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nuclear energy; nuclear power; atomic energy; atomic power Atomenergie {f}; Atomkraft {f}; Kernenergie {f} [geh.]; Kernkraft {f} [geh.]

the peaceful uses of nuclear energy die friedliche Nutzung der Atomenergie

atomic-powered mit Kernkraft betrieben

nuclear reactor; atomic reactor; atomic pile [dated] (nuclear engineering) Atomreaktor {m}; Kernreaktor {m}; Atommeiler {m} [veraltend] (Kerntechnik) [phys.]

nuclear reactors; atomic reactors; atomic piles Atomreaktoren {pl}; Kernreaktoren {pl}; Atommeiler {pl}

pressurized-water reactor /PWR/ Druckwasserreaktor {m} /DWR/

light-water reactor /LWR/ Leichtwasserreaktor {m} /LWR/

heavy-water reactor /HWR/; deuterium reactor Schwerwasserreaktor {m}

boiling-water reactor /BWR/; water-boiler reactor; boiling light-water moderated and cooled reactor Siedewasserreaktor {m} /SWR/

operating characteristics of a reactor Fahrweise eines Reaktors

to refuel a nuclear reactor einen Atomreaktor nachladen (die Brennelemente wechseln)

nuclear {adj} [listen] Zellkern...; Kern...; Nukleo... [biol.]

nuclear thread Kernfaden {m}; Nuklearfaden {m}

nuclear figure Kernfigur {f}

nuclear division Kernteilung {f}

nuclear DNA Zellkern-DNS {f}

nuclear weapon test; nuclear weapons test Atomwaffentest {m}; Kernwaffentest [mil.]

nuclear weapon tests; nuclear weapons tests Atomwaffentests {pl}; Kernwaffentest

discontinuance of nuclear weapons tests Einstellung von Kernwaffentests

ban on nuclear weapons tests; nuclear weapons test ban; nuclear test ban Verbot von Atomwaffentests; Atomteststopp {m}

nuclear explosion; atomic explosion Atomexplosion {f}; Kernwaffenexplosion {f}; Kernexplosion {f}; Nuklearexplosion {f} [mil.]

nuclear explosions; atomic explosions Atomexplosionen {pl}; Kernwaffenexplosionen {pl}; Kernexplosionen {pl}; Nuklearexplosionen {pl}

peaceful nuclear explosions /PNE/ Atomexplosionen für friedliche Zwecke

nuclear disaster Atomkatastrophe {f}; Nuklearkatastrophe {f} [geh.]; Reaktorkatastrophe {f} [envir.]

nuclear disasters Atomkatastrophen {pl}; Nuklearkatastrophen {pl}; Reaktorkatastrophen {pl}

the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster die Reaktorkatastrophe von Tschernobyl 1986

nuclear power station; nuclear power plant; atomic power station/plant; nuclear opponents Kernkraftwerk {n}; Atomkraftwerk {n} [ugs.] [techn.]

nuclear power stations; nuclear power plants; atomic power stations/plants Kernkraftwerke {pl}; Atomkraftwerke {pl}

to decommission; to shut down a nuclear power plant ein Kernkraftwerk stilllegen

nuclear fission product; radioactive fission product; fission product (nuclear engineering) Kernspaltungsprodukt {n}; radioaktives Spaltungsprodukt {n}; Spaltungsprodukt {n}; Kernspaltprodukt {n}; Spaltprodukt {n} (Kerntechnik) [phys.]

nuclear fission products; radioactive fission products; fission products Kernspaltungsprodukte {pl}; radioaktive Spaltungsprodukte {pl}; Spaltungsprodukte {pl}; Kernspaltprodukte {pl}; Spaltprodukte {pl}

noble-gas fission product Edelgas-Spaltprodukt {n}

nuclear-weapon systems Kernwaffensysteme {pl}; Atomwaffensysteme {pl} [mil.]

offensive strategic nuclear-weapon systems offensive strategische Kernwaffensysteme

defensive strategic nuclear-weapon systems defensive strategische Kernwaffensysteme

nuclear [listen] nuklear; kerntechnisch {adj}

nuclear winter nuklearer Winter

non-nuclear nicht nuklear; konventionell; atomfrei [ugs.] {adj}

nuclear astrophysics Astrokernphysik {f} [phys.]

