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axes of coordinates Achsenkreuz {n} [math.]

wind axes Flugwindachsen {pl} [aviat.]

axis [listen] Achse {f} [listen]

axes Achsen {pl}

dorsoventral axis dorsoventrale Achse

plunging axis; pitching axis eintauchende Achse

tilt axis; tilting axis Kippachse {f}

optic axis optische Achse

equatorial axis parallaktische Achse

axe; ax [Am.] [listen] Axt {f}; Beil {n}

axes Äxte {pl}; Beile {pl}

double ax Doppelaxt {f}

beard axe Bartaxt {f}

beard axes Bartäxte {pl}

felling axe; felling ax [Am.] Baumaxt {f}; Fällaxt {f}; Holzhaueraxt {f}

felling axes; felling axes Baumäxte {pl}; Fälläxte {pl}; Holzhaueräxte {pl}

axis of reference Bezugsachse {f}

axes of reference Bezugsachsen {pl}

line of sight; sight line; sight axis; view axis; axis of vision; eyeline Blickachse {f}; Blickbezug {m}; Sichtachse {f}; Sicht {f} [arch.] [listen]

lines of sight; sight lines; sight axes; view axes; axes of vision; eyelines Blickachsen {pl}; Blickbezüge {pl}; Sichtachsen {pl}; Sichten {pl}

a clear eyeline to the sky; a straight view to the sky freie Sicht auf den Himmel

focal axis Brennachse {f} [phys.]

focal axes Brennachsen {pl}

longitudinal axis of bridge Brückenlängsachse {f}

longitudinal axes of bridge Brückenlängsachsen {pl}

rotational axis; rotation axis; axis of rotation; spin axis Drehachse {f}; Rotationsachse {f} (mechanisch) [phys.]

rotational axes; rotation axes; axes of rotation; spin axes Drehachsen {pl}; Rotationsachsen {pl}

swivelling axis Drehachse {f}; Schwenkachse {f}

swivelling axes Drehachsen {pl}; Schwenkachsen {pl}

axis of spin Drehimpulsachse {f} [phys.]

axes of spin Drehimpulsachsen {pl}

axis of the earth Erdachse {f}

axes of the earth Erdachsen {pl}

fireman's axe Feuerwehraxt {f}

fireman's axes Feuerwehräxte {pl}

flat axe Flachbeil {n}

flat axes Flachbeile {pl}

half-axis Halbachse {f}

half-axes Halbachsen {pl}

principal axis Hauptachse {f} [math.]

principal axes Hauptachsen {pl}

rotational axis Hauptachse {f} [techn.]

rotational axes Hauptachsen {pl}

body axis Körperachse {f} [anat.]

body axes Körperachsen {pl}

longitudinal axis Longitudinalachse {f}

sagittal axis Sagittalachse {f}

transverse axis Transversalachse {f}

coordinate axis Koordinatenachse {f}

coordinate axes Koordinatenachsen {pl}

crystal axis Kristallachse {f}

crystal axes Kristallachsen {pl}

longitudinal axis Längsachse {f}

longitudinal axes Längsachsen {pl}

linear axis Linearachse {f} [mach.]

linear axes Linearachsen {pl}

specimen axis Musterachse {f} [constr.]

specimen axes Musterachsen {pl}

ice-pick; ice axe; pickaxe; piolet Pickel {m}; Eispickel {m} [listen]

ice-picks; ice axes; pickaxes; piolets Pickel {pl}; Eispickel {pl} [listen]

radical axis Potenzlinie {f} [math.]

radical axes Potenzlinien {pl}

lateral axis; transverse axis Querachse {f}

lateral axes; transverse axes Querachsen {pl}

axis of rotation Rotationsachse {f}

axes of rotation Rotationsachsen {pl}

meat axe Schlachtbeil {n}

meat axes Schlachtbeile {pl}

obliquity Schrägstellung {f}; Schrägheit {f}; Schiefheit {f}; Schiefe {f} [math.] [phys.] [techn.]

obliquity of axes Achsenneigung {f} [math.]

obliquity factor Fresnel'scher Neigungsfaktor [phys.]

splitting axe Spaltaxt {f}

splitting axes Spaltäxte {pl}

flint axe Steinbeil {n}; Feuersteinbeil {n}

flint axes Steinbeile {pl}; Feuersteinbeile {pl}

axis of symmetry; symmetry axis Symmetrieachse {f}; Mittelachse {f}

axes of symmetry; symmetry axes Symmetrieachsen {pl}; Mittelachsen {pl}

optic axis of symmetry; axis of optic symmetry optische Symmetrieachse

axis of twofold/binary symmetry zweizählige Symmetrieachse

axis of threefold symmetry dreizählige Symmetrieachse

axis of fourfold/tetragonal symmetry vierzählige Symmetrieachse

twinning axis; twin-axis Zwillingsachse {f}

twinning axes; twin-axes Zwillingsachsen {pl}

benching axis Biegeachse {f}

benching axes Biegeachsen {pl}

anticlinal axis; saddle axis Gewölbeachse {f}

anticlinal axes; saddle axes Gewölbeachsen {pl}
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