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anaesthetic agent [Br.]; anaesthetic [Br.]; anesthetic agent [Am.]; anesthetic [Am.] (medizinisches) Betäubungsmittel {n} /BTM/; Anästhetikum {n} [pharm.]

anaesthetic agents; anaesthetics; anesthetic agents; anesthetics Betäubungsmittel {pl}; Anästhetika {pl}

narcotic agent; narcotic; stupefacient agent; stupefacient Allgemeinbetäubungsmittel {n}; Allgemeinanästhetikum {n}; Narkosemittel {n}; Narkotikum {n}

inhalational anaesthetic agent; inhalation anaesthetic agent; inhalation anaesthetic Inhalationsanästhetikum {n}; Inhalationsnarkotikum {n}

non-inhalation anaesthetic nichtinhalatives Betäubungsmittel

local numbing agent; local anesthetic /LA/ örtlich wirksames Betäubungsmittel; örtliches Betäubungsmittel; Lokalanästhetikum {n}

adjunct to anaestesia zusätzliches Betäubungsmittel

anaesthetic technique; anaesthesia method [Br.]; anesthesia method [Am.] Narkosetechnik {f}; Narkosesystem {n} [med.]

carbon dioxide absorption anaesthesia/anesthesia Narkosetechnik mit Kohlendioxid-Absorption

open-circuit anaesthesia method [Br.]; open anaesthesia [Br.]; open-circuit anesthesia method [Am.]; open anesthesia [Am.] offenes Narkosesystem

continuous-flow anaesthesia [Br.]; continuous-flow anesthesia [Am.] kontinuierliches Narkosesystem

anaesthetic induction [Br.]; anesthetic induction [Am.] Narkoseeinleitung {f} [med.]

anaesthetic prep room; anaesthetic room Narkose-Einleitungsraum {m}; Einleitungsraum {m}; Einleitung {f} [ugs.] [med.] [listen]

anaesthetic gas [Br.]; anesthetic gas [Am.] Narkosegas {n} [med.]

anaesthetic apparatus [Br.]; anaesthetic machine [Br.]; anesthetic machine [Am.] Narkosegerät {n} [med.]

anaesthetic apparatuses; anaesthetic machines; anesthetic machines Narkosegeräte {pl}

anaesthetic index [Br.]; anesthetic index [Am.] Narkoseindex {m} [med.]

anaesthetic risk [Br.]; anesthetic risk [Am.] Narkoserisiko {n} [med.]

anaesthetic risks; anesthetic risks Narkoserisiken {pl}

anaesthetic table [Br.]; anesthetic table [Am.] Narkosetisch {m} [med.]

anaesthetic tables; anesthetic tables Narkosetische {pl}

anaesthetic [Br.]; anesthetic [Am.] schmerzausschaltend; betäubend; anästhetisch {adj} [med.]

face mask for anaesthesia [Br.]/anesthesia [Am.]; anaesthetic mask [Br.]; anesthetic mask [Am.] Narkosemaske {f} [med.]

face masks for anaesthesia/anesthesia; anaesthetic masks; anesthetic masks Narkosemasken {pl}

Schimmelbusach's mask for anaesthesia/anesthesia Schimmelbusch'sche Narkosemaske

inhalation anaesthetic agent Inhalationsnarkotikum {n} [pharm.]

inhalation anaesthetic agents Inhalationsnarkotika {pl}

general anaesthetic Vollnarkotikum {n}; Allgemeinanästhetikum {n} [pharm.]

ether [listen] Äther {m}; Ether {m} [chem.] [pharm.]

ethyl ether; diethyl ether; diethyl oxide; ethyl oxide; sulfuric ether Ethylether {m}; Äthyläther {m}; Diethyläther {m}; Diethylether {m}

glycol ether Glykoläther {m}; Glykolether {m}

mixed ether Mischäther {m}; Mischether {m}

anaesthetic ether [Br.]; anesthetic ether [Am.] Narkoseäther {m}; Narkoseether {m}; Anästhesieäther {m}; Anästhesieether {m}

narcosis; anaesthesia [Br.]; anesthesia [Am.] Betäubung {f}; Narkose {f}; Anästhesie {f} [med.]

outpatient anaesthesia ambulante Narkose

semi-open anaesthesia halboffene Narkose

inhalation anaesthesia Inhalationsnarkose {f}

intravenous anaesthesia; phlebanaesthesia; phlebonarcosis Injektionsnarkose {f}; intravenöse Narkose

intratracheal anaesthesia; endotracheal anaesthesia intratracheale Nakose

orotracheal anaesthesia orotracheale Narkose

local anaesthesia; local anesthesia; toponarcosis örtliche Betäubung {f}; Lokalanästhesie {f}

saddle block anaesthesia; saddle anaesthesia Reithosenanästhesie {f}

rectal anaesthesia rektale Narkose

nitrogen narcosis Stickstoffnarkose {f}

drip narcosis Tropfnarkose {f}

general anaesthesia Vollnarkose {f}; Allgemeinanästhesie {f}

under a general anaesthetic unter Vollnarkose

to give anaesthesia / anesthesia; to administer anaesthesia / anesthesia eine Betäubung / eine Narkose durchführen; Anästhesie durchführen; anästhesieren

to be under anaesthesia unter Narkose stehen

induced by anaesthesia durch die Narkose bedingt; narkosebedingt

to recover from anaesthetic aus der Narkose aufwachen

intubation tube; anaestesia tube; artificial airway; airway Intubationstubus {m}; Tubus {m} [med.]

endotracheal airway; endotracheal tube intratrachealer Tubus

anaesthetic airway [Br.]; anesthetic airway [Am.]; anaesthetic tube [Br.]; anesthetic tube [Am.]; tracheal tube; tubus Narkosetubus {m}; Endotrachealtubus {m}; Trachealtubus {m}; Trachealkanüle {f}

through the tube; per tubam durch den Tubus

to remove the tube; to extubate den Tubus entfernen

to pass an airway through the nose einen Tubus über die Nase einführen

premedication (with sth.) Prämedikation {f}; medikamentöse Vorbehandlung {f} (mit etw.) [med.]

anaesthetic premedication [Br.]; anesthetic premedication [Am.]; anaesthesia premedication [Br.]; anesthesia premedication [Am.] Narkosevorbereitung {f}; Narkoseprämedikation {f}

duration of action Wirkungsdauer {f}; Vorhaltezeit {f}

This anaesthetic has only a limited duration of action. Dieses Narkotikum hat nur eine begrenzte Vorhaltezeit.
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