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soupçon Spur {f}; Hauch {m} [listen]

soup [listen] Suppe {f} [cook.] [listen]

soups Suppen {pl}

bean soup Bohensuppe {f}

alphabet soup Buchstabensuppe {f}

barley soup; barley broth Graupensuppe {f}

semolina dumpling soup Grießklößchensuppe {f}; Grießnockensuppe {f}; Grießnockerlsuppe {f} [Bayr.] [Ös.]

semolina soup Grießsuppe {f}

clear soup with vermicelli (europäische) Nudelsuppe {f}

soup of the day Tagessuppe {f}

clear soup with pancake strips Suppe mit Pfannkuchenstreifen [Dt.]; Flädlesuppe [BW]; Flädlisuppe [Schw.]; Frittatensuppe [Ös.] {f}

soup kettle Suppenkessel {m} [cook.]

soup kettles Suppenkessel {pl}

From the Soup Kettle (on a menu) Aus dem Suppenkessel (auf der Speisekarte)

soup spoon Esslöffel {m}; Suppenlöffel {m}

soup [listen] Haifischflossensuppe {f} [cook.] shark [fin.]

soup addition; addition to soups Suppeneinlage {f} [cook.]

to be used as an addition to soups als Suppeneinlage verwendet werden

soup ladle Suppenkelle {f}; Suppenschöpfer {m} [cook.]

soup ladles Suppenkellen {pl}; Suppenschöpfer {pl}

soup herbs; pot herbs Suppenkräuter {f} [cook.]

soup tureen Suppenschüssel {f}; Suppenterrine {f}

soup tureens Suppenschüsseln {pl}; Suppenterrinen {pl}

soup seasoning Suppenwürze {f} [cook.]

soup cube Suppenwürfel {m} [cook.]

soup cubes Suppenwürfel {pl}

to soup upsth. (e.g. a car) etw. frisieren {vt} (z. B. ein Auto)

to soup upsth. [coll.] etw. aufmotzen {vt} [ugs.]

instant soup; powdered soup Fertigsuppe {f}

instant soups; powdered soups Fertigsuppen {pl}

powdered soup mix; sachet soup; packet soup [Br.] Päckchensuppe {f}; Tütensuppe {f} [Dt.]; Packerlsuppe {f} [Ös.]; Päcklisuppe {f} [Schw.]; Beutelsuppe {f} [Schw.]

instant cup soup; soup in a cup; cup-a-soup ® Tassensuppe {f}; heiße Tasse (Einzelportion Fertigsuppe zur schnellen Zubereitung)

eel soup Aalsuppe {f} [cook.]

eel soups Aalsuppen {pl}

alphabet soup [coll.] Abkürzungsdschungel {m}; Buchstabensuppe {f} [ugs.] [pej.]

fried batter pearls (soup addition) Backerbsen {pl}; Suppenperlen {pl}; Backnüssli {pl} [Schw.] (Suppeneinlage) [cook.]

cream of broccoli soup Brokkolisuppe {f}; Broccolicremesuppe {f} [cook.]

bread soup; panada Brotsuppe {f} [cook.]

pea soup Erbsensuppe {f} [cook.]

cream of vegetable soup Gemüsecremesuppe {f} [cook.]

pottage; vegetable soup Gemüsesuppe {f} [cook.]

clear vegetable soup klare Gemüsesuppe {f}

small semolina dumplings (soup addition) Grießklößchen {pl}; Grießnocken {pl}; Grießnockerln {pl} [Bayr.] [Ös.] (Suppeneinlage) [cook.]

goulash soup Gulaschsuppe {f} [cook.]

oatmeal soup Haferflockensuppe {f} [cook.]

brain soup Hirnsuppe {f} [cook.]

chicken soup Hühnersuppe {f} [cook.]

chicken soups Hühnersuppen {pl}

cream of lobster soup Hummercremesuppe {f} [cook.]

lobster soup Hummersuppe {f} [cook.]

chilled soup Kaltschale {f} [cook.]

cream of potato soup Kartoffelcremesuppe {f} [cook.]

potato soup Kartoffelsuppe {f}; Erdäpfelsuppe {f} [Bayr.] [Ös.]; Härdäpfelsuppe {f} [Schw.] [cook.]

potatoe and mushroom soup Kartoffelsuppe mit Pilzen; Erdäpfelsuppe mit Schwammerln [Ös.] [cook.]

cream of garlic soup Knoblauchcremesuppe {f} [cook.]

garlic soup Knoblauchsuppe {f} [cook.]

garlic soups Knoblauchsuppen {pl}

cream of herb soup Kräutercremesuppe {f} [cook.]

cabbage soup Krautsuppe {f} [cook.]

cabbage soups Krautsuppen {pl}

leek soup Lauchsuppe {f} [cook.]

cream of leek soup Lauchcremesuppe {f} [cook.]

liver dumpling soup Leberknödelsuppe {f} [cook.]

lentil soup Linsensuppe {f} [cook.]

lentil soups Linsensuppen {pl}

noodle soup (asiatische) Nudelsuppe {f} [cook.]

noodle soups Nudelsuppen {pl}

oxtail soup Ochsenschwanzsuppe {f} [cook.]

strips of pancake; pancake strips (soup addition) Pfannkuchenstreifen {pl}; Frittaten {pl} [Ös.]; Flädle {pl} [BW]; Flädli {pl} [Schw.] (Suppeneinlage) [cook.]

cream of mushroom soup Pilzcremesuppe {f} [cook.]

creamed soup Rahmsuppe {f} [cook.]

ramen (Japanese noodles/noodle soup) Ramen {pl} (japanische Nudeln); Nudelsuppe {f} mit Ramen [cook.]

beef soup Rindfleischsuppe {f} [cook.]

turtle soup Schildkrötensuppe {f} [cook.]

salted sponge mixture put into a clear soup Schöberl {m} [Ös.] [cook.]

bird's nest soup Schwalbennest {n} [cook.]

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