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27 results for frontal
Word division: fron·tal
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frontal; head-on frontal {adj}; Frontal...

with front lens cap mit frontalem Lichtaustritt

frontal collision; head-on collision; telescoping Frontalzusammenstoß {m}; Frontalaufprall {m} [auto]

frontal collisions; head-on collisions; telescopings Frontalzusammenstöße {pl}; Frontalaufpralle {pl}

frontal fixed-barrier collision Frontalaufprall gegen ein starres Hindernis

frontal attack Frontalangriff {m}

frontal attacks Frontalangriffe {pl}

frontal lobe Frontallappen {m} [anat.]

frontal protection system Frontschutzsystem {n} auto

frontal protection systems Frontschutzsysteme {pl} auto

frontal gyrus Gyrus frontalis {m} [anat.]

frontal bone Stirnbein {n} [anat.]

frontal sinus; frontal sinus cavity Stirnhöhle {f} [anat.]

frontal sinuses Stirnhöhlen {pl}

frontal mirror; forehead mirror; head mirror Stirnspiegel {m} [med.]

frontal mirrors; forehead mirrors; head mirrors Stirnspiegel {pl}

frontal gyrectomy (operative) Stirnwindungsentfernung {f} [med.]

frontal surface area Stirnfläche {f} (Aerodynamik) [auto]

frontal plane; coronal plane Frontalebene {f}; Koronalebene {f} [med.]

face area; frontal area; cross-section facing the flow (fluidics) Anströmfläche {f}; Anströmquerschnitt {m} (Strömungslehre) [phys.]

orbital roof; roof of the orbit; superiorwall of the orbit; orbital plate of the frontal bone Augenhöhlendach {n} [anat.]

inferior frontal gyrus Gyrus frontalis inferior {m} [anat.]

left inferior frontal gyrus Gyrus frontalis inferior sinistra {m} [anat.]

middle frontal gyrus Gyrus frontalis medius {m} [anat.]

superior frontal gyrus Gyrus frontalis superior {m} [anat.]

precentral gyrus; anterior central gyrus; ascending frontal gyrus Gyrus precentralis {m} [anat.]

suppurative frontal sinusitis Stirnhöhlenvereiterung {f} [med.]

forehead vein; frontal vein Stirnvene {f} [anat.]

forehead veins; frontal veins Stirnvenen {pl}

prefrontal cortex (part of the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex) präfrontaler Cortex {m} (Teil des Frontallappens der Großhirnrinde) [anat.]

antependium (hanging für the altar or pulpit) Antependium {n} (Behang für Altar oder Kanzel) [relig.]

altar antependium, altar frontal Altar-Antependium {n}

pulpit antependium, pulpit frontal Kanzel-Antependium {n}

bald head; bald pate [humor.] [archaic]; baldness; calvities; alopecia [listen] Glatze {f}; Platte {f} [Dt.] [ugs.]; Pläte {f} [NRW] [ugs.] [listen] [listen]

bald heads; bald pates Glatzen {pl}; Platten {pl}; Pläten {pl} [listen]

frontal baldness; frontal alopecia Stirnglatze {f}

to be bald eine Glatze haben

to get bald-headed; to become/grow/get/go bald eine Glatze bekommen

body plane Körperebene {f} [anat.]

body planes Körperebenen {pl}

frontal plane; coronal plane Frontalebene {f}

sagittal plane Sagittalebene {f}

transverse plane; cardinal horizontal plane Transversalebene {f}

beam direction; beam projection; view (radiology) [listen] Strahlengang {m} (Durchleuchtungsrichtung in der Radiologie) [med.]

anterior-posterior projection; AP projection; anterior-posterior view; AP view anterior-posteriorer Strahlengang; a.p. Stahlengang

dorsoplantar beam projection; dorsoplantar view dorsoplantarer Strahlengang

frontal beam projection; frontal view frontaler Strahlengang

lateromedial beam projection; lateromedial view lateromedialer Strahlengang

posterior-anterior projection; PA projection; posterior-anterior view; PA view posterior-anteriorer Strahlengang; p.a. Stahlengang

oblique beam projection; oblique view schräger Strahlengang

sagittal beam projection; sagittal projection sagittaler Strahlengang

lateral beam projection; lateral view seitlicher Strahlengang

tangential beam projection; tangential view tangentialer Strahlengang

central beam direction; central beam projection zentraler Strahlengang

frontally; head-on frontal {adv}

to tackle an issue frontally/head-on ein Thema frontal angehen
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