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north /N/ Norden {m}; Nord /N/ [listen]

North Atlantic Treaty Organization /NATO/ Organisation {f} des Nordatlantikvertrags; Organisation {f} des Nordatlantikpakts; NATO {f} [mil.] [pol.]

north [listen] nördlich {adj}; Nord...

north of ... nördlich von ...

North America Nordamerika {n} [geogr.]

Atlantic white-sided dolphin; jumper; springer; lag; North Atlantic dolphin [listen] Atlantischer Weißseitendelfin {m}; Nordischer Delfin {m}; Springer {m} (Lagenorhynchus acutus) [zool.] [listen]

North Sea Nordsee {f} [geogr.]

north stand (of a stadium) Nordkurve {f} (eines Stadions)

east stand (of a stadium) Ostkurve {f} (eines Stadions)

south stand (of a stadium) Südkurve {f} (eines Stadions)

west stand (of a stadium) Westkurve {f} (eines Stadions)

north wind Nordwind {m} [meteo.]

north winds Nordwinde {pl}

cold north wind kalter Nordwind {m}; Biswind {m} [Schw.]; Bise {f} [Schw.]

north/northern side of the Alps Alpennordseite {f} [geogr.] [meteo.]

on/along the north/northern side of the Alps an/entlang der Alpennordseite

North Atlantic Treaty; North Atlantic Alliance Nordatlantikvertrag {m}; Nordatlantikpakt {m}; atlantisches Bündnis {n} [mil.] [pol.]

North German Basin Norddeutsche Senke {f} [geogr.]

north coast Nordküste {f}

north land travel; journey to the Nordic Countries Nordlandreise {f}

North Macedonian Nordmazedonier {m}; Nordmazedonierin {f} [soc.]

North Macedonians Nordmazedonier {pl}; Nordmazedonierinnen {pl}

north arrow; north point Nordpfeil {m}

north arrows; north points Nordpfeile {pl}

North Pole Nordpol {m} [geogr.] [listen]

North Sea coast levelling Nordsee-Küstennivellement {n}

North Sea island Nordseeinsel {f}

North Sea islands Nordseeinseln {pl}

North Sea oil Nordseeöl {n}

north bank; northern bank Nordufer {n}

north banks; northern banks Nordufer {pl}

North American pitcher plants; trumpet pitchers (botanical genus) Schlauchpflanzen {pl}; Trompetenpflanzen {pl}; Trompetenblatt {n} (Sarracenia) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

North American nordamerikanisch {adj} [geogr.]

North Rhine-Westphalian; of North Rhine-Westphalia nordrhein-westfälisch {adj} [geogr.] [pol.] [soc.]

North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) Nordkorea {n} (Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea) /KP/ [geogr.]

North Macedonia; Macedonia [coll.] Nordmazedonien {n}; Mazedonien {n} [ugs.] /MK/ [geogr.]

North Sudan Nordsudan {m} /SD/ (Kfz: /SUD/) [geogr.]

North German Norddeutsche {m,f}; Norddeutscher [geogr.]

North Germans Norddeutschen {pl}; Norddeutsche

North German Plain; Northern Lowland Norddeutsches Tiefland {n}; Norddeutsche Tiefebene [geogr.]

North Jutlandic Island (Danish island) Nordjütische Insel {f} (dänische Insel) [geogr.]

North Channel Nordkanal {m} [geogr.]

North Cape Nordkap {n} [geogr.]

North Rhine-Westphalia Nordrhein-Westfalen {n} /NRW/ [geogr.]

North German; north German norddeutsch {adj} [geogr.]

North Carolina /N. Car./ /NC/ (state of the US, capital: Raleigh) North Carolina (US-Bundesstaat; Hauptstadt: Raleigh) [geogr.]

North Dakota /ND/ (state of the US; capital: Bismarck) North Dakota (US-Bundesstaat; Hauptstadt: Bismarck) [geogr.]

north face; north side; northern side Nordseite {f}

North Star, Northern Star; Pole Star; Polaris Nordstern {m}; Polarstern {m}; Polaris {m}; Stella Polaris {m} [astron.]

North African nordafrikanisch {adj}

North north-east Nordnord-Ost {m}

North north-west Nordnord-West {m}

Baird's beaked whale; northern giant bottlenose whale; North Pacific bottlenose whale; giant four-toothed whale Baird-Schnabelwal {m} (Berardius bairdii) [zool.]

Indian meal moth; pantry moth; North American high-flyer Dörrobstmotte {f}; Vorratsmotte {f}; Hausmotte {f} (Plodia interpunctella) [zool.]

Dorset culture (Pre-Inuit culture in Arctic North America) Dorset-Kultur {f} (Kultur im arktischen Nordamerika vor den Inuit) [hist.]

Northern Polar Sea; North Polar Sea; Arctic Ocean nördliches Eismeer {n}; nördliches Polarmeer {n}; nördlicher Ozean {m}; Nordpolarmeer {n}; arktisches Meer {n}; arktischer Ozean {m} [geogr.]

northern bottlenose whale; North Atlantic bottlenose whale; bottlehead; steephead; flathead Entenwal {m} (Hyperoodon ampullatus) [zool.]

northern bottlenose whales; North Atlantic bottlenose whales; bottleheads; steepheads; flatheads Entenwale {pl}

a north country compliment ein Geschenk, das nicht geschätzt wird

North-east passage (shipping route) Nordostpassage {f} (Schifffahrtsroute) [geogr.] [naut.]

Sowerby's beaked whale; North Sea beaked whale Sowerby-Zweizahnwal {m}; Sowerby-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon bidens) [zool.]

Stejneger's beaked whale; sabre-toothed beaked whale; Bering Sea beaked whale; North Pacific beaked whale Stejneger-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon stejnegeri) [zool.]

to orient a map to north eine Karte einnorden {vt}

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