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natürlicher Satellit {m}; Trabant {m}; Mond {m} (der sich in einer Umlaufbahn um einen Himmelskörper bewegt) [astron.] [listen] natural satellite; secondary planet; moon (moving in orbit round a celestial body) [listen]

natürliche Satelliten {pl}; Trabanten {pl}; Monde {pl} natural satellites; secondary planets; moons

Quasisatellit {m} quasi-satellite

nebenberuflich; nebenamtlich; nebenher; nebenbei {adv} [listen] as a secondary occupation; as a sideline; on the side

höhere Schule {f}; Gymnasium {n}; Oberschule {f} [Dt.]; Maturitätsschule {f} [Schw.]; Lyzeum {n} [Schw.] [school] secondary school; secondary high school [Am.]; grammar school [Br.]; high school [Am.] [listen]

höhere Schulen {pl}; Gymnasien {pl}; Oberschulen {pl}; Maturitätsschulen {pl}; Lyzeen {pl} secondary schools; secondary high schools; grammar schools; high schools

erweiterte Oberschule {f} extended secondary school; extended comprehensive school

polytechnische Oberschule {f} polytechnic secondary school

Abiturient {m} [Dt.]; Maturant {m} [Ös.]; Maturand {m} [Schw.] (Schulabsolvent) [school] secondary school leaver (with the school leaving exam) [Br.]; high-school graduate [Am.]

Abiturienten {pl}; Maturanten {pl}; Maturanden {pl} secondary school leavers; high-school graduates

Altemission {f} (Börse) [fin.] secondary market issue (stock exchange)

Altemissionen {pl} secondary market issues

Bio-Nachrotteturm {m} [mach.] secondary bio-reactor

Bio-Nachrottetürme {pl} secondary bio-reactors

Hauptschule {f} [school] [listen] secondary modern school [Br.] [hist.]; junior high school [Am.] [listen]

Hauptschulen {pl} secondary modern schools; junior high schools

Mittelschule {f} [school] secondary school

Mittelschulen {pl} secondary schools

Nachbehandlungsgerät {n} secondary treatment unit

Nachbehandlungsgeräte {pl} secondary treatment units

Nachbrechanlage {f} [mach.] secondary crushing plant

Nachbrechanlagen {pl} secondary crushing plants

Nachbrecher {m} [mach.] secondary crusher

Nachbrecher {pl} secondary crushers

Nachbrennkammer {f} [techn.] (Abfallverbrennung) secondary combustion chamber

Nachbrennkammern {pl} secondary combustion chambers

Nachfilter {m} secondary filter

Nachfilter {pl} secondary filters

Nachüberhitzer {m} [techn.] secondary superheater

Nachüberhitzer {pl} secondary superheaters

Nebenbeschäftigung {f}; nebenberufliche Tätigkeit {f}; Nebenjob {m} [ugs.] secondary occupation; second occupation; second job; side job; sideline

Nebenbeschäftigungen {pl}; nebenberufliche Tätigkeiten {pl}; Nebenjobs {pl} secondary occupations; second occupations; second jobs; side jobs; sidelines

Nebendiagonale {f} secondary diagonal

Nebendiagonalen {pl} secondary diagonals

Nebengedanke {f} secondary object

Nebengedanken {pl} secondary objects

Nebenstraße {f} secondary road

Nebenstraßen {pl} secondary roads

Realschule {f} [school] [listen] secondary modern school

Realschulen {pl} secondary modern schools

Seitenarm {m}; Nebenarm {m} (eines Flusses) [geogr.] secondary channel; branch; anabranch; sidearm (of a river) [listen]

Seitenarme {pl}; Nebenarme {pl} secondary channels; branches; anabranches; sidearms [listen]

Seitenwurzel {f} secondary root

Seitenwurzeln {pl} secondary roots

Sekundärdatei {f} [comp.] secondary file

Sekundärdateien {pl} secondary files

Sekundäremission {f} secondary emission

Sekundäremissionen {pl} secondary emissions

Sekundäranzeige {f} [comp.] [electr.] secondary display

Sekundäranzeigen {pl} secondary displays

Sekundärbestattung {f} secondary burial

Sekundärbestattungen {pl} secondary burials

Sekundärfarbe {f} secondary color; secondary colour

Sekundärfarben {pl} secondary colors; secondary colours

Sekundärfilter {m} secondary filter

Sekundärfilter {pl} secondary filters

Sekundärluftdüse {f} [mach.] secondary air nozzle

Sekundärluftdüsen {pl} secondary air nozzles

Sekundärluftgebläse {n} [mach.] secondary air fan

Sekundärluftgebläse {pl} secondary air fans

Sekundärluftleitung {f} [mach.] secondary air duct

Sekundärluftleitungen {pl} secondary air ducts

Sekundärmarkt {m}; Umlaufmarkt {m} (Börse) [fin.] secondary market; aftermarket [Am.] (stock exchange)

Abschlüsse {pl} am Sekundärmarkt secondary dealings (stock exchange)

Sekundärmedium {n} secondary medium

Sekundärmedien {pl} secondary media

Sekundärwelle {f}; Scherungswelle {f}; S-Welle {f}; Transversalwelle {f} (Teil einer Erdebenwelle) [phys.] secondary wave; S wave; shear wave; transverse wave; transversal wave (part of a seismic wave)

Sekundärwellen {pl}; Scherungswellen {pl}; S-Wellen {pl}; Transversalwellen {pl} secondary waves; S waves; shear waves; transverse waves; transversal waves

Typenvariante {f} [auto] secondary model

Typenvarianten {pl} secondary models

Zweitschuldner {m} secondary debtor

Zweitschuldner {pl} secondary debtors

Altmaterial {n} (für die Wiederverwertung) [envir.] secondary raw material; secondary material; recovered material; reclaimed material (for recycling)

Antriebskette {f} [techn.] secondary chain

Gegenakkreditiv {n} [fin.] secondary credit

Knäpperschießen {n}; Knäppern {n}; Knäppersprengung {f} [min.] secondary blasting

Nachgärung {f} secondary fermentation

Nebenspannung {f} secondary stress

Nebenziel {n} secondary objective

Oberschulbildung {f}; Oberschulwesen {n} secondary education

Raumwellen-Empfangsbereich {m} [electr.] secondary service area

Realschulabschluss {m} [school] secondary school certificate

Rücksprühen {n} (E-Filter) [mach.] secondary emission

Sekundärdaten {pl} secondary data

Sekundärelektronen {pl} secondary electrons

Sekundärenergie {f} secondary energy

Sekundärenergieträger {m} secondary energy carrier

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