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painting; art of painting [listen] Malerei {f} [art]

abstract painting abstrakte Malerei

history painting Geschichtsmalerei {f}

nude; nude portrait; nude painting [listen] Akt {m}; Aktbild {n} [art]

nudes; nude portraits; nude paintings Akte {pl}; Aktbilder {pl}

painting [listen] Gemälde {n} [listen]

paintings Gemälde {pl} [listen]

a painting dated 1890 ein Gemälde von 1890

painting [listen] Anstreichen {n}

painting gallery; painting display room Bilderzimmer {n}

painting galleries; painting display rooms Bilderzimmer {pl}

painting class; painting course Malkurs {m}

painting classes; painting courses Malkurse {pl}

painting knife; palette knife Malmesser {n}; Malspachtel {f}; Spachtel {f}; Palettenmesser {n}; Streichmesser {n} (Malerei) [art]

painting knives; palette knives Malmesser {pl}; Malspachtel {pl}; Spachteln {pl}; Palettenmesser {pl}; Streichmesser {pl}

painting equipment Malutensilien {pl}

painting on porcelain; china paint Porzellanmalerei {f}

painting style Malweise {f}

manner of painting Malweise {f}

painting by numbers Malen nach Zahlen

fresco; fresco painting Fresko {n}; Freskomalerei {f}

frescos Fresken {pl}

frescoing ein Fresko bemalend

oil painting; oil on canvas painting; oil on canvas; canvas [listen] Ölgemälde {n}; Ölbild {n} [art]

oil paintings; oil on canvas paintings; oil on canvases; canvases Ölgemälde {pl}; Ölbilder {pl}

Turner's late canvases/canvasses Turners späte Ölgemälde

action painting Aktionsmalerei {f}

nude painting Aktmalerei {f} [art]

watercolour [Br.]; watercolour painting [Br.]; watercolour drawing [Br.]; watercolor [Am.]; watercolor painting [Am.]; watercolor drawing [Am.] (picture) Aquarell {n}; Aquarellmalerei {f}; Aquarellzeichnung {f} (Bild) [art]

watercolours; watercolour paintings; watercolour drawings; watercolors; watercolor paintings; watercolor drawings Aquarelle {pl}; Aquarellmalereien {pl}; Aquarellzeichnungen {pl}

watercolour painting [Br.]; watercolour [Br.]; watercolor painting [Am.]; watercolor [Am.] (technique) Aquarellmalerei {f} (Technik) [art]

in watercolour (painting) in der Aquarellmalerei

watercolour painting [Br.]; watercolor painting [Am.] Aquarellmalerei {f}; Aquarellzeichnung {f} [art]

watercolour paintings; watercolor paintings Aquarellmalereien {pl}; Aquarellzeichnungen {pl}

on-glaze painting; overglaze painting (ceramics) Aufglasurmalerei {f} (Keramik)

site painting; field painting Baustellenanstrich {m}

top coat; finishing coat; finish (painting) [listen] Deckanstrich {m}

sinking-in of colours (in a painting) Einschlagen {n} von Farben (bei einem Gemälde) [art]

enamel painting Emailmalerei {f} [art]

enamel paintings Emailmalereien {pl}

slip painting; slip decoration (ceramics) Engobenmalerei {f}; Engobierung {f} (Keramik)

paint swatch (painting) Farbmuster {n} (Anstreichen)

(paint) roller cover (painting) Farbwalze {f}; Malerwalze {f} (Anstreichen)

rock painting Felsbild {n}; Felsenbild {n}; Felsmalerei {f}; Felsenmalerei {f}

rock paintings Felsbilder {pl}; Felsenbilder {pl}; Felsmalereien {pl}; Felsenmalereien {pl}

rock painting Felsmalerei {f}; Felsenmalerei {f} (Maltechnik) [art]

flesh tone; flesh tint (painting) Fleischton {m}; Karnat {n}; Inkarnat {n} (Malerei) [art]

glass painting; painting on glass Glasmalerei {f}

baked glass painting eingebrannte Glasmalerei {f}

Gouache (painting technique) Gouache {f} (Maltechnik) [art]

half-tone (painting) Halbton {m} (Malerei) [art]

reverse glass painting; reverse painting on glass Hinterglasbild {n}

reverse glass paintings; reverse painting on glasses Hinterglasbilder {pl}

cave-painting Höhlenmalerei {f} [hist.]

body painting Körperbemalung {f}

pinholing (painting) Kraterbildung {f}; Nadelstichbildung {f} (Anstreichen)

landscape; landscape painting [listen] Landschaftsbild {n} [art]

landscapes; landscape paintings Landschaftsbilder {pl}

wash (painting technique) [listen] Lavieren {n}; Lavierung {f}; Lavur {f} (Maltechnik) [art]

Bavarian/austrian house wall painting Lüftlmalerei {f} [art]

Sienese school of painting Malerschule {f} von Siena [art] [hist.]

pastel painting; painting with pastels (painting technique) Pastellmalerei {f} (Maltechnik) [art]

pastel drawing; pastel painting; pastel (single artwork) Pastellzeichnung {f}; Pastell {n} (einzelnes Werk) [art]

pastel drawings; pastel paintings; pastels Pastellzeichnungen {pl}; Pastelle {pl}

person seen from behind (painting) Rückenfigur {f} (Malerei) [art]

sand picture; sand painting Sandbild {n}; Sandgemälde {n}

sand pictures; sand paintings Sandbilder {pl}; Sandgemälde {pl}

sand painting Sandmalen {n}; Sandmalerei {f}

silhouette (painting, optics, fotography) [listen] Schattenriss {m}; Silhouette {f} (Malerei, Optik, Fotografie)

flat coat (painting) Spachtelauftrag {m} (Anstreichen)

spray painting; spray paint Spritzlackierung {f}

riverside scene; riverscape (painting) Szene {f} am Fluss; Flussszene {f} (Malerei) [art]

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