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cane rats; grass cutters (zoological family) Rohrratten {pl}; Grasnager {pl} (Thryonomyidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

greater cane rat große Rohrratte (Thryonomys swinderianus)

lesser cane rat kleine Rohrratte (Thryonomys gregorianus)

cable cutter Ablängzange {f} (für Kabel)

cable cutters Ablängzangen {pl}

profile cutter Abplattfräser {m} [mach.]

profile cutters Abplattfräser {pl}

utility knife; Stanley knife ®; Japanese knife; carpet cutter; box cutter; cutter [listen] Abschneidemesser {m}; Abbrechklingenmesser {n}; Japanmesser {n}; Teppichmesser {n}; Stanley-Messer {n} ® [Ös.]

utility knives; Stanley knives; Japanese knives; carpet cutters; box cutters; cutters Abschneidemesser {pl}; Abbrechklingenmesser {pl}; Japanmesser {pl}; Teppichmesser {pl}; Stanley-Messer {pl}

pineapple cutter; pineapple slicer Ananasschneider {m}

pineapple cutters; pineapple slicers Ananasschneider {pl}

asphalt cutting machine; asphalt cutter Asphaltschneidemaschine {f}; Asphaltschneider {m} [mach.]

asphalt cutting machines; asphalt cutters Asphaltschneidemaschinen {pl}; Asphaltschneider {pl}

dough cutter; pastry cutter; cookie cutter [Am.] Ausstechform {f}; Keksausstecher {m}; Ausstecher {m} [cook.]

dough cutters; pastry cutters; cookie cutters Ausstechformen {pl}; Keksausstecher {pl}; Ausstecher {pl}

steel wire mesh cutter Baustahlmattenschneider {m}

steel wire mesh cutters Baustahlmattenschneider {pl}

iron bar cutter Betonstahlschere {f} [constr.]

iron bar cutters Betonstahlscheren {pl}

sheet cutter Bogenschneider {m} [print]

sheet cutters Bogenschneider {pl}

cutter [listen] Bohrer {m}; Meißel {n} [min.] [techn.]

cutters Bohrer {pl}; Meißel {pl}

circle cutter; circular cutter Kreisbohrer {m}

drilling-and-milling tool; drilling-and-milling cutter Bohrfräse {f} [techn.]

drilling-and-milling tools; drilling-and-milling cutters Bohrfräsen {pl}

bolt cropper; bolt cutter Bolzenschneider {m}; Bolzenschere {f} [techn.]

bolt croppers; bolt cutters Bolzenschneider {pl}; Bolzenscheren {pl}

metal cutting torch; cutting torch; flame cutter; gas torch; blowtorch [coll.] (welding) Brennschneidegerät {n}; Brennschneider {m}; Schneidbrenner {m}; Gasbrenner {m} (Schweißen) [techn.]

metal cutting torches; cutting torches; flame cutters; gas torches; blowtorches Brennschneidegeräte {pl}; Brennschneider {pl}; Schneidbrenner {pl}; Gasbrenner {pl}

bread cutter; bread slicer (kitchen appliance) Brotschneidemaschine {f} (Küchengerät)

bread cutters; bread slicers Brotschneidemaschinen {pl}

diagonal cutter Diagonalschneidemaschine {f} [techn.]

diagonal cutters Diagonalschneidemaschinen {pl}

diamond cutter (diamond processing tool) Diamantschneider {m}; Diamantschleifer {m}; Diamantreiber {m}; Diamantsäger {m} (Werkzeug zur Diamantbearbeitung) [techn.]

diamond cutters Diamantschneider {pl}; Diamantschleifer {pl}; Diamantreiber {pl}; Diamantsäger {pl}

wire cutter; wire snipper; bulldog snip Drahtschere {f}; Drahtzange {f}; Drahtschneider {m} [techn.]

wire cutters; wire snippers; bulldog snips Drahtscheren {pl}; Drahtzangen {pl}; Drahtschneider {pl}

gem cutter Edelsteinschneider {m}; Edelsteinschleifer {m}

gem cutters Edelsteinschneider {pl}; Edelsteinschleifer {pl}

skim plough; turf cutter/plough; paring cutter/plough [listen] Flachwender {m} [agr.]

skim ploughs; turf cutters/ploughs; paring cutters/ploughs [listen] Flachwender {pl}

cutter (woodworking) [listen] Fräsmesser {n} (Holzbearbeitung)

cutters Fräsmesser {pl}

milling tool; milling cutter Fräswerkzeug {n}; Fräser {m} [techn.]

milling tools; milling cutters Fräswerkzeuge {pl}; Fräser {pl}

twin (milling) cutter zweiteiliger Fräser

joint cutter (road building) Fugensäge {f}; Fugenschneider {m} (Straßenbau) [constr.]

joint cutters Fugensägen {pl}; Fugenschneider {pl}

chaff-cutting machine; chaff cutter Futterschneidemaschine {f}; Strohschneidemaschine {f}; Häckselmaschine {f}; Häckselbank {f}; Häcksler {m} [agr.]