nuclear plant Atomanlage {f}; kerntechnische Anlage {f}

nuclear plants Atomanlagen {pl}; kerntechnische Anlagen {pl}

nuclear propulsion Atomantrieb {m} [techn.]

nuclear (weapons) test Atombombentest {m} [mil.]

nuclear tests Atombombentests {pl}

nuclear-powered icebreaker Atomeisbrecher {m} [naut.]

nuclear-powered icebreakers Atomeisbrecher {pl}

nuclear waste; atomic waste Atommüll {m}; nuklearer Abfall {m}; Nuklearabfall {m}; Atomabfall {m} [envir.]

nuclear policy Atompolitik {f} [pol.]

nuclear energy legislation Atomrecht {n} [jur.]

nuclear risk insurance Atomrisikoversicherung {f}

nuclear-powered ship; nuclear ship /N.S./ Atomschiff {n}; Schiff {n} mit Atomantrieb [naut.]

nuclear-powered ships; nuclear ships Atomschiffe {pl}

nuclear spy Atomspion {m}; Atomspionin {f}

nuclear spies Atomspione {pl}; Atomspioninnen {pl}

nuclear test; nuclear weapon test; nuclear-weapon test explosion; experimental explosion of a nuclear weapon Atomtest {m}; Versuchsexplosion {f} mit einer Kernwaffe [pol.] [mil.]

nuclear tests; nuclear weapon tests; nuclear-weapon test explosions; experimental explosions of a nuclear weapon Atomtests {pl}; Versuchsexplosionen {pl} mit einer Kernwaffe

nuclear test ban treaty Atomteststopp-Vertrag {m}; Atomteststoppabkommen {n} [pol.]

nuclear death Atomtod {m}

nuclear accident Atomunfall {m}

nuclear accidents Atomunfalle {pl}

nuclear-wepon state /NWS/; nuclear state; nuclear country Atomwaffenstaat {m}; Staat {m} mit Atomwaffen; Nuklearwaffenstaat {m} [pol.] [mil.]

nuclear-wepon states; nuclear states; nuclear countries Atomwaffenstaaten {pl}; Staaten {pl} mit Atomwaffen; Nuklearwaffenstaaten {pl}

nuclear industry; nuclear energy industry Atomwirtschaft {f}; Atombranche {f}; Atomsparte {f} [econ.]

nuclear economy Atomwirtschaft {f}

nuclear science Atomwissenschaft {f}

nuclear scientist Atomwissenschaftler {m}; Atomwissenschaftlerin {f}

nuclear scientists Atomwissenschaftler {pl}; Atomwissenschaftlerinnen {pl}

nuclear cascade Kaskaden-Kernreaktion {f} [phys.]

nuclear [listen] Kern...

nuclear installation; nuclear facility Kernanlage {f}

nuclear installations; nuclear facilities Kernanlagen {pl}

nuclear binding energy Kernbindungsenergie {f} [phys.]

nuclear fuel (nuclear engineering) Kernbrennstoff {m} (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

nuclear fuel cycle (nuclear engineering) Kernbrennstoffkreislauf {m} (Kerntechnik) [techn.]

nuclear fuel cycles Kernbrennstoffkreisläufe {pl}

nuclear chemistry Kernchemie {f} [chem.]

nuclear spin Kerndrehimpuls {m}; Kernspin {m}; Spin {m} [phys.]

integral spin; integer spin ganzzahliger Spin

nuclear electron Kernelektron {n} [phys.]

nuclear electrons Kernelektronen {pl}

nuclear research Kernforschung {f}

nuclear fragment Kernfragment {n} [phys.]

nuclear fragments Kernfragmente {pl}

nuclear power plant operator Kernkraftwerksbetreiber {m}

nuclear charge Kernladung {f} [phys.]

nuclear mass; nuclear rest mass Kernmasse {f} [phys.]

nuclear mass surface Kernmassenfläche {f} [phys.]

nuclear material (nuclear engineering) Kernmaterial {n} (Kerntechnik)

fertile nuclear material brütbares Kernmaterial

nuclear model Kernmodell {n}

nuclear models Kernmodelle {pl}

nuclear physics Kernphysik {f} [phys.]

nuclear physicist Kernphysiker {m} [phys.]

nuclear physicists Kernphysiker {pl}

nuclear physics laboratory Kernphysiklabor {n} [phys.]

nuclear physics laboratories Kernphysiklabors {pl}

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