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educational material; teaching material Lehrmaterial {n}; Unterrichtsmaterial {n} [school] [stud.]

educational materials; teaching materials Lehrmaterialien {pl}; Unterrichtsmaterialien {pl}

self-study materials Materialien für das Selbststudium

educational background Vorbildung {f} [school]

vocational training; technical qualification(s) berufliche Vorbildung

educational requirements erforderliche Vorbildung

educational work Aufklärungsarbeit {f}

educational {adj} [listen] zur Ausbildung gehörend

educational function; training function Ausbildungsfunktion {f}

educational endowment Ausbildungshilfe {f}

educational [listen] Bildungs... {adj} [school] [stud.]

educational course; educational courses Bildungsangebot {n} [school]

educational courses Bildungsangebote {pl}

educational establishment Bildungsanstalt {f} [school]

educational establishments Bildungsanstalten {pl}

educational mission; mission to educate Bildungsauftrag {m}; Erziehungsauftrag {m} [school]

an institution's mission to educate; the educational mission of an institution der Bildungsauftrag einer Institution

educational opportunity Bildungschance {f} [school]

educational opportunities Bildungschancen {pl}

educational television /ETV/ Bildungsfernsehen {n}; Schulfernsehen {n}

educational form; form of education Bildungsform {f} [school] [stud.]

educational level Bildungsgrad {m}; Bildungsstufe {f} [school]

educational levels Bildungsgrade {pl}; Bildungsstufen {pl}

educational emergency Bildungsnotstand {m}

educational policy; education policy Bildungspolitik {f} [pol.] [school]

educational products Bildungsprodukte {pl}; Lernprodukte {pl}

educational tour Bildungsreise {f}

educational tours Bildungsreisen {pl}

educational blind alley Bildungssackgasse {f}

educational blind alleys Bildungssackgassen {pl}

educational background; level of education Bildungsstand {m}; Bildungsniveau {n} [school]

educational standards Bildungsstandards {pl} [school]

educational system Bildungssystem {n}; Ausbildungssystem {n}; Schulsystem {n} [school]

educational systems Bildungssysteme {pl}; Ausbildungssysteme {pl}; Schulsysteme {pl}

educational technology Bildungstechnologie {f}

educational leave Bildungsurlaub {m}; Fortbildungsurlaub {m}

paid educational leave bezahlter Bildungsurlaub

educational goal Bildungsziel {n} [school]

educational goals Bildungsziele {pl}

educational cooperation Bildungszusammenarbeit {f}

educational [listen] Erziehungs...; erzieherisch {adj} [soc.]

educational measure erzieherische Maßnahme; Erziehungsmaßnahme {f} [soc.] [jur.]

educational support; educational assistance; educational offer Erziehungshilfe {f}

educational assistant Erziehungshelfer {m}; Erziehungshelferin {f}

educational assistants Erziehungshelfer {pl}; Erziehungshelferinnen {pl}

educational concept Erziehungskonzept {n}

educational method Erziehungsmethode {f}

educational methods Erziehungsmethoden {pl}

educational program; educational programme Erziehungsprogramm {n}

educational programs; educational programmes Erziehungsprogramme {pl}

educational scientist; educationalist Erziehungswissenschaftler {m}; Erziehungswissenschaftlerin {f}

educational scientists; educationalists Erziehungswissenschaftler {pl}; Erziehungswissenschaftlerinnen {pl}

educational film; instructional film Lehrfilm {m}

educational films; instructional films Lehrfilme {pl}

educational computer Lerncomputer {m} [comp.]

educational computers Lerncomputer {pl}

educational game; learning game Lernspiel {n}

educational games; learning games Lernspiel {pl}

educational psychologist Schulpsychologe {m}; Schulpsychologin {f} [school]

educational psychologists Schulpsychologen {pl}; Schulpsychologinnen {pl}

educational computer game Computerlernspiel {n}

educational work Erziehungsarbeit {f}; Bildungsarbeit {f} [soc.]

educational form; form of education Bildungsform {f}

educational forms; forms of education Bildungsformen {pl}

educational research Bildungsforschung {f}

educational sciences {pl} Bildungswissenschaften {pl} [stud.]

educational institution; educational establishment; training institution Ausbildungseinrichtung {f}

educational institutions; educational establishments; training institutions Ausbildungseinrichtungen {pl}

nature trail; nature study trail; nature study path [Br.]; educational trail Naturlehrpfad {m}; Lehrpfad {m}

nature trails; nature study trails; nature study paths; educational trails Naturlehrpfade {pl}; Lehrpfade {pl}

forest study trail Waldlehrpfad {m}

forest interpretation trail; arboretum trail Baumlehrpfad {m}

paedagogy [Br.]; pedagogy [Am.]; (theory of) education; educational studies; educational theory [listen] [listen] Pädagogik {f}; Erziehungswissenschaft {f}; Erziehungswissenschaften {pl} [listen]

early childhood education /ECE/; nursery education Frühpädagogik {f}; Kleinkindpädagogik {f}; Elementarpädagogik {f}; Vorschulpädagogik {f}

kindergarten education Kindergartenpädagogik {f}

theatre paedagogy; theatre education [Br.]; theatrical pedagogy Theaterpädagogik {f}

training offer; educational offer Ausbildungsangebot {n}; Bildungsangebot {n}

training offers; educational offers Ausbildungsangebote {pl}; Bildungsangebote {pl}

(broad) range of training; spectrum of training; educational spectrum (breites) Ausbildungsspektrum {n}

education; educational system; education sector [listen] Bildungswesen {n}; Bildungssektor {m}; Erziehungswesen {n} [Schw.] [school] [stud.]

in education; in the education sector im Bildungswesen; im Bildungssektor

outing; excursion; study visit; educational visit [listen] Exkursion {f}; Lehrausflug {m}; Studienfahrt {f} [school] [stud]

outings; excursions; study visits; educational visits Exkursionen {pl}; Lehrausflüge {pl}; Studienfahrten {pl}

cultural and educational policy Kulturpolitik {f} [pol.]

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