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78 results for whale
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whale sanctuary Walschutzzone {f}

whale sanctuaries Walschutzzonen {pl}

Antarctic whale sanctuary Antarktische Walschutzzone

Indian Ocean Whale Sanctuary Walschutzzone Indischer Ozean

Mediterranean Whale Sanctuary (Italy, France, Monaco) Mittelmeer-Walschutzzone (Italien, Frankreich, Monaco)

southern oceans whale sanctuary Südliche Walschutzzone

South Pacific Whale Sanctuary (proposed) Walschutzzone Südpazifik (vorgeschlagen)

Global Whale Sanctuary Petition Antrag für weltweite Walschutzzone

whale [listen] Wal {m} [zool.]

whales Wale {pl}

beached whale gestrandeter Wal

giant whale Riesenwal {m}

giant whales Riesenwale {pl}

whale watching Beobachten {n} von Walen

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society Wal- und Delfinschutz-Gesellschaft {f}

whale watching Walbeobachtung {f}

whale bull Walbulle {m} [zool.]

whale bulls Walbullen {pl}

whale spotting boat Walfang-Ausschauboot {n}

whale spotting boats Walfang-Ausschauboote {pl}

whale [listen] Walfisch {m} [ugs.]

whale meat Walfleisch {n}

whale researcher; cetologist Walforscher {m}; Walforscherin {f}; Cetologe {m}

whale researchers; cetologists Walforscher {pl}; Walforscherinnen {pl}; Cetologen {pl}

whale songs; whale love songs Walgesänge {pl}

whale shark Walhai {m} [zool.]

whale sharks Walhaie {pl}

whale calf Walkalb {n} [zool.]

whale calves Walkälber {pl}

whale lore; cetology Walkunde {f}; Cetologie {f}

whale cow Walkuh {f} [zool.]

whale cows Walkühe {pl}

whale bone Walknochen {m}

whale bones Walknochen {pl}

whale oil Walöl {n}

whaling; whale culling Walfang {m}; Töten {n} von Walen

whalings Walfänge {pl}

illegal whaling; illegal take; pirate whaling illegaler Walfang

commercial whaling kommerzieller Walfang

indigenous whaling; indigenous take Walfang durch Ureinwohner

research whaling; scientific whaling Walfang für Forschungszwecke

Bryde's whale complex (zoological species group) Brydewale {pl} (Balaenoptera) (zoologische Artengruppe) [zool.]

common Bryde's whale Gemeiner Brydewal {m} (Balaenoptera edeni)

sei whale; sei; pollack whale; coalfish whale; Rudolphi's rorqual Seiwal {m} (Balaenoptera borealis)

right whale dolphins (zoological genus) Glattdelfine {pl} (Lissodelphis) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

northern right whale dolphin; Pacific right whale porpoise Nördlicher Glattdelfin {m} (Lissodelphis borealis)

southern right whale dolphin; mealy-mouthed dolphin [coll.] Südlicher Glattdelfin {m} (Lissodelphis peronii)

skimming (of a bowhead whale) during feeding Abschöpfen {n} (eines Grönlandwals) bei der Nahrungsaufnahme [zool.]

Andrew's beaked whale; Bowdoin's beaked whale; deep-crest beaked whale; splay-toothed beaked whale Andrew-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon bowdoini) [zool.]

lobtailing (of a whale) Aufschlagen {n} der Fluke (eines Wals) [zool.]

spyhopping; headrise (of a whale) Ausschauhalten {n}; Herausstrecken des Kopfes (eines Wals) [zool.]

beluga whale; beluga; Belukha; white whale; sea canary Beluga {m}; Beluga-Wal {m}; Weißwal {m}; Weißer Delfin {m}; Meereskanarie; Meereskanarienvogel (Delphinapterus leucas) [zool.]

