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Word division: Axis
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line of sight; sight line; sight axis; view axis; axis of vision; eyeline Blickachse {f}; Blickbezug {m}; Sichtachse {f}; Sicht {f} [arch.] [listen]

lines of sight; sight lines; sight axes; view axes; axes of vision; eyelines Blickachsen {pl}; Blickbezüge {pl}; Sichtachsen {pl}; Sichten {pl}

a clear eyeline to the sky; a straight view to the sky freie Sicht auf den Himmel

axis; second cervical vertebra [listen] Axis {m}; zweiter Halswirbel {m} [anat.]

axis [listen] Achse {f} [listen]

axes Achsen {pl}

dorsoventral axis dorsoventrale Achse

plunging axis; pitching axis eintauchende Achse

tilt axis; tilting axis Kippachse {f}

optic axis optische Achse

equatorial axis parallaktische Achse

axis of symmetry; symmetry axis Symmetrieachse {f}; Mittelachse {f}

axes of symmetry; symmetry axes Symmetrieachsen {pl}; Mittelachsen {pl}

optic axis of symmetry; axis of optic symmetry optische Symmetrieachse

axis of twofold/binary symmetry zweizählige Symmetrieachse

axis of threefold symmetry dreizählige Symmetrieachse

axis of fourfold/tetragonal symmetry vierzählige Symmetrieachse

axis deer (zoological genus) Axishirsche {pl} (Axis) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

spotted deer; axis deer; chital; cheetal Axishirsch {m}; Chital {m} (Axis axis)

Indian hog deer; hog deer Schweinshirsch {m} (Axis porcinus)

axis of abscissae; axis of abscissas (x-axis in a two dimensional coordinate system) Abszissenachse {f} (x-Achse im zweidimensionalen kartesischen Koordinatensystem) [math.]

axis [listen] Achse {f} [math.] [listen]

mirror axis Spiegelachse {f}

axis of evil (countries disliked by American neoconservatives) Achse des Bösen {f} [pol.]

axis calibration Achsenkalibrierung {f}

Axis Powers Achsenmächte {pl} [hist.]

axis position Achsenposition {f}

axis positions Achsenpositionen {pl}

axis control Achsensteuerung {f}

axis controls Achsensteuerungen {pl}

axis symmetry; line symmetry; bilateral symmetry; mirror symmetry Achsensymmetrie {f} [math.]

axis feed Achsvorschub {m}

axis of affinity; axis of reflection Affinitätsachse {f} [math.]

axis of the pelvis Beckenführungslinie {f} [anat.]

axis of reference Bezugsachse {f}

axes of reference Bezugsachsen {pl}

axis of spin Drehimpulsachse {f} [phys.]

axes of spin Drehimpulsachsen {pl}

axis of the earth Erdachse {f}

axes of the earth Erdachsen {pl}

axis of action; 180-degree line (film, TV) Handlungsachse {f}; 180°-Linie {f} (Film, TV)

axis of ordinates (y-axis in a two dimensional coordinate system) Ordinatenachse {f}; Hochachse {f} (y-Achse im zweidimensionalen kartesischen Kordinatensystem) [math.]

axis of rotation Rotationsachse {f}

axes of rotation Rotationsachsen {pl}

axis drive motor (numerical control) Vorschubmotor {m} (numerische Steuerung)

axis drive motors Vorschubmotoren {pl}

axis label; axis designation; axis labeling Achsenbeschriftung {f}

axis depression Achsendepression {f}

axis culmination; axis elevation Achsenkulmination {f}

body axis Körperachse {f} [anat.]

body axes Körperachsen {pl}

longitudinal axis Longitudinalachse {f}

sagittal axis Sagittalachse {f}

transverse axis Transversalachse {f}

optic axis; optical axis; axis of vision optische Achse {f}; Sehachse {f} [techn.]

pitch of the axis Achseneinfallen {n}

axial ratio; axis ratio Achsenverhältnis {n} [techn.]

axial ratios; axis ratios Achsenverhältnisse {pl}

vehicle axis system Achssystem {n} des Fahrzeugs [auto]

armature quadrative-axis field Ankerquerfeld {n} [electr.]

focal axis Brennachse {f} [phys.]

focal axes Brennachsen {pl}

longitudinal axis of bridge Brückenlängsachse {f}

longitudinal axes of bridge Brückenlängsachsen {pl}

gut-brain axis Darm-Hirn-achse {f} [anat.]

medial axis transformation; grassfire algorism; wavefront algorism Distanzskelettierung {f} [techn.]

rotational axis; rotation axis; axis of rotation; spin axis Drehachse {f}; Rotationsachse {f} (mechanisch) [phys.]

rotational axes; rotation axes; axes of rotation; spin axes Drehachsen {pl}; Rotationsachsen {pl}

swivelling axis Drehachse {f}; Schwenkachse {f}

swivelling axes Drehachsen {pl}; Schwenkachsen {pl}

instantaneous axis of rotation Drehvektor {m}

plume axis Fahnenachse {f} [envir.]

plume axes Fahnenachsen {pl}

flight-path axis system Flugbahn-Achsenkreuz {n} [aviat.]

yaw axis Gierachse {f}; Vertikalachse {f}; Hochachse {f} [aviat.] [naut.]

angular acceleration about the yaw axis Gierwinkel- und Querbeschleunigung {f} [aviat.]

half-axis Halbachse {f}

half-axes Halbachsen {pl}

principal axis Hauptachse {f} [math.]

principal axes Hauptachsen {pl}

rotational axis Hauptachse {f} [techn.]

rotational axes Hauptachsen {pl}

principal axis factoring Hauptachsenfaktoranalyse {f} [math.] [psych.]

principal axis theorem Hauptachsentheorem {n} [math.]

mass centroid axis Hauptträgheitsachse {f}

mass centroid axiss Hauptträgheitsachsen {pl}

principal stress axis Hauptspannungsachse {f}

principal stress axiss Hauptspannungsachsen {pl}

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