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twin [listen] doppelt; paarig {adj} [listen]

twin-geared whisk (food processor component) Doppelschneebesen {m} (Teil einer Küchenmaschine) [cook.]

twin-geared whisks Doppelschneebesen {pl}

twin-lead cable; ladder line Paralleldrahtleitung {f}; Hühnerleiter {f} [ugs.] [electr.]

twin-lead cables; ladder lines Paralleldrahtleitungen {pl}; Hühnerleitern {pl}

twin-flame blowpipe; twin-flame torch (welding) Zweiflammenbrenner {m} (Schweißen) [techn.]

twin-flame blowpipes; twin-flame torches Zweiflammenbrenner {pl}

twin [listen] Zwilling {m}

twins Zwillinge {pl} [listen]

identical twins eineiige Zwillinge

fraternal twins; nonidentical twins; unidentical twins zweieiige Zwillinge

Siamese twins siamesische Zwillinge

twinned als Zwillinge geboren

twin conductor Doppelader {f}

twin conductors Doppelader {pl}

twin dipole Doppeldipol {m}

twin dipoles Doppeldipole {pl}

twin bead Doppelkernwulst {f}

twin drive Doppellaufwerk {n}

twin drives Doppellaufwerke {pl}

twin needle (sewing machine) Doppelnadel {f} (Nähmaschine) [textil.]

twin needles Doppelnadeln {pl}

twin propeller Doppelschiffsschraube {f}

twin propellers Doppelschiffsschrauben {pl}

twin system Doppelsystem {n}

twin systems Doppelsysteme {pl}

twin spark ignition Doppelzündung {f} [auto]

twin coaches system Gresley (railway) Jakobsdrehgestellwagen {m}; Görlitzer Drehgestellwagen {m} (Bahn)

twin town; twin city Partnerstadt {f}

twin towns; twin cities Partnerstädte {pl}

twin path routing Zweiwegeführung {f} [telco.]

twin brother Zwillingsbruder {m}

twin brothers Zwillingsbrüder {pl}

twin research Zwillingsforschung {f}

twin birth Zwillingsgeburt {f} [med.]

twin births Zwillingsgeburten {pl}

twin children Zwillingskinder {pl} [soc.]

twin crystal Zwillingskristall {m}

twin crystals Zwillingskristalle {pl}

twin lock (water engineering) Zwillingsschleuse {f}; Doppelschleuse {f}; Kuppelschleuse {f} (Wasserbau)

twin locks Zwillingsschleusen {pl}; Doppelschleusen {pl}; Kuppelschleusen {pl}

twin sister Zwillingsschwester {f}

twin sisters Zwillingsschwestern {pl}

twin towers Zwillingstürme {pl}; Zwillingsturm {m}; Doppeltürme {pl}; Doppelturm {m} [arch.]

twin barrelled gun Zwillingswaffe {f}

twin barrelled guns Zwillingswaffen {pl}

twin hoist Zwillingszug {m}

twin wire Doppeldraht {m}

twin wire machine; twin wire paper machine Doppelsiebmaschine {f} [techn.]

twin wire press Doppelsiebpresse {f} [techn.]

twin set Twinset {n} (gleichfarbiges Paar aus Strickjacke und Pullover aus demselben Material) [textil.]

to twin sth. etw. verknüpfen {vt}

twin boundary Zwillingsgrenze {f} [min.]

twin crystal; compound crystal; geminate crystal; macle; hemitrope Zwillingskristall {m} [min.]

twin crystals; compound crystals; geminate crystals; macles; hemitropes Zwillingskristalle {pl}

twin striation Zwillingsstreifung {f} [min.]

dual clutch transmission /DCT/; twin clutch transmission Doppelkupplungsgetriebe {n} [auto]

two-pocket portfolio; twin-pocket portfolio Einsteckmappe {f} [adm.]

two-pocket portfolios; twin-pocket portfolios Einsteckmappen {pl}

Ground Zero (site of the Twin Towers in New York, destroyed on 11 September 2001) Ground Zero (Ort der Zerstörung der Zwillingstürme in New York am 11. September 2001) [hist.]

overhead twin rail chain conveyor Schleppkreisförderer {m} [techn.]

overhead twin rail chain conveyors Schleppkreisförderer {pl}

double bedroom; twin-room Zweibettzimmer {n}; 2-Bettzimmer {n}

double bedrooms Zweibettzimmer {pl}; 2-Bettzimmer {pl}

twin-lens (reflex) camera Zweilinsen-Spiegelreflexkamera {f} [photo.]

twinning axis; twin-axis Zwillingsachse {f}

twinning axes; twin-axes Zwillingsachsen {pl}

dual application; dual fitment; twin fitment Zwillingsbereifung {f}

dual wheel; twin wheel Zwillingsrad {n}

dual wheels; twin wheels Zwillingsräder {pl}

dual tyre; twin tyre; dual tire [Am.]; twin tire [Am.] Zwillingsreifen {m}

dual tyres; twin tyres; dual tires; twin tires Zwillingsreifen {pl}

twin-sashed zweiflügelig {adj} (Fenster)

twin-engined zweimotorig {adj}

twin-jet zweistrahlig {adj} [aviat.]

double screw; twin screw Doppelschnecke {f} [techn.]

brown twin-spot Monteiroastrild {m} [ornith.]

dusky twin-spot Schieferastrild {m} [ornith.]

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