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18 results for ethylene
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ethylene; ethene Ethylen {n}; Äthylen {n}; Ethen {n}; Äthen {n} [chem.]

ethylene glycol Ethylenglycol {n}; Frostschutzmittel {n} [chem.]

ethylene glycol monobutyl ether /EGBE/; butyl monoether glycol; 2-ethoxyethanol; 2-butoxyethanol; butyl cellosolve ® Ethylenglycolmonobutylether {m} /EGBE/; 2-Ethoxyethanol {n}; 2-Butoxyethanol {n}; 1-Butoxy-2-Hydroxyethan {n} [chem.]

ethylene glycol monomethyl ether Ethylenglykol-Monomethylether {m}; Äthylenglykol-Monomethyläther {m} [chem.]

ethylene vinyl acetate /EVA/ Ethylenvinylacetat {n} [chem.]

ethylene glycol dimethyl ether Dimethylglykol {n} [chem.]

ethylene bis(stearamide) /EBS/ Ethylenbistearamid {n} [chem.]

ethylene carbonate Ethylencarbonat {n} [chem.]

ethylene didocosanoate Ethylendidocosanoat {n} [chem.]

ethylene dihydrazine Ethylendihydrazin {n} [chem.]

ethylene dilaurate Ethylendilaurat {n} [chem.]

ethylene dinitrate Ethylendinitrat {n} [chem.]

ethylene distearate; glycol distearate Ethylendistearat {n} [chem.]

ethylene glycol Ethylenglykol {n} [chem.]

ethylene oxide; oxirane Ethylenoxid; Oxiran {n} [chem.]

ethylene Kohlenwasserstoffgas {n} [chem.]

polymers of ethylene Ethylenpolymeren {n} [chem.]

uncured rubber; india rubber; caoutchouc Kautschuk {m}

ethylene-propylene rubber /EPR/ Ethylen-Propylen-Kautschuk {m}; EPR-Kautschuk {m}

solid rubber; dry rubber Festkautschuk {m}

pellet rubber Tabletten-Kautschuk {m}

self-curing rubber; self-vulcanizing rubber selbstvulkanisierender Kautschuk

cured rubber vernetzter Kautschuk

cellular rubber Zellkautschuk {m}
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