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smells and bells (as a feature of Catholic/Orthodox Churches) [pej.] Weihrauch und Glockengeläut (als Merkmal katholischer/orthodoxer Kirchen) [pej.] [relig.]

immission; effect of gases, noise, smells etc. on the environment Immission {f} [envir.]

cooking smells; cooking odours [Br.]; cooking odors [Am.] Kochgerüche {pl} [pej.] [cook.]

He smells a rat. Er riecht den Braten.

alcohol halitosis; malodorous breath from alcohol Alkoholfahne {f}; Fahne {f} [ugs.] [listen]

His breath smells of booze/reeks of alcohol/smells like a brewery. Er hat eine Fahne.

fishy smell Fischgeruch {m}

fishy smells Fischgerüche {pl}

smell; odour [Br.]; odor [Am.] [listen] [listen] Geruch {m}; Odor {m} [geh.] [listen]

smells Gerüche {pl}

the smell of fresh rain Geruch von frischem Regen

to smell {smelled, smelt; smelled, smelt} (of) [listen] duften; riechen {vi} (nach) [listen]

smelling duftend

smelt geduftet

he/she/it smells er/sie/es duftet

I/he/she/it smelt (smelled) ich/er/sie/es duftete

he/she has/had smelt (smelled) er/sie hat/hatte geduftet

strangely merkwürdig; seltsam {adv} [listen] [listen]

It smells strangely. Es riecht merkwürdig.

to smell {smelled, smelt; smelled, smelt} (of) [listen] riechen; schmecken [Schw.] {vi} {vt} (nach) [listen] [listen]

smelling riechend

smelt gerochen

he/she/it smells er/sie/es riecht

I/he/she/it smelt (smelled) ich/er/sie/es roch

he/she/it has/had smelt (smelled) er/sie/es hat/hatte gerochen

I/he/she would smell ich/er/sie röche

to smell good; to smell bad gut riechen; schlecht riechen

to smell of sth. nach etw. riechen

to smell of burning brenzlig riechen

to smell at sth. an etw, riechen

to take a smell at riechen an