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46 results for plasma | plasma
Word division: Plas·ma
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plasma-protein profile Plasmaproteinprofil {n} [med.]

plasma-protein profiles Plasmaproteinprofile {pl}

plasma protein level Bluteiweißspiegel {m}; Plasmaproteinspiegel {m} [med.]

hyperproteinaemia erhöhter Plasmaproteinspiegel

hypoproteinaemia verminderter Plasmaproteinspiegel

plasma protein escape Bluteiweißausstritt {m}; Plasmaproteinaustritt {m} [med.]

plasma Plasma {n}

plasma torch Plasmabrenner {m}

plasma torches Plasmabrenner {pl}

plasma expander Plasmaexpander {m}; Plasmaersatzmittel zur Auffüllung des Blutkreislaufs [med.]

plasma TV set; plasma television set; plasma TV [coll.] Plasmafernseher {m}; Plasma-TV-Gerät {n}

plasma TV sets; plasma television sets Plasmafernseher {pl}; Plasma-TV-Geräte {pl}

plasma physics Plasmaphysik {f} [phys.]

plasma prothrombic activity Plasmaprothrombinaktivität {f} [med.]

plasma cutting torch; plasma cutter Plasmaschneider {m} [techn.]

plasma cutting torches; plasma cutters Plasmaschneider {pl}

plasma welding Plasmaschweißen {n} [techn.]

plasma spraying Plasmaspritzen {n}

plasma cell myeloma; multiple myeloma; myelomatosis; Kahler's disease Plasmozytom {n}; multiples Myelom {n}; Myelomatose {f}; Kahler-Krankheit {f} [med.]

plasma arc welding /PAW/ Wolfram-Plasma-Schweißen {n}; WP-Schweißen {n} [techn.]

plasma apparatus Zeta Zeta-Gerät {n} (Plasma)

plasma screen Plasmabildschirm {f} [electr.]

cell wall; cell membrane; cellular membrane; cytoplasmic membrane; plasma membrane Zellwand {f}; Zellgrenzschicht {f}; Zellmembran(e) {f}; Zytoplasmamembran(e) {f}; Zytomembran(e) {f}; Plasmamembran(e) {f}; Plasmalemma {n} [biol.]

cell walls; cell membranes; cellular membranes; cytoplasmic membranes; plasma membranes Zellwände {pl}; Zellgrenzschichten {pl}; Zellmembranen {pl}; Zytoplasmamembranen {pl}; Zytomembranen {pl}; Plasmamembranen {pl}; Plasmalemmata {pl}

fungal cell wall Pilzzellwand {f}

blood protein fraction; plasma protein fraction Bluteiweißfraktion {f}; Plasmaproteinfraktion {f} [med.]

blood protein concentrate; plasma protein concentrate Bluteiweißkonzentrat {n}; Plasmaproteinkonzentrat {n} [med.]

blood protein solution; plasma protein solution Bluteiweißlösung {f}; Plasmaproteinlösung {f} [med.]

abnormality of plasma proteins; dysproteinaemia Bluteiweißstörung {f}; Plasmaproteinstörung {f} [med.]

blood plasm; plasma Blutplasma {n} [med.]

antihaemophilic factor plasma Blutplasma mit antihämophilem Faktor

blood plasma deficiency; apoplasmia; oligoplasmia; mioplasmia Blutplasmamangel {m}; Plasmamangel {m}; Oligoplasmie {f} [med.]

blood plasma separation; plasma separation; plasmapheresis Blutplasmaseparation {f}; Plasmaseparation {f} [med.]

excessive plasma volume increase; polyplasmia Blutplasmaüberschuss {m}; Plasmafülle {f}; Polyplasmie {f} [med.]

drift surface (plasma) Driftfläche {f} (Plasma) [phys.]

solid-state plasma Festkörperplasma {n}

fresh frozen plasma Gefrierfrischplasma {n} [med.]

plasma-protein polymorphism Plasmaproteinpolymorphismus {m} [med.]

rapid plasma reagin test Plasma-Reagin-Kartentest {m} (Schnelltest auf Syphilis) [med.]

disintegration of cell plasma; plasmoschisis Plasmazersetzung {f}; Plasmoschise {f} [biol.]

recombination radiation (plasma) Rekombinationsstrahlung {f} (Plasma) [phys.]