Blainville's beaked whale; Atlantic beaked whale; dense beaked whale; tropical beaked whale Blainvilles-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon densirostris) [zool.]

blow (of a whale); spout (of a whale) [listen] [listen] Blas {m} (eines Wals) [zool.]

melon-headed whale; electra dolphin; little killer whale; many-toothed blackfish Breitschnabeldelfin {m} (Peponocephala electra) [zool.]

humpback whale; humpbacked whale; hunchback whale; hunchback; bunch whale; knucklehead Buckelwal {m}; Knurrwal {m} (Megaptera novaeangliae) [zool.]

humpback whales; humpbacked whales; hunchback whales; hunchbacks; bunch whales; knuckleheads Buckelwale {pl}; Knurrwale {pl}

Cuvier's beaked whale; Cuvier's whale; goose-beaked whale; goose-beak whale Cuvier-Schnabelwal {m} (Ziphius cavirostris) [zool.]

northern bottlenose whale; North Atlantic bottlenose whale; bottlehead; steephead; flathead Entenwal {m} (Hyperoodon ampullatus) [zool.]

northern bottlenose whales; North Atlantic bottlenose whales; bottleheads; steepheads; flatheads Entenwale {pl}

cape (of a whale or dolphin) [listen] dunkler Fleck (eines Wals oder Delfins) [zool.]

fluking (of a whale; before diving) Fluken {n} (eines Wals; vor dem Tauchen) [zool.]

Gervais' beaked whale; Gulf Stream beaked whale; European beaked whale; Antillean beaked whale Gervais-Zweizahnwal {m}; Gervais-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon europaeus) [zool.]

gray whale; grey whale; Californian gray whale; scrag whale; mussel digger; devilfish Grauwal {m}; Kalifornischer Grauwal {m} (Eschrichtius robustus) [zool.]

Gray's beaked whale; scamperdown whale; southern beaked whale Gray-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon grayi) [zool.]

bowhead whale; polar whale; great polar whale; arctic whale; arctic right whale; Greenland whale; Greenland right whale Grönlandwal {m}; Polarwal {m} (Balaena mysticetus) [zool.]

bowhead whales; polar whales; great polar whales; arctic whales; arctic right whales; Greenland whales; Greenland right whales Grönlandwale {pl}; Polarwale {pl}

harpoon gun; whale gun (on a ship) Harpunengeschütz {n} (auf einem Schiff)

harpoon guns; whale guns Harpunengeschütze {pl}

Hector's beaked whale; New Zealand beaked whale; skew-beaked whale Hector-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon hectori) [zool.]

humps; tubercles (of a whale) [listen] Höcker {pl}; Warzen {pl} (eines Wals) [zool.]

Hubb's beaked whale; arch-beaked whale Hubb-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon carlhubbsi) [zool.]

Longman's beaked whale; Pacific beaked whale; Indo-Pacific beaked whale Indopazifischer Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon pacificus) [zool.]

ginkgo-toothed beaked whale; Japanese beaked whale Japanischer Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon ginkgodens) [zool.]

false killer whale; false pilot whale; pseudorca Kleiner Schwertwal {m}; Unechter Schwertwal {m}; Falscher Schwertwal {m} (Pseudorca crassidens) [zool.]

dwarf sperm whale; Owen's pygmy sperm whale Kleiner Zwergpottwal {m}; Kleinstpottwal {m} (Kogia simus) [zool.]

clicking; clicks (of a whale or dolphin) Klicken {n}; Klicklaute {pl} (eines Wals oder Delfins) [zool.]

strap-toothed whale; strap-toothed beaked whale; Layard's beaked whale Layard-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon layardii) [zool.]

northern right whale; Biscayan right whale; black right whale; right whale Nördlicher Glattwal {m}; Nordkaper; Nordatlantischer Glattwal {m}; Nordpazifik-Glattwal {m}; Biskayerwal {m}; Richtiger Wal (Eubalaena glacialis) [zool.]

lesser beaked whale; Peruvian beaked whale; pygmy beaked whale Peru-Schnabelwal {m} (Name nicht endgültig entschieden) (Mesoplodon peruvianus) [zool.]

sperm whale; great sperm whale; spermaceti whale; trumpet whale; cachalot Pottwal {m}; Pottfisch {m} [ugs.]; Caschelott (Physeter macrocephalus) [zool.]

sperm whales Pottwale {pl} [zool.]

gulping (of a whale) during feeding Schlucken {n} (eines Wals) bei der Nahrungsaufnahme [zool.]

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