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22 results for lacquer
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to lacquer lackieren {vt}

lacquering lackierend

lacquered lackiert

lacquers lackiert

lacquered lackierte

lacquer factory Lackfabrik {f}

metallic lacquer Metalleffekt-Lack {m}

metallic lacquers Metalleffekt-Lacke {pl}

two-coat metallic paint Zwei-Schicht-Metalleffekt-Lack

protective lacquer Abdecklack {m}

acrylic resin lacquer; acrylic resin varnish Acrylharzlack {m}

single component lacquer Einkomponentenlack {m}

frosted lacquer/paint; crystallized lacquer/paint Frostlack {m}; Eisblumenlack {m}

varnish; gloss paint; lacquer [listen] Lack {m}; Lackfarbe {f}

clear varnish Klarlack {m}; klare Lackfarbe {f}

lacquer Lackfirnis {m}; Farblack {m}

matte lacquer Mattlackierung {f}

nail lacquer; nail enamel; nail varnish [Br.]; nail polish [Am.] Nagellack {m}

special lacquer Speziallack {m}

cellulose lacquer Zaponlack {m}

tack (lacquer) [listen] Zügigkeit {f}; Zug {m} (Lackfarbe) [listen]

two-component clear lacquer Zwei-Komponenten-Klarlack {m}

chlorinated rubber lacquer Chlorkautschuklack {m} [chem.]

protective lacquer/paint [listen] Schutzlack {m}

hair lacquer; hairspray; hair spray; hair-fixing spray Haarspray {m,n}

desert varnish; desert lacquer; patina Wüstenlack {m} [min.]

car lacquer finish Autolackierung {f} [auto] [chem.]

car lacquering/painting [listen] Autolackierungen {pl}

car repair lacquer Autoreparaturlack {m} [chem.] [auto]

car repair lacquers Autoreparaturlacke {pl}

sumachs; sumacs (botanical genus) Sumache {pl}; Schmacke {pl} (Rhus) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]

fragrant sumac; aromatic sumac Duftender Essigbaum {m}; Duftessigbaum {m}; Duftender Sumach {m}; Duftsumach {m}; Wohlriechender Sumach {m} (Rhus aromatica)

vinegar tree; staghorn sumac Essigbaum {m}; Hirschkolbensumach {m}; Kolbensumach {m} (Rhus typhina)

Atlantic poison oak; eastern poison oak Eichenblättriger Giftsumach {m}; Behaarter Giftsumach {m}; Giftsumach {m}; Gifteiche {f} (Rhus toxicodendron / Toxicodendron pubescens)

nutgall tree; Chinese gall; Chinese sumac Gallensumach {m}; Chinesischer Essigbaum {m} (Rhus chinensis)

tanner's sumach; elm-leaved sumach; Sicilian sumac Gerbersumach {m}; Gerberbaum {m}; Gerberstrauch {m}; Gewürzsumach {m}; Sizilianischer Sumach {m}; Färberbaum {m} (Rhus coriaria)

smooth sumac; scarlet sumac; red sumac Kahler Essigbaum {m}; Kahler Scharlachsumach {m}; Scharlachsumach {m}; Glatter Sumach {m} (Rhus glabra)

eastern poison ivy; poison ivy Kletternder Giftsumach {m}; Giftiger Efeu {m}; Giftefeu {m} (Rhus radicans)

Chinese lacquer tree Lackbaum {m}; Lacksumach {m} (Rhus verniciflua)

Chinese lacquer tree; Japanese varnish tree Orientalischer Lackbaum {m}; Lackbaum {m}; Lacksumach {m}; Firnissumach {m} (Rhus verniciflua)

Japanese wax tree; wax tree Talgsumach {m} (Rhus succedanea)

skunkbush sumac; skunkbush; stinking sumac; ill-scented sumac; three-leaf sumac Stinksumach {m} (Rhus trilobata)

Pacific poison oak Kalifornische Gifteiche {f}; Westliche Gifteiche {f}; Gifteiche {f} (Rhus diversiloba)
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