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power dissipation; rating of components (semi-conductors) Belastbarkeit {f} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

hole density (semi-conductors) Defektelektronendichte {f}; Löcherdichte {f} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

defect electron conduction; hole conduction; p-type conduction (semi-conductors) Defektelektronenleitung {f}; Defektleitung {f}; Löcherleitung {f}; p-Leitung {f} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

conducting-state voltage; on-state voltage (semi-conductors) Durchlassspannung {f} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

Fermi-Dirac distribution; Fermi distribution (semi-conductors) Fermi-Dirac-Verteilung {f}; Fermi-Verteilung {f} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

slope time (semi-conductors) Flankenzeit {f}; Dauer {f} der Flanke (ansteigend oder abfallend) (Halbleiter) [electr.]

fall time (semi-conductors) Flankenabfallzeit {f}; Abfallzeit {f}; Dauer {f} der Rückflanke (Halbleiter) [electr.]

rise time (semi-conductors) Flankenanstiegszeit {f}; Anstiegszeit {f}; Steigzeit {f}; Dauer {f} der Vorderflanke (Halbleiter) [electr.]

tape packaging; packaging on continuous tapes (semi-conductors) Gurtung {f} und Magazinierung {f} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

carrier storage time; pulse storage time; storage time; retention time (semi-conductors) Ladungsträger-Speicherzeit {f}; Ladungsverzug {m} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

conductor cross-section; cross-section area of conductors Leiterquerschnitt {m}

scribe line; scribe lane; scribe alley (semi-conductors) Ritzgraben {m} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

ambient-rated (semi-conductors) umgebungsbezogen {adj} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

insulated wire; wire; core [Br.]; insulated conductor [Am.] [listen] [listen] Ader {f} [electr.] [telco.]

screened core abgeschirmte Ader

A-wire A-Ader [telco.]

transposed cores [Br.]; transposed conductors [Am.] gekreuzte Adern

lightning arrester/arrestor; arrester; lightning discharger; lightning conductor [Br.]; lightning rod [Am.] [listen] Blitzableiter {m} [electr.]

lightning arresters/arrestors; arresters; lightning dischargers; lightning conductors; lightning rods [listen] Blitzableiter {pl}

lightning arrester in circuit (radio) Gewitterschaltung {f}; Gewitterstellung {f} (Funk)

twin conductor Doppelader {f}

twin conductors Doppelader {pl}

intrinsic conductor Eigenleiter {m} [electr.]

intrinsic conductors Eigenleiter {pl}

emitter region (semi-conductors) Emitterzone {f} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

emitter regions Emitterzonen {pl}

deathnium trap; deathnium centre (semi-conductors) Fangstelle {f}; Störstelle {f} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

deathnium traps; deathnium centres Fangstellen {pl}; Störstellen {pl}

transposed conductor Kreuzstab {m}; Roebelstab {m} [electr.]

transposed conductors Kreuzstäbe {pl}; Roebelstäbe {pl}

electric conductance elektrischer Leitwert {m}; elektrische Steilheit {f}; Wirkleitwert {m}; Konduktanz {f} [geh.] [electr.]

dynamic slope; dynamic mutual conductance dynamischer Leitwert; dynamische Steilheit; Betriebssteilheit {f}; Arbeitssteilheit {f}

leakage conductance (semi-conductors) Leckleitwert {m} (Halbleiter)

shunt conductance Querleitwert {m}

intrinsic conductance Strömungseigenleitwert {m}; charakteristischer Strömungsleitwert {m}

earth conductor; ground wire Masseleiter {m} [electr.]

earth conductors; ground wires Masseleiter {pl}

solid conductor Massivleiter {m} [electr.]

solid conductors Massivleiter {pl}

pilot conductor Messdraht {m}; Prüfader {f}; Hilfsader {f} (Kabel) [electr.]

pilot conductors Messdrähte {pl}; Prüfadern {pl}; Hilfsadern {pl}

neutral; neutral conductor [listen] Mittelleiter {m} [electr.]

neutral conductors Mittelleiter {pl}

non-conductor; insulator Nichtleiter {m}; Isolator {m} (isolierender Bauteil) [electr.]

non-conductors; insulators Nichtleiter {pl}; Isolatoren {pl}

bell-shaped insulator; shed insulator; petticoat insulator [Am.] Glockenisolator {m}

post insulator Langstabisolator {m}

swinging insulator Pendelisolator {m}

shell insulator Sattelisolator {m}

rainwater pipe; downpipe [Br.]; downcomer [Br.]; downspout [Am.]; conductor [Am.]; leader [Am.] (on the outer wall) [listen] [listen] Regenabflussrohr {n}; Regenfallrohr {n}; Regenrohr {n}; Abfallrohr {n}; Fallrohr {n} (an der Hausmauer) [constr.]

rainwater pipes; downpipes; downcomers; downspouts; conductors; leaders Regenabflussrohre {pl}; Regenfallrohre {pl}; Regenrohre {pl}; Abfallrohre {pl}; Fallrohre {pl}

circular conductor Rundleiter {m} [electr.]

circular conductors Rundleiter {pl}

ticket inspector; inspector; ticket collector; conductor [Br.] [listen] [listen] Schaffner {m}; Schaffnerin {f} [transp.]

ticket inspectors; inspectors; ticket collectors; conductors Schaffner {pl}; Schaffnerinnen {pl}

conductress Schaffnerin {f}

protection conductor Schutzleiter {m} [electr.]

protection conductors Schutzleiter {pl}

impurity; imperfection (semi-conductors) Störstelle {f} (Halbleiter) [electr.]

impurities; imperfections Störstellen {pl}

overhead line /OL/; overhead power/transmission line; overhead conductor; open wire line Überlandleitung {f}; Freilandleitung {f} [electr.]

overhead lines; overhead power/transmission lines; overhead conductors; open wire lines Überlandleitungen {pl}; Freilandleitungen {pl}

guard [Br.]; conductor [Am.] (railway) [listen] [listen] Zugbegleiter {m}; Zugsbegleiter {m}; Schaffner {m} [Dt.] [Ös.]; Kondukteur {m} [Schw.] (Bahn)

guards; conductors Zugbegleiter {pl}; Zugsbegleiter {pl}; Schaffner {pl}; Kondukteure {pl}

chief guard [Br.]; train supervisor [Am.]; conductor (railway) [listen] Zugchef {m} [Dt.] [Schw.]; Zugführer {m} [Dt.]; Chef-Zugsbegleiter {m} [Ös.]; Oberschaffner {m} [Dt.] [Ös.] [ugs.] (Bahn)

chief guards; train supervisors; conductors Zugchefs {pl}; Zugführer {pl}; Chef-Zugsbegleiter {pl}; Oberschaffner {pl}

to count sb. among sb.; to number sb. among sb. jdn. zu jdm. zählen {vt}

counting among; numbering among zählend zu

counted among; numbered among gezählt zu

to count sb. among your customers jdn. zu seinen Kunden zählen

The orchestra numbers Simon Rattle among its conductors. Das Orchester zählt Simon Rattle zu seinen Dirigenten.

She counts several doctors among her friends. Sie zählt mehrere Ärzte zu ihren Freunden.; Unter ihren Freunden sind mehrere Ärzte.
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