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40 results for compressor
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compressor Verdichter {m}; Kompressor {m} [techn.]

compressors Verdichter {pl}; Kompressoren {pl}

mechanical compressor mechanischer Kompressor

positive-type compressor; (positive-)displacement compressor Verdrängerverdichter {m}

compressor housing Verdichtergehäuse {n} [auto]

compressor shaft Kompressorwelle {f} [auto] [techn.]

piston compressor Kolbenverdichter {m} [techn.]

piston compressors Kolbenverdichter {pl}

piston compressor with electromagnetically actuated piston Elektroschwingverdichter {m}

semi-hermetic piston compressor halbhermetischer Kolbenverdichter

exhaust pipe; pressure relief line; blow-off piping; compressor bleed air pipe Abblaseleitung {f} [techn.]

exhaust pipes; pressure relief lines; blow-off pipings; compressor bleed air pipes Abblaseleitungen {pl}

axial compressor Axialverdichter {m}

axial compressors Axialverdichter {pl}

rotary compressor Drehkolbenkompressor {m} (Verdichter) [mach.]

rotary compressors Drehkolbenkompressoren {pl}

induction ramming (compressor) Druckwellen {pl} in der Ansaugleitung (Kompressor) [techn.]

spring compressor; spring cramp; spring vice Federspanner {m} [techn.]

spring compressors; spring cramps Federspanner {pl}

gas compressor Gaskompressor {m}

gas compressors Gaskompressoren {pl}

high-pressure compressor Hochdruckverdichter {m} [techn.]

high-pressure compressors Hochdruckverdichter {pl}

refrigeration compressor Kältemittelverdichter {m} [techn.]

refrigeration compressors Kältemittelverdichter {pl}

carbonic acid compressor Kohlensäurekompressor {m}

carbonic acid compressors Kohlensäurekompressoren {pl}

reciprocating compressor Kolbenkompressor {m} [techn.]

reciprocating compressors Kolbenkompressoren {pl}

idle-speed controller; no-load operation governor; compressor governor Leerlaufregler {m} [techn.]

air brake compressor; brake compressor Luftpresser {m} (bei Druckluftbremsen)

air brake compressors; brake compressors Luftpresser {pl}

air compressor; pneumatic compressor Luftverdichter {m}; Luftkompressor {m}; Drucklufterzeuger {m}; Druckluftkompressor {m} [techn.]

air compressors; pneumatic compressors Luftverdichter {pl}; Luftkompressoren {pl}; Drucklufterzeuger {pl}; Druckluftkompressoren {pl}

low-pressure compressor Niederdruckverdichter {m} [techn.]

low-pressure compressors Niederdruckverdichter {pl}

centrifugal compressor Radialverdichter {m} [techn.]

centrifugal compressors Radialverdichter {pl}

rotary compressor Rotationskompressor {m}; Umlaufverdichter {m} [techn.]

rotary compressors Rotationskompressoren {pl}; Umlaufverdichter {pl}

screw compressor Schraubenkompressoranlage {f}

screw compressors Schraubenkompressoranlagen {pl}

bubble inflation air compressor Tragluftgebläse {n}

transonic compressor Transsonik-Verdichter {m}

dry-running compressor; oil-free/oilless compressor; non-lubricated piston compressor Trockenlaufkompressor {m} [mach.]

dry-running compressors; oil-free/oilless compressors; non-lubricated piston compressors Trockenlaufkompressoren {pl}

supersonic compressor Überschallverdichter {m} [aviat.]

supersonic compressors Überschallverdichter {pl}

surging; surge (compressor) [listen] Verdichterpumpen {n}; Kompressorpumpen {n}; Pumpen {n} [techn.]

hydrogen make-up compressor (oil) Wasserstoff-Zulieferkompressor {m} (Öl) [techn.]

diesel compressor Dieselkompressor {m} [techn.]

electrical compressor Elektrokompressor {m} [techn.]

piston compressor Kolbenkompressor {m} [mach.]

screw compressor Schraubenkompressor {m} [techn.]

screw-type compressor Schraubenverdichter {m} [mach.] [techn.]

compressor/expander module [listen] Verdichter/Expander-Einheit {f}; Verdichter/Expander-Modul {n} [techn.]

(rotary) screw compressor Schraubenverdichter {m} [mach.] [techn.]

starter compressor Anlasskompressor {m} [techn.]

ventilating air compressor Atemluftkompressor {m} [techn.]

ventilating air compressors Atemluftkompressoren {pl}

impeller (of a fan, pump or tubine) Laufrad {n} (Gebläse, Pumpe, Turbine) [techn.]

impellers Laufräder {pl}

vortex-type impeller; vortex impeller Freistromlaufrad {n}; Vortexlaufrad {n}

fan impeller; fan wheel [Am.] Gebläselaufrad {n}; Gebläserad {n}

transonic impeller Laufrad für transsonische Strömungen [aviat.]

pump impeller Pumpenlaufrad {n}; Pumpenrad {n}

turbine impeller; turbine wheel [Am.]; runner Turbinenlaufrad {n}; Turbinenrad {n}

compressor impeller Verdichterlaufrad {m}; Verdichterrad {n} [auto]

muscle [listen] Muskel {m} [anat.] [listen]

muscles Muskeln {pl}

key muscle; segment-indicating muscle Kennmuskel {m}

compressor muscle; compressor Kompressionsmuskel {m}

teres major (muscle) großer Rundmuskel {m}

teres minor (muscle) kleiner Rundmuskel {m}

synergist muscle; synergist synergistischer Muskel; Synergist

intramuscular /i.m./ innerhalb des Muskels (liegend/gelegen) {adj}

to flex your muscles (also [fig.]) seine Muskeln spielen lassen (auch [übtr.])

to surge (compressor) [listen] pumpen {vi} (Kompressor) [listen]

surging pumpend

surged gepumpt

two-stage zweistufig {adj} [techn.]

two-stage compressor zweistufiger Kompressor

two-stage rocket zweistufige Rakete
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