constr.]

aluminium wire Aluminiumdraht {pl} [techn.]

aluminium wire rope Aluminiumdrahtseil {n} [techn.]

aluminium wire ropes Aluminiumdrahtseile {pl}

aluminium die casting Aluminiumdruckguss {pl} [techn.]

aluminium elements Aluminiumelemente {pl} [constr.]

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