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18 results for whales
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balaenoptera blue whales (zoological species group) Balaenoptera-Blauwale {pl} (Balaenoptera) (zoologische Artengruppe) [zool.]

blue whale Blauwal {m} (Balaenoptera musculus)

fin whale; finback whale; finback; finner; finfish; razorback; common rorqual Finnwal {m}; Gemeiner Furchenwal {m} (Balaenoptera physalus)

Omura's whale; dwarf fin whale Omurawal {m} (Balaenoptera omurai)

pygmy blue whale Zwergblauwal {m} (Balaenoptera musculus brevicauda)

giant beaked whales; four-toothed whales (zoological genus) Riesenschnabelwale {pl}; Vierzahnwale {pl}; Schwarzwale {pl} (Berardius) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

Baird's beaked whale; northern four-toothed whale, North Pacific four-toothed whale; northern giant bottlenose whale; North Pacific bottlenose whale Baird-Schnabelwal {m}; Nördlicher Schwarzwal {m} (Berardius bairdii)

(Berardius arnuxii) -Arnoux's beaked whale; southern four-toothed whale; southern beaked whale; New Zealand beaked whale; southern giant bottlenose whale; southern porpoise whale Südlicher Schnabelwal {m}; Arnoux-Schnabelwal {m}; Südlicher Schwarzwal {m}

Sato's beaked whale; black-billed whale Sato-Schnabelwal {m}; Kleiner Baird-Schnabelwal {m}; Kleiner Schnabelwal {m}; Kleiner Vierzahlwal {m}; Kleiner Schwarzwal {m} (Berardius minimus)

pilot whales (zoological genus) Grindwale {pl}; Pilotwale {pl} (Globicephala) (zoologische Gattung) [zool.]

long-finned pilot whale; Atlantic pilot whale; Caaing whale; pothead; blackfish Gewöhnlicher Grindwal {m}; Schwarzwal {m}; Langflossen-Grindwal {m} (Globicephala melas)

short-finned pilot whale; shortfin pilot whale; pothead whale; pacific pilot whale Indischer Grindwal {m}; Schwarzwal {m}; Kurzflossengrindwal {m} (Globicephala macrorhynchus)

lesser rorquals; minke whales (zoological species group) Zwergwale {pl}; Zwergfurchenwale {pl} [selten] (Balaenoptera) (zoologische Artengruppe) [zool.]

common minke whale; northern minke whale Nördlicher Zwergwal {m}; Minkewal {m}; Minkwal {m} (Balaenoptera acutorostrata)

Antarctic minke whale; southern minke whale Südlicher Zwergwal {m} (Balaenoptera bonaerensis)

baleen whales; mysticetes Bartenwale {pl} [zool.]

rorqual whales; rorquals (zoological family) Furchenwale {pl} (Balaenopteridae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

filter feeding (of baleen whales) Nahrungsaufnahme {f} durch Herausfiltern (bei Bartenwalen) [zool.]

beaked whales (zoological family) Schnabelwale {pl}; Spitzschnauzendelphine {pl} (Ziphiidae) (zoologische Familie) [zool.]

bubblenet feeding (of humpback whales) Stellnetzjagd {f}; Blasennetzjagd {f} (von Buckelwalen)

toothed whales (zoological suborder) Zahnwale {pl} (Odontoceti) (zoologische Unterordnung) [zool.]

humpback whale; humpbacked whale; hunchback whale; hunchback; bunch whale; knucklehead Buckelwal {m}; Knurrwal {m} (Megaptera novaeangliae) [zool.]

humpback whales; humpbacked whales; hunchback whales; hunchbacks; bunch whales; knuckleheads Buckelwale {pl}; Knurrwale {pl}

northern bottlenose whale; North Atlantic bottlenose whale; bottlehead; steephead; flathead Entenwal {m} (Hyperoodon ampullatus) [zool.]

northern bottlenose whales; North Atlantic bottlenose whales; bottleheads; steepheads; flatheads Entenwale {pl}

bowhead whale; polar whale; great polar whale; arctic whale; arctic right whale; Greenland whale; Greenland right whale Grönlandwal {m}; Polarwal {m} (Balaena mysticetus) [zool.]

bowhead whales; polar whales; great polar whales; arctic whales; arctic right whales; Greenland whales; Greenland right whales Grönlandwale {pl}; Polarwale {pl}

herd; group (whales) [listen] [listen] Gruppe {f}; Herde {f} (Wale) [zool.] [listen]

herds; groups Gruppen {pl}; Herden {pl}

sperm whale; great sperm whale; spermaceti whale; trumpet whale; cachalot Pottwal {m}; Pottfisch {m} [ugs.]; Caschelott (Physeter macrocephalus) [zool.]

sperm whales Pottwale {pl} [zool.]

orca; killer whale; great killer whale; grampus; black fish Schwertwal {m}; Orca {m}; Killerwal {m} (Orcinus orca) [zool.]

orcas; killer whales; great killer whales; grampuses; black fish Schwertwale {pl}; Orcas {pl}; Killerwale {pl}

guise [listen] Vorwand {m}

under the guise of doing sth.; in the guise of doing sth. unter dem Vorwand, etw. zu tun

The country uses the guise of scientific research to kill whales. Das Land schiebt/schützt wissenschaftliche Forschung vor, um Wale töten zu können.

whale [listen] Wal {m} [zool.]

whales Wale {pl}

beached whale gestrandeter Wal

giant whale Riesenwal {m}

giant whales Riesenwale {pl}

whale watching Beobachten {n} von Walen
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