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exhaust-air system; exhaust-air unit Abluftanlage {f}; Abluftsystem {n}

exhaust-air systems; exhaust-air units Abluftanlagen {pl}; Abluftsysteme {pl}

exhaust pipe; exhaust [listen] Auspuffrohr {n}; Auspuff {m} [ugs.] [auto]

exhaust pipes; exhausts Auspuffrohre {pl}; Auspuffe {pl}

exhaust front pipe; muffler front pipe [Am.] vorderes Auspuffrohr

exhaust tail pipe; muffler tail pipe [Am.] hinteres Auspuffrohr

back-firing/detonating exhaust [listen] knallender Auspuff

to exhaust the air from sth. etw. entlüften {vt}

exhausting the air from entlüftend

exhausted the air from entlüftet

exhausts the air from entlüftet

exhausted the air from entlüftete

to exhaust sb./sth. [listen] jdn./etw. erschöpfen {vt}

exhausting [listen] erschöpfend

exhausted [listen] erschöpft [listen]

to exhaust the soil den Boden ausmergeln [agr.]

exhaust gas; exhaust; fumes (engine, turbine) [listen] [listen] Abgas {n}; Auspuff {m} (Motor; Turbine)

noxious fumes schädliche Abgase

excellent fumes saubere Abgase; saubere Auspuffgase

exhaust emission; pollutant emission Schadstoffausstoß {m}; Schadstoffemission {f}

exhaust emissions; pollutant emissions Schadstoffausstöße {pl}; Schadstoffemissionen {pl}

zero emission vehicle /ZEV/ Auto ohne Schadstoffausstoß

to exhaust [listen] ausblasen {vt}

exhausting [listen] ausblasend

exhausted [listen] ausgeblasen

to exhaust [listen] auspumpen; ausschöpfen; absaugen; evakuieren {vt}

exhausting [listen] auspumpend; ausschöpfend; absaugend; evakuierend

exhausted [listen] ausgepumpt; ausgeschöpft; abgesaugt; evakuiert

exhaust pipe; pressure relief line; blow-off piping; compressor bleed air pipe Abblaseleitung {f} [techn.]

exhaust pipes; pressure relief lines; blow-off pipings; compressor bleed air pipes Abblaseleitungen {pl}

exhaust steam pressure Abdampfdruck {m}

exhaust steam velocity Abdampfdurchsatz {m}

exhaust (steam) end Abdampfende {n}

exhaust steam energy Abdampfenergie {f}

exhaust steam moisture Abdampffeuchte {f}

exhaust steam flange Abdampfflansch {m}

exhaust steam flow Abdampfflut {f}

exhaust casing Abdampfgehäuse {n}

exhaust hood Abdampfhaube {f}

exhaust hood Abdampfhauben {pl}

exhaust bend; exhaust steam elbow Abdampfkrümmer {m}

exhaust steam pipe Abdampfleitung {f}

exhaust steam flow; exhaust steam volume Abdampfmenge {f}

exhaust steam moisture; exhaust steam wetness Abdampfnässe {f}

exhaust steam cross section Abdampfquerschnitt {m}

exhaust steam annulus area Abdampfringraum {m}

exhaust steam accumulator Abdampfspeicher {m}

exhaust flange; exhaust nozzle Abdampfstutzen {m}

exhaust steam temperature Abdampftemperatur {f}

exhaust steam turbine Abdampfturbine {f}

exhaust volume Abdampfvolumen {n}

exhaust steam preheater; bleeder heater Abdampfvorwärmer {m} [techn.]

exhaust steam preheaters; bleeder heaters Abdampfvorwärmer {pl}

exhaust cone; drain funnel; tun dish [Br.] Abflusstrichter {m}

exhaust conies; drain funnels; tun dishes Abflusstrichter {pl}

exhaust gas evacuation Abgasabsaugung {f}

exhaust gas analyzer Abgasanalysator {m}

exhaust gas analyzers Abgasanalysatoren {pl}

exhaust brake Abgasbremse {f}

exhaust brakes Abgasbremsen {pl}

exhaust gas pressure Abgasdruck {m}

exhaust gas flow Abgasdurchsatz {m}

exhaust gas emission Abgasemission {f}

exhaust gas emissions Abgasemissionen {pl}

exhaust purification Abgasentgiftung {f}

exhaust filter Abgasfilter {m}

exhaust filters Abgasfilter {pl}

exhaust gas back pressure Abgasgegendruck {m}

exhaust hood Abgashaube {f}

exhaust hoods Abgashauben {pl}

exhaust gas stack Abgaskamin {m}

exhaust gas stacks Abgaskamine {pl}

exhaust gas catalytic converter; catalytic converter; converter; catalyser [Br.] [listen] Abgaskatalysator {m}; Katalysator {m}; Kat {m} [auto]

exhaust gas catalytic converters; catalytic converters; converters; catalysers Abgaskatalysatoren {pl}; Katalysatoren {pl}; Kats {pl}

exhaust gas component Abgaskomponente {f}

exhaust gas components Abgaskomponenten {pl}

exhaust gas cooler Abgaskühler {m}

exhaust gas line Abgasleitung {f}

exhaust gas lines Abgasleitungen {pl}

exhaust gas quantity; exhaust gas flow Abgasmenge {f}

exhaust gas measuring equipment Abgasmessgeräte {pl}

exhaust gas level Abgasniveau {n}

exhaust sample Abgasprobe {f}

exhaust samples Abgasproben {pl}

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