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ether [listen] Äther {m}; Ether {m} [chem.] [pharm.]

ethyl ether; diethyl ether; diethyl oxide; ethyl oxide; sulfuric ether Ethylether {m}; Äthyläther {m}; Diethyläther {m}; Diethylether {m}

glycol ether Glykoläther {m}; Glykolether {m}

mixed ether Mischäther {m}; Mischether {m}

anaesthetic ether [Br.]; anesthetic ether [Am.] Narkoseäther {m}; Narkoseether {m}; Anästhesieäther {m}; Anästhesieether {m}

ether and chloroform dropper; chloroform dropper Narkosetropfer {m} [med.]

butanediol; butene ether glycol; butylene ether [former name] Butandiol {n}; Butendiol {n}; Butylendiol {n} [alt] [chem.]

1,2-butanediol 1,2-Butandiol

1,3-butanediol 1,3-Butandiol

1,4-butanediol 1,4-Butandiol

2,3-butanediol 2,3-Butandiol

the air; the airwaves; the ether (medium for radio signals) der Äther, die Ätherwellen {pl} (Medium für Funksignale)

to send sth. over/through the ether etw. durch den Äther schicken

to fill the airwaves; to be sent across the ether; to be broadcast into the ether über den Äther gehen; in den Äther hinaus gehen

A well-known voice came over the air/airwaves/ether. Eine wohlbekannte Stimme kam über den Äther.

the air; the airwaves; the ether (radio and television) [coll.] Radio und Fernsehen; die Radio- und Fernsehlandschaft

to be debated on the air/over the airwaves im Radio und Fernsehen diskutiert werden

to rule the airwaves; to rule the ether die Radio- und Fernsehlandschaft dominieren

the aether; the ether der Äther; der Himmelsraum; die Himmelssphäre [lit.]

ethylene glycol monobutyl ether /EGBE/; butyl monoether glycol; 2-ethoxyethanol; 2-butoxyethanol; butyl cellosolve ® Ethylenglycolmonobutylether {m} /EGBE/; 2-Ethoxyethanol {n}; 2-Butoxyethanol {n}; 1-Butoxy-2-Hydroxyethan {n} [chem.]

ethylene glycol monomethyl ether Ethylenglykol-Monomethylether {m}; Äthylenglykol-Monomethyläther {m} [chem.]

Hoffmann's anodyne; compound spirit of ether; aetheris spiritus compositus Hoffmannstropfen {pl}; Hoffmannsgeist {m}; Ätherweingeist {m} [pharm.]

luminiferous aether; luminiferous ether; aether Lichtäther {m}; Äther {m} [phys.] [hist.]

petroleum ether; petroleum naphtha; petroleum benzine [Am.]; ligroin Petrolether {m}; Petroläther {m} [ugs.] [chem.]

enanthic ether Weinhefeöl {n}; Weinbeeröl {n}; Onanthether {m} [chem.]

cellulose ethyl ether Celluloseethylether {n} [chem.]

cellulose methyl ether Cellulosemethylether {n} [chem.]

dimethyl ether Dimethylether {n} [chem.]

ethylene glycol dimethyl ether Dimethylglykol {n} [chem.]

dioctyl ether Dioctylether {n} [chem.]

tert-amyl methyl ether tert-Amylmethylether {n} [chem.]

alkyl-aryl-polyglycol ether Alkylarylpolyglykolether {m} [med.] [chem.]

gloss paint; lacquer ([Br.] paint drying by evaporation of solvents; [Am.] paint drying by oxidation) Lackfarbe {f}; Lack {m}

masking lacquer Abdecklack {m} [photo.]

car paint Autolack {f}

tinplate varnish Blechlack {m}; Ofenlack {m}

coloured lacquer [Br.]; colored lacquer [Am.] Buntlack {m}

Chinese lacquer; lacquer Chinalack {m}; Japanlack {m}; Rhuslack {m}; Urushi-Lack {m}

enamel paint; enamel [listen] Emaillelack {m}; Emaillack {m} (gut verlaufender Glanzlack)

protective paint; protective lacquer Farbschutzlack {m}

gold lacquer; gold varnish Goldlack {m}

nitrocellulose lacquer Nitrozelluloselack {m}; Nitrocelluloselack {m}; Nitrolack {m}; NC-Lack {m}

perlescent paint Perleffektlack {m}

special lacquer Speziallack {m}

spray paint Spritzlack {m}

spray lacquer Sprühlack {m}

leather texture paint Tupfeffektlack {m}; Tupflack {m}

cellulose ether lacquer Zelluloseätherlack {m}; Celluloseätherlack {m}

cellulose ester lacquer Zelluloseesterlack {m}; Celluloseesterlack {m}
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