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42 results for boilers
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limescale buildup; limescale deposits; limescaling; limescale furring [Br.]; furring [Br.] (in pipes, boilers etc.) Kalkablagerung {f}; Bildung {f} von Kalkablagerungen; Verkalkung {f} (in Rohren, Kesseln usw.)

waste heat recovery boiler /WHRB/; waste heat boiler; heat recovery boiler; heat recovery steam generator /HRSG/ Abhitzekessel {m} [techn.]

waste heat recovery boilers; waste heat boilers; heat recovery boilers; heat recovery steam generators Abhitzekessel {pl}

heat recovery steam generator with supplementary firing/heating Abhitzekessel mit Zusatzfeuerung

heat recovery steam generator with limited supplementary firing/heating Abhitzekessel mit geringer Zusatzfeuerung

heat recovery steam generator with maximum supplementary firing/heating Abhitzekessel mit maximaler Zusatzfeuerung

heat recovery steam generator without supplementary firing/heating Abhitzekessel ohne Zusatzfeuerung

liquor-fired boiler Ablaugekessel {m} [mach.]

liquor-fired boilers Ablaugekessel {pl}

steam generator; steam boiler; boiler for generating steam Dampferzeuger {m}; Dampfgenerator {m}; Dampfkessel {m}; Kessel {m} [listen]

steam generators; steam boilers; boilers for generating steam Dampferzeuger {pl}; Dampfgeneratoren {pl}; Dampfkessel {pl}; Kessel {pl} [listen]

steam boiler with reversed flue Dampfkessel mit Wendekammer

technical rules for steam boilers technische Regeln für Dampfkessel /TRD/ [Dt.]

to blow down a steam boiler einen Dampfkessel abschlämmen

corner-tube boiler Eckrohrkessel {m} [mach.]

corner-tube boilers Eckrohrkessel {pl}

egg boiler; egg cooker Eierkocher {m} [cook.]

egg boilers; egg cookers Eierkocher {pl}

monotube steam generator; monotube steam boiler Einrohrdampfkessel {m} [mach.]

monotube steam generators; monotube steam boilers Einrohrdampfkessel {pl}

flame-tube boiler Flammrohrkessel {m} [techn.]

flame-tube boilers Flammrohrkessel {pl}

gas boiler Gasheizkessel {m}

gas boilers Gasheizkessel {pl}

gas-fired boiler Gaskessel {m} [mach.]

gas-fired boilers Gaskessel {pl}

gas combination boiler; combination boiler; combi [coll.] Gas-Kombiwasserheizer {m}; Kombikessel {m}; Kombitherme {f}; Gas-Kombitherme {f}; Gastherme {f}; Therme {f} [ugs.] [Ös.]

gas combination boilers; combination boilers; combis Gas-Kombiwasserheizer {pl}; Kombikessel {pl}; Kombithermen {pl}; Gas-Kombithermen {pl}; Gasthermen {pl}; Thermen {pl}

shell boiler Großwasserraumkessel {m} [mach.]

shell boilers Großwasserraumkessel {pl}

boiler; furnace [Am.] [Can.] (for hot-water supply and heating) [listen] [listen] Heizkessel {m}; Kessel {m} (für Warmwasser und Heizung) [techn.] [listen]

boilers; furnaces Heizkessel {pl}; Kessel {pl} [listen]

type tested boiler baumustergeprüfter Kessel

suspended boiler; top-supported boiler; top-slung boiler eingehängter Kessel

brick-set boiler eingemauerter Kessel

industrial boiler Industriekessel {m}; Kessel {m} [techn.] [listen]

industrial boilers Industriekessel {pl}; Kessel {pl} [listen]

boiler with exhaust gas stack Heizkessel mit Abgaskamin

singe-barrel type boiler einschüssiger Kessel

to inspect a boiler einen Kessel befahren

supercharged boiler aufgeladener Kessel

double-flue boiler Zweiflammrohrkessel {m}

roof-fired boiler Kessel mit Deckenfeuerung

twin-furnace boiler Kessel mit Doppelbrennkammer

pressurized-furnace boiler Kessel mit Druckfeuerung

single-furnace boiler Kessel mit Einzelbrennkammer

slag-tap boiler; wet-bottom boiler Kessel mit flüssigem Ascheabzug

front-fired boiler Kessel mit Frontalfeuerung

dry-bottom boiler Kessel mit trockenem Ascheabzug

boiler with superimposed circulation Kessel mit überlagerter Umwälzung

balanced-draught boiler Kessel mit Unterdruckfeuerung

juice boiler (sugar production) Kochapparat {m} (Zuckerherstellung) [agr.]

