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62 results for emission | emission
Word division: Emis·si·on
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emission [listen] Aussendung {f}; Ausstrahlung {f} [listen]

emission [listen] Emission {f}

emissions Emissionen {pl}

point source emissions punktuelle Emissionen

non-point source emissions diffuse Emissionen

greenhouse gas emissions Treibhausgasemissionen {pl}

emission of semen; seminal discharge; ejaculation (in men) [listen] Samenerguss {m}; Ejakulation {f} (beim Mann) [med.]

emissions of semen; seminal discharges; ejaculations Samenergüsse {pl}; Ejakulationen {pl}

retrograde ejaculation retrograde Ejakulation

premature ejaculation /PE/ vorzeitiger Samenerguss

emission limit value; emission limiting value; emission limit Schadstoffgrenzwert {m}; Emissionsgrenzwert {m} [envir.]

emission limit values; emission limiting values; emission limits Schadstoffgrenzwerte {pl}; Emissionsgrenzwerte {pl}

air quality limit value; air quality limiting value Grenzwert für Luftschadstoffe

emission test Abgastest {m} [envir.]

emission control system Abgas-Regelsystem {n}

emission [listen] Absonderung {f}; Auswurf {m}

emission [listen] Abstrahlung {f} [electr.]

emission area Emissionsfläche {f}; Emissionsbereich {m}

emission areas Emissionsflächen {pl}; Emissionsbereiche {pl}

emission standard Emissionsnorm {f} [adm.] [envir.]

emission inventory Emissionskataster {m} [envir.]

emission inventories Emissionskataster {pl}

emission rate Emissionsrate {f}

emission rates Emissionsraten {pl}

emission rights; emissions allowances Emissionsrechte {pl}

emission spectroscopy Emissionsspektroskopie {f} [phys.]

emission value Emissionswert {m}

emission values Emissionswerte {pl}

emission standards for hazardous pollutants Immissionsgrenzwerte {pl}; Immissionswerte {pl} [envir.]

emission of noxious substances Schadstoffemission {f} [envir.]

emission of rays Strahlenaussendung {f} [phys.]

emission factor Emissionsfaktor {m} [envir.]

emission factors Emissionsfaktoren {pl}

emission Protection Abstrahlschutz {m} [electr.] [techn.]

radiofrequency radiation; radio radiation; radio emission (electromagnetic radiation from cosmic objects) Radiofrequenzstrahlung {f}; Radiostrahlung {f} (elektromagnetische Strahlung kosmischer Objekte) [astron.]

general cosmic radiofrequency radiation; general galactic radiofrequency radiation; galactic radio radiation; galactic noise; cosmic noise; extraterrestrial noise; Jansky noise allgemeine kosmische Radiofrequenzstrahlung; allgemeine galaktische Radiofrequenzstrahlung; galaktische Radiostrahlung; galaktisches Rauschen

non-thermal radiofrequency radiation; non-thermal radio radiation nichtthermische Radiofrequenzstrahlung; nichtthermische Radiostrahlung

thermal radiofrequency radiation; thermal radio radiation; thermal radio emission; thermal emission thermische Radiofrequenzstrahlung; thermische Radiostrahlung

solar radiofrequency radiation; solar radio radiation; solar radio emission solare Radiofrequenzstrahlung; solare Radiostrahlung; Radiofrequenzstrahlung der Sonne

radiofrequency radiation of disturbed Sun; disturbed Sun noise Radiofrequenzstrahlung der gestörten Sonne; Rauschen bei gestörter Sonne

radiofrequency radiation of quiet Sun; quiet Sun noise Radiofrequenzstrahlung der ruhigen Sonne; Rauschen bei ruhiger Sonne

exhaust gas emission Abgasemission {f}

exhaust gas emissions Abgasemissionen {pl}

exhaust emission standard Abgasnorm {f} [auto] [envir.]

exhaust emission standards Abgasnormen {pl}

exhaust emission inspection Abgassonderuntersuchung {f} /ASU/ [auto]

exhaust gas test; emission test; emissions test/control Abgasuntersuchung {f} /AU/ [auto]

exhaust gas tests; emission tests; emissions tests/controls Abgasuntersuchungen {pl}

energy loss by emission of bremsstrahlung Bremsstrahlungsverluste {pl}

intrinsic emission (radio engineering) Eigenabstrahlung {f} (Funktechnik) [phys.]

electron emission Elektronenemission {f}

electron emissions Elektronenemissionen {pl}

source of emission; emitter Emissionsquelle {f}; Emittent {m} [envir.]

sources of emission; emitters Emissionsquellen {pl}; Emittenten {pl}

particulates emission Feststoffausstoß {m}; Partikelemission {f} [envir.]

gas emission Gasausstoß {m}

noise generation; noise emission Geräuschentwicklung {f} [techn.]

carbon emission Kohlendioxid-Ausstoß {m}; CO2-Ausstoß {m} [envir.]

to decarbonate sth. einer Sache Kohlensäure entziehen

light emission Lichtemission {f}

light emissions Lichtemissionen {pl}

maser (microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) Mikrowellenverstärker {m}; Maser {m}

residual emission Restemission {f} [envir.]

residual emissions Restemissionen {pl}

exhaust emission before catalytic converter phase Rohemission {f}

secondary emission Rücksprühen {n} (E-Filter) [mach.]

smoke emission Rußemission {f} [envir.]

smoke emissions Rußemissionen {pl}

exhaust emission; pollutant emission Schadstoffausstoß {m}; Schadstoffemission {f}

zero emission vehicle /ZEV/ Auto ohne Schadstoffausstoß

sound emission Schallemission {f}

secondary emission Sekundäremission {f}

secondary emissions Sekundäremissionen {pl}

dust emission Staubemission {f} [envir.]

dust emissions Staubemissionen {pl}

nitrogen oxide emission Stickstoffoxidemission {f} [envir.]

environmental protection zone; low emission zone Umweltzone {f} [auto]

environmental protection zones; low emission zones Umweltzonen {pl}

excessive smoke emission; fumigating Verqualmen {n}; Verqualmung {f}; Verrauchung {f} [envir.]

heat emission; heat transfer (to the environment) Wärmeabgabe {f}; Wärmeabfuhr {f} (an die Umgebung) [phys.]

zero-emission abgasfrei {adj}

emission-free emissionsfrei {adj} [envir.]

emission-avoiding emissionsvermeidend {adj} [envir.]

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