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15 results for ploughs
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mounted tractor plough [Br.]; mounted tractor plow [Am.] Anbaupflug {m} [agr.]

mounted tractor ploughs; mounted tractor plows Anbaupflüge {pl}

mounted disc plough [Br.]; mounted disk plow [Am.] Anbauscheibenpflug {m}

mounted disc ploughs; mounted disk plows Anbauscheibenpflüge {pl}

skim plough; turf cutter/plough; paring cutter/plough [listen] Flachwender {m} [agr.]

skim ploughs; turf cutters/ploughs; paring cutters/ploughs [listen] Flachwender {pl}

trenching plough [Br.]/plow [Am.]; trench plough [Br.]/plow [Am.]; digging plough [Br.]/plow [Am.] [listen] [listen] Grabenpflug {m}; Abziehpflug {m}; Rigolpflug {m} [agr.]

trenching ploughs/plows; trench ploughs/plows; digging ploughs/plows [listen] [listen] Grabenpflüge {pl}; Abziehpflüge {pl}; Rigolpflüge {pl}

chisel plough [Br.]/plow [Am.]; field cultivator; grubber; lister [Am.] Grubber {m}; Feld-Kultivator {m}; Kultivator {m} [agr.]

chisel ploughs/plows; field cultivators; grubbers; listers Grubber {pl}; Feld-Kultivatoren {pl}; Kultivatoren {pl}

tooth cultivator; tine tiller Grubber mit starren Zinken

cultivator-fertilizer Grubber mit Düngungseinrichtung

seed-bed cultivator Kultivator {m} zur Saatbettbereitung

mine plough [Br.]; mine plow [Am.] Minenpflug {m} [mil.]

mine ploughs; mine plows Minenpflüge {pl}

plough [Br.]; plow [Am.] [listen] [listen] Pflug {m} [agr.] [listen]

ploughs; plows Pflüge {pl}

mounted plough/plow; hitched plough/plow [listen] Anbaupflug {m}

turn-about plough/plow; turnover plough [Br.]; roll-over plow [Am.] Drehpflug {m}; Brabant-Kehrpflug {m}

three-furrow plough [Br.]; three-botton plow [Am.] Dreischarpflug {m}; dreischariger Pflug {m}

skim plough [Br.]/plow [Am.]; paring plough/plow; sward plough/plow; turf plough/plow; paring cutter; sward cutter; turf cutter [listen] [listen] Rasenpflug {m}; Sodenpflug {m}; Schälpflug {m}

reversible plough [Br.]; reversible plow [Am.] Schwenkpflug {m}

swing/swivel plough [Br.]; swing/swivel plow [Am.] [listen] [listen] Schwingpflug {m}; Pendelpflug {m}

reclamation plough [Br.]; reclamation plow [Am.]; buster [listen] Umbruchpflug {m}; Rodepflug {m}

underslung alternate plough [Br.]; underslung alternate plow [Am.] Unterbau-Wechselpflug {m}

mouldboard plough [Br.]; moldboard plow [Am.] Wendepflug {m}

tail of a plough [Br.]/plow [Am.] Griffe/Arme eines Pflugs; Pfluggriffe {pl}

slade of a plough [Br.]; runner of a plow [Am.] Pflugsohle {f}; Schleifsohle {f}

frog of a plough [Br.]/plow [Am.] Griessäule/Rumpf eines Pflugs

to yoke oxen to the plough Ochsen vor den Pflug spannen

beet plough [Br.]; beet plow [Am.] Pflugroder {m} (für Rüben) [agr.]

beet ploughs; beet plows Pflugroder {pl}

draining plough [Br.]/plow [Am.]; drainage plough [Br.]/plow [Am.] [listen] Rigolpflug {m} (zur Entwässerung) [agr.]

draining ploughs/plows; drainage ploughs/plows [listen] Rigolpflüge {pl}

furrow sowing plough Saatpflug {m}; Rillpflug {m} [agr.]

furrow sowing ploughs Saatpflüge {pl}; Rillpflüge {pl}

disc plough [Br.]; disk plow [Am.] Scheibenpflug {m} [agr.]

disc ploughs; disk plows Scheibenpflüge {pl}

snow pusher; snow scoop; snow shovel plough [Br.] Schneeschieber {m}; Schneeräumer {m}

snow pushers; snow scoops; snow shovel ploughs Schneeschieber {pl}; Schneeräumer {pl}

road scarifier; ripper; road plough [Br.]; rooter plow [Am.] (road building) Straßenaufreißmaschine {f}; Straßenaufreißer {m}; Tiefaufreißer {m}; Aufreißer {m} (Straßenbau) [constr.]

road scarifiers; rippers; road ploughs; rooter plows Straßenaufreißmaschinen {pl}; Straßenaufreißer {pl}; Tiefaufreißer {pl}; Aufreißer {pl}

rear-mounted ripper Heckaufreißer {m}

pivoted-beam ripper Schwenkaufreißer {m}

pipe-and-cable-laying plough [Br.]/plow [Am.]; moleplough [Br.]; moleplow [Am.] Verlegepflug {m} [constr.]

pipe-and-cable-laying ploughs/plows; moleploughs; moleplows Verlegepflüge {pl}

to plough; to plow [Am.] [listen] [listen] pflügen; ackern {vt} [agr.] [listen]

ploughing; plowing pflügend

ploughed; plowed gepflügt

he/she ploughs; he/she plows er/sie pflügt

I/he/she ploughed; I/he/she plowed ich/er/sie pflügte

he/she has/had ploughed; he/she has/had plowed er/sie hat/hatte gepflügt

to plough/plow sth. thoroughly etw. durchpflügen
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