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fight with knives; knifing Messerstecherei {f}

fighte with knives; knifings Messerstechereien {pl}

sharpening (of knives) Schliff {m}; Schleifen {n} (vom Messern usw.)

knife block for beet knives Schnitzelmesserkasten {m} (für Zuckerrüben) [agr.]

cable stripping knife; cable stripper Abmantelmesser {n}; Abisoliermesser {n} (für Kabel) [electr.]

cable stripping knives; cable strippers Abmantelmesser {pl}; Abisoliermesser {pl}

utility knife; Stanley knife ®; Japanese knife; carpet cutter; box cutter; cutter [listen] Abschneidemesser {m}; Abbrechklingenmesser {n}; Japanmesser {n}; Teppichmesser {n}; Stanley-Messer {n} ® [Ös.]

utility knives; Stanley knives; Japanese knives; carpet cutters; box cutters; cutters Abschneidemesser {pl}; Abbrechklingenmesser {pl}; Japanmesser {pl}; Teppichmesser {pl}; Stanley-Messer {pl}

abscess knife Abszessmesser {n} [med.]

abscess knives Abszessmesser {pl}

drawing knife; drawknife Abziehmesser {n}; Ziehmesser {n}

drawing knives; drawknives Abziehmesser {pl}; Ziehmesser {pl}

amputation knife Amputationsmesser {n} [med.]

amputation knives Amputationsmesser {pl}

catling Amputationsmesser {n} mit zwei Schneiden

boner knife; boning knife Ausbeinmesser {n}

boner knives; boning knives Ausbeinmesser {pl}

dredging bucket knife Baggermesser {n}; Baggereimermesser {n} [selten] (beim Nassbagger) [constr.]

dredging bucket knives Baggermesser {pl}; Baggereimermesser {pl}

excavator bucket knife Baggerzahn {m}; Baggermesser {n}; Baggereimermesser {n} [selten] (beim Trockenbagger) [constr.]

excavator bucket knives Baggerzähne {pl}; Baggermesser {pl}; Baggereimermesser {pl}

trimming knife (papermaking) Beschneidemesser {n} (Papierherstellung)

trimming knives Beschneidemesser {pl}

letter opener; paper knife Brieföffner {m}

letter openers; paper knives Brieföffner {pl}

bread knife Brotmesser {n}

bread knives Brotmesser {pl}

decorating knife Buntschneidemesser {n}

decorating knives Buntschneidemesser {pl}

utility knife; boxcutter Cuttermesser {n}

utility knives; boxcutters Cuttermesser {pl}

gravity knife Fallmesser {n} [mil.]

gravity knives Fallmesser {pl}

filleting knife; fillet knife Filetiermesser {n}; Filiermesser {n}

filleting knives; fillet knives Filetiermesser {pl}; Filiermesser {pl}

fish filleting knife; fish fillet knife Fischfiletiermesser {n}; Fischfiliermesser {n} [cook.]

fish filleting knives; fish fillet knives Fischfiletiermesser {pl}; Fischfiliermesser {pl}

fish knife Fischmesser {n}

fish knives Fischmesser {pl}

fistula knife; fistulatome; syringotome Fistelmesser {n} [med.]

fistula knives; fistulatomes; syringotomes Fistelmesser {pl}

butcher's knife Fleischermesser {n}; Metzgermesser {n}; Schlachtermesser {n}

butcher's knives Fleischermesser {pl}; Metzgermesser {pl}; Schlachtermesser {pl}

meat knife Fleischmesser {n} [cook.]

meat knives Fleischmesser {pl}

chaff cutter knife Futtermesser {m}; Futterklinge {f}; Häckselmesser {n} [agr.]

chaff cutter knives Futtermesser {pl}; Futterklingen {pl}; Häckselmesser {pl}

plaster knife Gipsmesser {n} [med.]

plaster knives Gipsmesser {pl}

chopping knife; chopper; cleaver Hackmesser {n}; Spalter {m} [cook.]

chopping knives; choppers; cleavers Hackmesser {pl}; Spalter {pl}

plane iron; plane knife; cutting iron; cutting knife (carpentry) Hobeleisen {n}; Hobelmesser {n}; Hobelklinge {f} (Tischlerei)

plane irons; plane knives; cutting irons; cutting knives Hobeleisen {pl}; Hobelmesser {pl}; Hobelklingen {pl}

cut plane iron Hobeleisen mit Schlitz

uncut plane iron Hobeleisen ohne Schlitz

pitch of the cutting iron Anstellwinkel des Hobeleisens

hunting knife; shooting knife; bowie-knife [Am.] Jagdmesser {n}; Weidmesser {n}; Waidmesser {n} [Jägersprache]

hunting knives; shooting knives; bowie-knives Jagdmesser {pl}; Weidmesser {pl}; Waidmesser {pl}

putty knife; putty spattle (for glass) Kittmesser {n} (für Glas)

putty knives; putty spattles Kittmesser {pl}

folding knife; jackknife; jack knife Klappmesser {n}

folding knives; jackknives; jack knives Klappmesser {pl}

cooking knife; chef's knife Küchenmesser {n}; Kochmesser {n} [cook.]

