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olfactory Geruchs...; olfaktorisch {adj} [med.]

olfactory sensibility Geruchsempfindlichkeit {f}

olfactory perception Geruchswahrnehmung {f}

olfactory aura (of a medical phenomenon) Begleitgeruch {m}; Geruchsaura {f}; olfaktorische Aura {f} (eines medizinischen Phänomens) [med.]

olfactory reference syndrome /ORS/ Eigengeruchswahn {m} [psych.]

olfactory fibers Geruchsfasern {pl}

olfactory corrigents Geruchskorrigenzien {pl}

olfactory nerve Geruchsnerv {m}; Riechnerv {m} [anat.]

olfactory nerves Geruchsnerven {pl}; Riechnerven {pl}

olfactory center Geruchszentrum {n}; Riechzentrum {n} [anat.] (Gehirnregion)

olfactory bulb Riechkolben {m} (Bulbus olfactorius) [anat.]

olfactory bulbs Riechkolben {pl}

olfactory organ Riechorgan {n}; Geruchsorgan {n} [anat.]

olfactory organs Riechorgane {pl}; Geruchsorgane {pl}

olfactory mucosa Riechschleimhaut {f} [anat.]

olfactory cell Riechzelle {f} [anat.]

olfactory cells Riechzellen {pl}

sense of smell; olfactory sense; olfaction; scent [listen] Geruchssinn {m}; Riechsinn {m} [biol.]

to have a keen scent einen scharfen Geruchssinn haben

Dogs have a keen sense of smell. Hunde haben einen guten Geruchssinn / eine gute Nase.

smelling test; olfactory test Geruchsprobe {f}; olfaktorischer Test {m}

parosmia (olfactory dysfunction) Parosmie {f} (Riechstörung) [med.]

gyrus; convolution Hirnwindung {f}; Gehirnwindung {f}; Gyrus {m} [anat.]

cingulate/callosal gyrus; cingulate cortex Gyrus cinguli, cingulärer Cortex {m}

angular gyrus Gyrus angularis {m}

posterior central gyrus Gyrus centralis posterior {m}

dentate gyrus Gyrus dentatus {m}

limbic cortex Gyrus fornicatus {m}

frontal gyrus Gyrus frontalis {m}

inferior frontal gyrus Gyrus frontalis inferior {m}

left inferior frontal gyrus Gyrus frontalis inferior sinistra {m}

middle frontal gyrus Gyrus frontalis medius {m}

superior frontal gyrus Gyrus frontalis superior {m}

fusiform gyrus Gyrus fusiformis {m}

lingual gyrus Gyrus lingualis {m}

occipital gyrus Gyrus occipitalis {m}

lateral occipital gyrus Gyrus occipitalis lateralis {m}

superior occipital gyrus Gyrus occipitalis superior {m}

occipitotemporal gyrus Gyrus occipitotemporalis {m}

olfactory gyrus Gyrus olfactorius {m}

orbital gyrus Gyrus orbitalis {m}

hippocampal gyrus; uncinate gyrus; marginal gyrus Gyrus parahippocampalis {m}; Gyrus uncinatus {m}

paraterminal gyrus; subcallosal gyrus; subcollateral gyrus; Zuckerkandl's convolution Gyrus paraterminalis {m}; Gyrus subcallosus {m}

parietal gyrus Gyrus parietalis {m}

postcentral gyrus; posterior central gyrus; ascending parietal gyrus Gyrus postentralis {m}

precentral gyrus; anterior central gyrus; ascending frontal gyrus Gyrus precentralis {m}

straight gyrus Gyrus rectus {m}

supracallosal gyrus Gyrus supracallosus {m}

supramarginal gyrus Gyrus supramarginalis {m}

inferior temporal gyrus Gyrus temporalis inferior {m}

middle temporal gyrus Gyrus temporalis medius {m}

superior temporal gyrus Gyrus temporalis superior {m}

transverse temporal gyrus Gyrus temporalis transversus {m}

peripheral visual field Sehfeld {n} [med.]

nasal/olfactory field [listen] nasales Sehfeld (der Netzhaut)
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