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Andrew's beaked whale; Bowdoin's beaked whale; deep-crest beaked whale; splay-toothed beaked whale Andrew-Schnabelwal {m} (Mesoplodon bowdoini) [zool.]

cross [listen] Kreuz {n} [listen]

crosses Kreuze {pl}

St. Andrew's cross; diagonal cross Andreaskreuz {n}

altar cross Altarkreuz {n} [relig.]

memorial cross Gedenkkreuz {n}

grave cross Grabkreuz {n} [relig.]

high cross; Celtic cross Hochkreuz {n}; Keltenkreuz {n}; irisches Kreuz

wooden cross; wood cross Holzkreuz {n}

cross bottony; botonny Kleeblattkreuz {n}; Lazaruskreuz {n}; Brabanterkreuz {n}

cross of Lorraine Lothringerkreuz {n}

Maltese cross; Amalfi cross Malteserkreuz {m}; Johanniterkreuz {m}

patriarchal cross Patriarchenkreuz {n}; Patriarchenhochkreuz {n}; Erzbischofskreuz {n}; spanisches Kreuz {n}; Doppelkreuz {n} [relig.] [listen]

solar cross; sunwheel; Bolgar cross; Woden's cross Sonnenkreuz {n}

church tower cross; cross on the church tower Turmkreuz {n} [relig.]

(commemorative) wayside cross Wegkreuz {n} [relig.]

Basque cross; lauburu baskisches Kreuz; Lauburu

to mark sth. with a cross etw. mit einem Kreuz kennzeichnen/markieren

national flag Landesflagge {f}; Landesfahne {f}; Nationalflagge {f}; Nationalfahne {f}

national flags Landesflaggen {pl}; Landesfahnen {pl}; Nationalflaggen {pl}; Nationalfahnen {pl}

the Union flag; the Union Jack (national flag of Great Britain) die Flagge Großbritanniens

the St Andrew's Cross; the Saltire (national flag of Scotland) die Flagge Schottlands

the Stars and Stripes; the Star-spangled Banner (national flag of the USA) die Flagge der USA; das Sternenbanner

the Maple Leaf (national flag of Canada) die Flagge Kanadas

frigate birds; frigatebirds (zoological genus) Fregattenvögel {pl}; Fregattvögel {pl} (Fregata) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]

Ascension island frigatebird; Ascension frigatebird Adlerfregattvogel {m} (Fregata aquila)

lesser frigatebird; least frigatebird Arielfregattvogel {m}; Kleiner Fregattvogel {m} (Fregata ariel)

great frigatebird; greater frigatebird; North Pacific man-o-war-bird Bindenfregattvogel {m} (Fregata minor)

magnificent frigatebird; Galapagos man-o-war-bird Prachtfregattvogel {m} (Fregata magnificens)

Christmas Island frigatebird; Christmas frigatebird; Andrew's frigatebird Weißbauch-Fregattvogel {m} (Fregata andrewsi)
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