chaff-cutting machines; chaff cutters Futterschneidemaschinen {pl}; Strohschneidemaschinen {pl}; Häckselmaschinen {pl}; Häckselbänke {pl}; Häcksler {pl}

fodder chopping machine; chaff/straw cutter; chaff cutting machine [listen] Futterschneidemaschine {f} [agr.]

fodder chopping machines; chaff/straw cutters; chaff cutting machines Futterschneidemaschinen {pl}

glass cutter Glasschneider {m}

glass cutters Glasschneider {pl}

trench cutting machine; trench cutter; trencher Grabenfräse {f} [constr.]

trench cutting machines; trench cutters; trenchers Grabenfräsen {pl}

microtrencher Minigrabenfräse {f}

engraver's milling cutter Gravierfräser {m}

engraver's milling cutters Gravierfräser {pl}

belt cutter Gurtschneider {m}; Notfallschneider {m} [auto]

belt cutters Gurtschneider {pl}; Notfallschneider {pl}

corn parer; corn cutter (grooming) Hornhauthobel {m}; Hühneraugenhobel {m} (Körperpflege)

corn parers; corn cutters Hornhauthobel {pl}; Hühneraugenhobel {pl}

cheese cutter Käseschneider {m} [cook.]

cheese cutters Käseschneider {pl}

cardboard cutter; boxcutter; box slitter Kartonmesser {m}

cardboard cutters; boxcutters; box slitters Kartonmesser {pl}

coal-cutting machine; coal cutter Kohleschrämmaschine {f}; Schrämmaschine {f} [min.]

coal-cutting machines; coal cutters Kohleschrämmaschinen {pl}; Schrämmaschinen {pl}

downhill coal cutter Schrämmaschine mit Senkrechtarbeit

cutter bar of the coal-cutting machine Schrämarm {m}; Schrämstange {f}; Schrämausleger {m} der Kohlenschrämmmaschine

disc-cutting machine [Br.]; disk-cutting machine [Am.] Schrämradmaschine {f}

contact cutter Kontaktschneider {m}

contact cutters Kontaktschneider {pl}

cutter [listen] Kutter {m} [naut.]

cutters Kutter {pl}

fishing cutter Fischkutter {m}

pilot cutter Lotsenkutter {m}

laser cutting device; laser cutter Laserschneidgerät {n}; Laserschneidanlage {f}; Laserschneider {m} [ugs.]

laser cutting devices; laser cutters Laserschneidgeräte {pl}; Laserschneidanlagen {pl}; Laserschneider {pl}

bore-type cutter; arbour-type cutter [Br.]; arbor-type cutter [Am.] Lochfräser {m} [techn.]

bore-type cutters; arbour-type cutters; arbor-type cutters Lochfräser {pl}

mine cutter Minenfräse {m} [mil.]

mine cutters Minenfräsen {pl}

nail trimmer; nail clipper; nail cutter (grooming) Nagelknipser {m}; Nagelklipserl {n} [Bayr.] [Ös.]; Nagelzwicker {m} [Bayr.] [Ös.] (Körperpflege)

nail trimmers; nail clippers; nail cutters Nagelknipser {pl}; Nagelklipserl {pl}; Nagelzwicker {pl}

wetstone cutter Nasstrennmaschine {f} [constr.]

wetstone cutters Nasstrennmaschinen {pl}

keyway cutter Nutenfräser {m} [techn.]

keyway cutters Nutenfräser {pl}

slot cutter; slotting cutter Nutenfräser {m} [constr.]

slot cutters; slotting cutters Nutenfräser {pl}

T-slot cutter T-Nutenfräser {m}

paper cutter; paper trimmer (for office use) (kleine) Papierschneidemaschine {f}; Schneidemaschine {f}; Papierschneider {m} (für Bürozwecke)

paper cutters; paper trimmers Papierschneidemaschinen {pl}; Schneidemaschinen {pl}; Papierschneider {pl}

lever cutter; guillotine-style cutter; paper guillotine [coll.] Hebelschneidemaschine {f}; Hebelschneider {m}

pizza cutter Pizzaschneider {m}

pizza cutters Pizzaschneider {pl}

spotfacing cutter Planansenkkopf {m} [techn.]

spotfacing cutters Planansenkköpfe {pl}

face cutting machine; face cutter (papermaking) Planschneidemaschine {f}; Planschneider {m}; Beschneidemaschine {f}; Balkenschneider {m} (Papierherstellung)

face cutting machines; face cutters Planschneidemaschinen {pl}; Planschneider {pl}; Beschneidemaschinen {pl}; Balkenschneider {pl}

plasma cutting torch; plasma cutter Plasmaschneider {m} [techn.]

plasma cutting torches; plasma cutters Plasmaschneider {pl}

paper cross-cutting machine; cross cutter; sheet cutter; guillotine cutter (papermaking) Querschneidemaschine {f}; Querschneider {m} (Papierherstellung)

paper cross-cutting machines; cross cutters; sheet cutters; guillotine cutters Querschneidemaschinen {pl}; Querschneider {pl}

radial milling cutter Radialfräser {m}

radial milling cutters Radialfräser {pl}

circular cutter Ringschneider {m}

circular cutters Ringschneider {pl}

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