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Kulturgut {n} cultural property; cultural asset

Kulturgüter {pl} cultural properties; cultural assets

Konvention zum Schutz von Kulturgut bei bewaffneten Konflikten Convention for the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict

Kulturhauptstadt {f} cultural capital

Kulturhauptstädte {pl} cultural capitals

Kulturhauptstadt Europas European Capital of Culture

kulturelle Anpassung {f}; Assimilierung {f}; Assimilation {f} [geh.] [soc.] cultural assimilation

neuerliche Anpassung re-assimilation

Kulturamt {n} [adm.] cultural office

Kulturämter {pl} cultural offices

Kulturanthropologe {m}; Kulturanthropologin {f} cultural anthropologist

Kulturanthropologen {pl}; Kulturanthropologinnen {pl} cultural anthropologists

Kultureinrichtung {f} cultural institution

Kultureinrichtungen {pl} cultural institutions

Kulturerlebnis {n} cultural experience

Kulturerlebnisse {pl} cultural experiences

Kulturkreis {m}; Kulturbereich {m} cultural environment; cultural sphere; society [listen]

Kulturkreise {pl}; Kulturbereiche {pl} cultural environments; cultural spheres

Kulturobjekt {n} cultural object

Kulturobjekte {pl} cultural objects

Kulturwerkstatt {f} cultural workshop

Kulturwerkstätten {pl} cultural workshops

Kulturraum {m} cultural area

Kulturräume {pl} cultural areas

kulturelles Erbe {n}; Kulturerbe {n}; Kulturbesitz {m} cultural heritage

Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz Prussian cultural heritage foundation

Kulturinstitut {n} cultural institute

Kulturinstitut {n} institute of culture

Kulturangebot {n} cultural offerings

Kulturangebot {n} cultural activities

Kulturprogramm {n} cultural programme [Br.]; cultural program

Kulturprogramme {pl} cultural programmes; cultural programs

Kulturnation {f} [soc.] cultural nation

Kulturnationen {pl} cultural nations

Kulturmanager {m} cultural manager; culture manager

Kulturmanager {pl} cultural managers; culture managers

Kulturtechnik {f} cultural technique

Kulturtechniken {pl} cultural techniques

Bildungsreisender {m} cultural traveller [Br.]; cultural traveler [Am.]

Kulturabkommen {n} cultural agreement; cultural treaty; cultural convention

Kulturarbeit {f} cultural activity; cultural activities

Kulturaustausch {m} cultural exchange

Kulturgeschichte {f} cultural history

Kulturlandschaft {f} cultural landscape; land developed and cultivated by man

Kulturmanagement {n} [art] cultural management

Kulturpolitik {f} [pol.] cultural and educational policy

Kulturrevolution {f} [hist.] cultural revolution

Kulturschaffende {pl} cultural professionals; those involved in culture; people engaged in the cultural sector

Kulturszene {f} cultural scene

Kulturwandel {m}; Kulturwechsel {m} [soc.] cultural change

Kulturwissenschaftler {m}; Kulturwissenschaftlerin {f} cultural scientist

Länderabend {m} [soc.] cultural night

kulturell {adj} cultural [listen]

kulturpolitisch {adj} [pol.] cultural policy; politico-cultural [rare] (prepositive); of cultural policy; in terms of cultural policy; related to cultural policy (postpositive)

Kulturpessimismus {m} cultural pessimism; cultural despair; despair of civilization

Kulturforum {n} cultural forum

Kulturstadtjahr {n} (EU) Cultural Capital year (EU)

Kulturwesen {n} [soc.] [psych.] cultural being

Kulturleben {n} cultural life

multikulturell {adj} multi-cultural

multikulturelle Aspekte multicultural aspects

multikulturelle Erziehung multicultural education

multikulturelle Gesellschaft multicultural society

Kulturpolitiker {m}; Kulturpolitikerin {f} politician who concerns herself/himself with cultural and educational policies

Kulturpolitiker {pl}; Kulturpolitikerinnen {pl} politician who concerns herself/himself with cultural and educational policiess

Kulturzentrum {n} arts centre; cultural centre

Kulturzentren {pl} arts centres; cultural centres

interkulturell; kulturübergreifend {adj} [soc.] intercultural; cross-cultural

interkulturelle Forschung intercultural research

Europäische Kulturstiftung {f} European Cultural Foundation (EFC)

Kulturstiftung des Bundes Federal Cultural Foundation

Assimilierung {f}; Assimilation {f}; Aufnahme {f}; Integration {f}; Vereinnahmung {f} [listen] (cultural) assimilation [listen]

Kulturbegriff {m} concept of culture; cultural concept

Kulturhoheit {f}; Kulturautonomie {f} independence in matters of education and culture; autonomy in cultural and aducational matters; Sovereignty of Culture

Raubgut {n} looted (cultural) property

Weltoffenheit {f} openness to the world; cultural openness

kulturgeschichtlich; kulturhistorisch {adj} concerning the history of civilization; on/in cultural history; historico-cultural

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