cooking knives; chef's knives Küchenmesser {pl}; Kochmesser {pl}

narrow chef's knife schmales Kochmesser

wide chef's knife breites Kochmesser

air knife Luftrakel {f} [techn.]

air knives Luftrakel {pl}

painting knife; palette knife Malmesser {n}; Malspachtel {f}; Spachtel {f}; Palettenmesser {n}; Streichmesser {n} (Malerei) [art]

painting knives; palette knives Malmesser {pl}; Malspachtel {pl}; Spachteln {pl}; Palettenmesser {pl}; Streichmesser {pl}

marking knife Markiermesser {n}

marking knives Markiermesser {pl}

knife [listen] Messer {n} [listen]

knives Messer {pl} [listen]

butter knife Buttermesser {n}

gardening knife; pruning knife Gartenmesser {n}; Gärtnermesse {f}; Gartenhippe {f}

paring knife Gemüsemesser {n}; Schälmesser {n}

glass-cutting knife Glasmesser {n}

splice-grafting knife Kopuliermesser {n}; Kopulierhippe {f}; Veredelungsmesser {n} [agr.]

budding knife Okuliermesser {n}; Veredelungsmesser {n} [agr.]

grafting knife Pfropfmesser {n}; Veredelungsmesser {n} [agr.]

steak knife Steakmesser {n}

to eat with a knife and fork mit Messer und Gabel essen

parang Messer aus Malaysia und Indonesien

to walk straight into a/the trap ins offene Messer laufen

to hold a knife to sb.'s throat jdm. das Messer an die Kehle setzen

to hold sb. at gunpoint [fig.] jdm. das Messer an die Kehle setzen [übtr.]

to hang in the balance; to be balanced on a knife-edge auf des Messers Schneide stehen [übtr.]

This old knife doesn't cut well any more. Mit diesem alten Messer kann man nicht mehr richtig schneiden.

point of a knife Messerspitze {f}

points of knives Messerspitzen {pl}

just a trace eine Messerspitze /Msp./ (kleine Menge)

pantographic knife; paratrooper knife Pantograph-Messer {n}

pantographic knives; paratrooper knives Pantograph-Messer {pl}

scraping knife Schabemesser {n}

scraping knives Schabemesser {pl}

ham knife; ham slicer Schinkenmesser {n} [cook.]

ham knives; ham slicers Schinkenmesser {pl}

fluted ham knife Schinkenmesser mit Kullenschliff

clasp knife; flick knife [Br.] Schnappmesser {n}

clasp knives; flick knives Schnappmesser {pl}

knife [listen] Schneidemesser {n}; Messer {n}; Klinge {f} [poet.] [listen] [listen]

knives Schneidemesser {pl}; Messer {pl}; Klingen {pl} [listen]

beet knife; sliver knife Schnitzelmesser {n} (für Zuckerrüben) [agr.]

beet knives; sliver knives Schnitzelmesser {pl}

wood carving knife; whittle Schnitzmesser {m}

wood carving knives; whittles Schnitzmesser {pl}

tenotomy knife; tenotome Sehnenmesser {n} [med.]

tenotomy knives; tenotomes Sehnenmesser {pl}

autopsy knife; dissection knife Seziermesser {n} [med.]

autopsy knives; dissection knives Seziermesser {pl}

spattle; spatula; stopping knife; putty knife Spachtelmesser {n}; Spachtel {m}; Spachtel {f} [Ös.]; Spatel {m}; Spatel {f} [Ös.] [constr.]

spattles; spatulas; stopping knives; putty knives Spachtelmesser {pl}; Spachteln {pl}; Spateln {pl}

heated spatula Heizspachtel {m}

riving knife; splitter [listen] Spaltkeil {m} (Kreissäge) [mach.]

riving knives; splitters Spaltkeile {pl}

switchblade; switchblade knife; clasp knife; flick knife [Br.] Springmesser {n}; Schnappmesser {n} [mil.]

switchblades; switchblade knives; clasp knives; flick knives Springmesser {pl}; Schnappmesser {pl}

tomato knife Tomatenmesser {n} [cook.]

tomato knives Tomatenmesser {pl}

bird's beak peeling knife Tourniermesser {n}

bird's beak peeling knives Tourniermesser {pl}

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