trapped plasma avalanche triggered transit diode; TRAPATT diode Trapatt-Diode {f} [electr.]

sausage instability (plasma) Verengungsinstabilität {f}; Würstcheninstabilität {f} (Plasma) [phys.]

pellet-plasma interaction (nuclear engineering) Wechselwirkung {f} zwischen Pellet und Plasma (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

recombination velocity (of charge carriers in the plasma) Wiedervereinigungsgeschwindigkeit {f}; Rekombinationsgeschwindigkeit {f} (von Ladungsträgern im Plasma) [phys.]

plasmatic; plasmic; plasma plasmatisch {adj}

ceruloplasmin; caeruloplasmin (a plasma protein) Caeruloplasmin {n}; Ceruloplasmin {n} (ein Plasmaprotein) [biol.]

diode Diode {f} [electr.]

diodes Dioden {pl}

detector diode Detektordiode {f}

recovery diode Freilaufdiode {f}

rectifier diode Gleichrichterdiode {f}

tuner diode Kapazitätsvariationsdiode {f}; Kapazitätsdiode {f}

fast-recovery diode schnelle Diode

Schottky diode; hot-carrier diode Schottky-Diode

trapped plasma avalanche-triggered transit diode; TRAPATT diode Trapatt-Diode

breakdown diode; Zener diode Zener-Diode {f}

protein; albuminous substance [listen] Eiweißstoff {m}; Eiweißkörper {m}; Eiweiß {n}; Protein {n} [biochem.]

blood plasma protein; blood protein; plasma protein Blutplasmaeiweiß {n}; Bluteiweiß {n}; Plasmaeiweiß {n}; Blutplasmaprotein {n}; Plasmaprotein {n}

chromoprotein Chromoprotein {n}

structural protein Gerüsteiweiß {n}; Strukturprotein {n}; Skleroprotein {n}

conjugated protein; proteid [former name] konjugiertes Protein; Proteid [frühere Bezeichnung]

morphogene protein; morphogene morphogenes Protein; Morphogen {n}

mucoprotein Mucoprotein {n}

nucleoprotein Nukleoprotein {n}

recombination protein Rekombinationsprotein {n}

raw protein Rohprotein {n}

protective protein Schutzeiweiß {n}; Schutzprotein {n}

spike protein; surface glycoprotein Stachelprotein {n}; S-Protein {n}; Oberflächenglycoprotein {n}

stress protein Stressprotein {n}

carrier protein Transportprotein {n}

virus protein Virusprotein {n}

condition of equilibrium; equilibrium condition Gleichgewichtsbedingung {f} [phys.]

equilibrium condition of the plasma Gleichgewichtsbedingung des Plasmas

the thermal and mechanical conditions of equilibrium die thermischen und mechanischen Gleichgewichtsbedingungen

globulin Globulin {n} [biochem.]

antihaemophilic globulin A /AHG/; haemophilic factor A antihämophiles Globulin A

antihaemophilic globulin B; haemophilic factor B; plasma thromboplastic factor B; plasma thromboplastin component; platelet cofactor II; christmas factor antihämophiles Globulin B

serum globulin Globulin des Blutplasmas; Serumglobulin {n}

cytoglobulin Zellglobulin {n}

nucleolus; nocleole [rare] (structure within the nucleus) Kernkörperchen {n}; Zellkörperchen {n} (im Zellkern); Nukleolus {m}; Nukleole {f} [biol.]

nucleoli Kernkörperchen {pl}; Zellkörperchen {pl}; Nukleoli {pl}; Nukleolen {pl}

Russell bodies (in plasma cells) Russell'sche Zellkörperchen (in Plasmazellen)

creatinine Kreatinin {n}; Creatinin {n} [biochem.]

blood plasma creatinine Blutplasmakretinin {n}

recombination process; recombination (of charge carriers in the plasma) Rekombination {f} (Wiedervereinigung von Ladungsträgern im Plasma) [phys.]

two-body recombination Rekombination im Zweierstoß; Zweierstoßrekombination

three-body recombination Rekombination im Dreierstoß; Dreierstoßrekombination

donor [listen] Spender {m}; Spenderin {f} [med.]

donors Spender {pl}; Spenderinnen {pl}

blood donor Blutspender {m}

blood plasma donor Blutplasmaspender {m}
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