juice boilers Kochapparate {pl}

boiler; cooker [listen] [listen] Kocher {m}

boilers; cookers Kocher {pl}

boiling vessel; boiling pan; boiler [listen] Kochkessel {m} [techn.]

boiling vessels; boiling pans; boilers Kochkessel {pl}

pulp boiler; pulp digester (papermaking) Kochkessel {m} (Papierherstellung) [techn.]

pulp boilers; pulp digesters Kochkessel {pl}

pot-boiler; cooking stone Kochstein {m}

pot-boilers; cooking stones Kochsteine {pl}

boiler barrel; cylindrical boiler Langkessel {m}

boiler barrels; cylindrical boilers Langkessel {pl}

natural-circulation boiler Naturumlaufkessel {m} [mach.]

natural-circulation boilers Naturumlaufkessel {pl}

package boiler Paketkessel {m} [mach.]

package boilers Paketkessel {pl}

pellet boiler (heating) Pelletkessel {m} (Heizung)

pellet boilers Pelletkessel {pl}

cross-drum boiler Quertrommelkessel {m} [mach.]

cross-drum boilers Quertrommelkessel {pl}

fire-tube boiler Rauchrohrkessel {m} [mach.]

fire-tube boilers Rauchrohrkessel {pl}

stoker-fired boiler Rostkessel {m} [mach.]

stoker-fired boilers Rostkessel {pl}

quick-starting boiler Schnellbereitschaftskessel {m} [mach.]

quick-starting boilers Schnellbereitschaftskessel {pl}

inclined-tube boiler Schrägrohrkessel {m} [mach.]

inclined-tube boilers Schrägrohrkessel {pl}

soap boiler Seifensieder {m}

soap boilers Seifensieder {pl}

sectional header boiler Sektionalkessel {m} [mach.]

sectional header boilers Sektionalkessel {pl}

boiler; copper (sugar production) [listen] [listen] Siedekessel {m} (Zuckerherstellung)

boilers; coppers Siedekessel {pl}

water-tube boiler; tubular boiler Siederohrkessel {m}; Wasserrohrkessel {m}; Wasserröhrenkessel {m}

water-tube boilers; tubular boilers Siederohrkessel {pl}; Wasserrohrkessel {pl}; Wasserröhrenkessel {pl}

storage water heater; tank-type water heater; hot water system /HWS/; hot water tank; boiler [Br.]; furnace [Am.] (sanitary engineering) [listen] [listen] Speichererhitzer {m}; Warmwasserbereiter {m}; Warmwasserspeicher {m}; Heißwasserbereiter {m}; Heißwasserspeicher {m}; Boiler {m} (Sanitärtechnik) [techn.]

storage water heaters; tank-type water heaters; hot water systems; hot water tanks; boilers; furnaces Speichererhitzer {pl}; Warmwasserbereiter {pl}; Warmwasserspeicher {pl}; Heißwasserbereiter {pl}; Heißwasserspeicher {pl}; Boiler {pl}

water heater for boiling water Kochendwasserbereiter {m}; Kochendwassergerät {n}

calorifier tank; calorifier Warmwasserbereiter mit Heizschlange

single-pass boiler Turmkessel {m} [mach.]

single-pass boilers Turmkessel {pl}

multi-pass boiler Vielzugkessel {m} [mach.]

multi-pass boilers Vielzugkessel {pl}

electric kettle; water boiler; electric water jug (elektrischer) Wasserkocher {m}

electric kettles; water boilers; electric water jugs Wasserkocher {pl}

corrugated-furnace boiler; boiler with corrugated flues Wellrohrkessel {m} [techn.]

corrugated-furnace boilers; boilers with corrugated flues Wellrohrkessel {pl}

fluidized-bed boiler Wirbelschichtdampferzeuger {m} [techn.]

fluidized-bed boilers Wirbelschichtdampferzeuger {pl}

two-pass boiler Zweizugkessel {m} [mach.]

two-pass boilers Zweizugkessel {pl}

cyclone-furnace boiler Zyklonkessel {m} [mach.]

cyclone-furnace boilers Zyklonkessel {pl}

shell type boiler Zylinderkessel {m} [mach.]

shell type boilers Zylinderkessel {pl}

exhaust gas boiler Abgaskessel {m} [mach.] [techn.]

exhaust gas boilers Abgaskessel {pl}
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