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corrugated-furnace boiler; boiler with corrugated flues Wellrohrkessel {m} [techn.]

corrugated-furnace boilers; boilers with corrugated flues Wellrohrkessel {pl}

corrugated board; cellular board Wellpappe {f}

double face corrugated board; double facer kaschierte, doppelseitige Wellpappe

doublebacker beidseitig gedeckte Wellpappe

V3c-board feste Wellpappe mit 0,6 mm dicker Außenlage

corrugated hose; gusseted tube Faltenschlauch {m}

corrugated hoses; gusseted tubes Faltenschläuche {pl}

corrugated plastic; fluted plastic; corriboard; coroplast ®; cartonplast ®; twinplast ®; fluteplast ®; corriflute ®; corflute ®; coreflute ®; polyflute ®; correx ® Kunststoffwellpappe {f}; Plastikwellpappe {f}; Wellpappenplastik {n} [techn.]

corrugated drain Laschendrainage {f} [med.]

corrugated metal hose Metallwellschlauch {m}

corrugated metal hoses Metallwellschläuche {pl}

corrugated plate; checkered plate; checkered sheet; checker sheet; checker plate Riffelblech {n}; Würfelblech {n} [techn.]

corrugated plates; checkered plates; checkered sheets; checker sheets; checker plates Riffelbleche {pl}; Würfelbleche {pl}

corrugated ingot; fluted ingot (rolling mill) Riffelblock {m} (Walzwerk) [techn.]

corrugated rail; roaring rail (railway) Riffelschiene {f} (Bahn)

corrugated roll; fluted roller; serrated roller Riffelwalze {f}

corrugated rolls; fluted rollers; serrated rollers Riffelwalzen {pl}

corrugated steel conduit gewelltes Stahlpanzerrohr

corrugated asbestos board Wellasbestplatte {f} [constr.]

corrugated asbestos boards Wellasbestplatten {pl}

corrugated sheet iron Wellblech {n}

corrugated sheath Wellmantel {m} [techn.]

corrugated paper Wellpapier {n}

corrugated (roof) slab Wellplatte {f} [constr.]

corrugated slabs Wellplatten {pl}

corrugated sheet roofing Wellplattenbedachung {f} [constr.]

corrugated sheet roof Wellplattendach {n} [constr.]

corrugated sheet roofs Wellplattendacher {pl}

corrugated pipe; corrugated tube Wellrohr {n} [techn.]

corrugated pipes; corrugated tubes Wellrohre {pl}

corrugated pipe (boiler) Wellrohr {n} (Kessel) [techn.]

corrugated hose Wellschlauch {m}

corrugated core-beam making machine (wood working) Wellstegmaschine {f} (Holzverarbeitung) [mach.]

corrugated core-beam making machines Wellstegmaschinen {pl}

corrugated brick Wellstein {m} [constr.]

corrugated bricks Wellsteine {pl}

corrugated sheet (roof) Welltafel {f} (Dach) [constr.]

corrugated iron shed Wellblechhütte {f}; Wellblechschuppen {m} [techn.]

waved washer; corrugated washer Wellscheibe {f} [techn.]

waved washers; corrugated washers Wellscheiben {pl}

corrugated [listen] gerillt; geriffelt; gewellt; gerippt {adj}

corrugated [listen] runzlig {adj}

harrow Egge {f} [agr.]

harrows Eggen {pl}

heavy harrow; general harrow Ackeregge {f}

upland harrow Bergeegge {f}

bush harrow Buschegge {f}

drag harrow Grubberegge {f}

rotary harrow Kreiselegge {f}; Rotoregge {f}

chisel-toothed harrow Löffelegge {f}

knife harrow; pasture harrow Messeregge {f}

bull of the harrow Mittelbalken {m} der Egge

seed harrow; medium harrow Saategge {f}

roller harrow; corrugated roller; cultipacker; soil pulverizer Sternwälzegge {f}

tube [listen] (dünnwandiges) Rohr {n}; Schlauch {m} [listen] [listen]

tubes [listen] Rohre {pl}; Schläuche {pl}

articulated tube Gelenkrohr {n}; Schwenkrohr {n}

burst pipe geplatztes Rohr

corrugated tube geriffeltes Rohr

square tube quadratisches Rohr

rectangular tube rechteckiges Rohr; Rechteckrohr {n}

tubes in mill lengths Rohre in Lagerlänge

to corrugate (Blech) wellen {vt} [listen]

corrugating wellend

corrugated [listen] gewellt

corrugates wellt

corrugated [listen] wellte
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