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grant money from the private sector / from non-government sources/providers (for university and research projects) Drittmittel {pl} [Dt.] (für Hochschul- und Forschungsprojekte) [fin.]

acquisition of grant money from the private sector Drittmitteleinwerbung {f}; Drittmittelakquise {f}

supplier; provider; vendor; vender [Am.] [listen] [listen] [listen] Anbieter {m}; Ausstatter {m} (nur in Zusammensetzungen) [econ.] [listen]

suppliers; providers; vendors; venders [listen] [listen] Anbieter {pl}; Ausstatter {pl} [listen]

internet provider Internet-Anbieter {m}

home provider Heimatanbieter {m}

telephone provider Telefonanbieter {m}

(customer) churn (with service providers; = change + turn) [listen] Anbieterwechsel {m}; Kundenabwanderung {f} (bei Dienstleistern) [econ.]

churn management Maßnahmen zur Verhinderung des Anbieterwechsels

service provider Dienstleistungsanbieter {m}; Diensteanbieter {m}; Dienstanbieter {m}; Dienstleistungserbringer {m}; Diensterbringer {m}; Diensteerbringer {m}; Dienstleister {m} [listen]

service providers Dienstleistungsanbieter {pl}; Diensteanbieter {pl}; Dienstanbieter {pl}; Dienstleistungserbringer {pl}; Diensterbringer {pl}; Diensteerbringer {pl}; Dienstleister {pl} [listen]

external service provider externer Dienstleister

close contact service provider; close contact business körpernaher Dienstleister

telecommunications provider; telecommunication provider; telecommunications operator; telecommunication operator Telekommunikationsanbieter {m} [telco.] [econ.]

energy company; energy provider Energieunternehmen {n}; Energieanbieter {m} [econ.]

energy companies; energy providers Energieunternehmen {pl}; Energieanbieter {pl}

financial services company; money services business; financial service provider; money service provider Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen {n}; Finanzdienstleister {m} [fin.]

financial services companies; money services businesses; financial service providers; money service providers Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen {pl}; Finanzdienstleister {pl}

air traffic service provider; air navigation service provider Flugsicherungsorganisation {f} [aviat.]

air traffic service providers; air navigation service providers Flugsicherungsorganisationen {pl}

catering outlet; food service establishment; food service provider; food service operator; food service company Gastronomiebetrieb {m}; Restaurationsbetrieb {m} [adm.]; Gastrounternehmen {n} [cook.]

catering outlets; food service establishments; food service providers; food service operators; food service companies Gastronomiebetriebe {pl}; Restaurationsbetriebe {pl}; Gastrounternehmen {pl}

donor; funder; provider of funds; lender of capital; lender [listen] Geldgeber {m}; Kapitalgeber {m}; Finanzier {m}; Financier {m} [Ös.] [Schw.] [fin.]

donors; funders; providers of funds; lenders of capital; lenders Geldgeber {pl}; Kapitalgeber {pl}; Finanziere {pl}; Financiere {pl}

the international donors die internationalen Geldgeber

the relationship between management and capital investors das Verhältnis zwischen Management und Kapitalgebern

donor country; donor nation Geberland {n}; Gebernation {f}

single-source supplier; single-source provider (for) Gesamtsystemanbieter {m} [econ.] (für)

single-source suppliers; single-source providers Gesamtsystemanbieter {pl}

healthcare provider Gesundheitsdienstleister {m}; Leistungserbringer {m} im Gesundheitswesen [med.] [adm.]

healthcare providers Gesundheitsdienstleister {pl}; Leistungserbringer {pl} im Gesundheitswesen

information provider Informationsanbieter {m}

information providers Informationsanbieter {pl}

content provider; content supplier Inhalteanbieter {m}

content providers; content suppliers Inhalteanbieter {pl}

Internet service provider /ISP/ Internetdienstanbieter {m}; Internetanbieter {m}

Internet service providers Internetdienstanbieter {pl}; Internetanbieter {pl}

provider; renderer of service [listen] Leistungserbringer {m}; Leistungserbringerin {f}

providers; renderers of service Leistungserbringer {pl}; Leistungserbringerinnen {pl}

service provider Leistungsträger {m}

service providers Leistungsträger {pl}

logistics service provider; logistics provider Logistikdienstleister {m}; Logistikunternehmen {n} [transp.]

logistics service providers; logistics providers Logistikdienstleister {pl}; Logistikunternehmen {pl}

onsite food service provider Paragastronom {m} [cook.]

onsite food service providers Paragastronomen {pl}

electricity provider; power provider Stromanbieter {m}; Stromlieferant {m} [econ.]

electricity providers; power providers Stromanbieter {pl}; Stromlieferanten {pl}

green electricity provider; green power provider Ökostromanbieter {m}; Ökostrom-Anbieter {m}

wind electricity provider; wind power provider Windstromanbieter {m}; Windstom-Anbieter {m}

accommodation provider; host [listen] Unterkunftgeber {m}; Quartiergeber {m}

accommodation providers; hosts Unterkunftgeber {pl}; Quartiergeber {pl}

payment provider; payment service provider Zahlungsdienstleister {f} [fin.]

payment providers; payment service providers Zahlungsdienstleister {pl}

access provider Zugangsanbieter {m}

access providers Zugangsanbieter {pl}

to categorize; to categorise [Br.] sth. (into sth.) etw. ordnen (nach etw.) {vt}

categorizing; categorising ordnend

categorized; categorised geordnet

The Internet addresses have been categorized into service providers. Die Internetadressen wurden nach Zugangsanbieter geordnet.

software provider Softwareanbieter {m} [comp.]

software providers Softwareanbieter {pl}

consulting service provider Beratungsdienstleister {m}

consulting service providers Beratungsdienstleister {pl}

data supplier; data provider Datenlieferant {m} [comp.]

data suppliers; data providers Datenlieferanten {pl}

education provider; educational institution Bildungsträger {m}

education providers; educational institutions Bildungsträger {pl}

idea provider; provider of ideas Ideengeber {m}; Ideengeberin {f}

idea providers Ideengeber {pl}; Ideengeberinnen {pl}

to provide ideas; to be a source of ideas ein Ideengeber sein
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