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mixture of paint Farbmischung {f}

mixtures of paint Farbmischungen {pl}

layer of paint; coat of paint Farbschicht {f}

layers of paint; coats of paint Farbschichten {pl}

spray painting; paint spraying; spray coating Farbspritzen {n}

(paint) roller cover (painting) Farbwalze {f}; Malerwalze {f} (Anstreichen)

frosted lacquer/paint; crystallized lacquer/paint Frostlack {m}; Eisblumenlack {m}

sags (in a paint) Gardinenbildung {f} (Abblättern eines Anstrichs)

gloss; gloss paint; glossy paint [listen] Glanzlack {m}

seediness (paint) Griesigkeit {f}; Körnigkeit {f} (Anstrichfarbe)

high-rotating cone (paint-spraying) Hochrotationsglocke {f} (Spritzlackieren)

lime casein paint Kalkkaseinfarbe {f}

lime casein paints Kalkkaseinfarben {pl}

seeding (paint) Körnerbildung {f} (Anstrichfarbe)

war paint (ethnology) Kriegsbemalung {f} (Völkerkunde) [hist.]

war paint [humor.] (make-up; decoration) Kriegsbemalung {f} [humor.] (Schminke; Dekoration)

synthetic resin paint Kunstharzfarbe {f}

synthetic resin machine paint Kunstharz-Maschinenlack {m}

varnish; gloss paint; lacquer [listen] Lack {m}; Lackfarbe {f}

clear varnish Klarlack {m}; klare Lackfarbe {f}

aerosol paint can [Am.] Lacksprühdose {f}

lime paint; size paint; glue-water paint; (glue-bound) distemper; kalsomine; calcimine Leimfarbe {f} [art] [constr.]

lime paints; size paints; glue-water paints; distempers; kalsomines; calcimines Leimfarben {pl}

luminous paint Leuchtfarbe {f}

solvent-based; solventborne (paint; varnish) auf Lösungsmittelbasis (Anstrichfarbe, Lack)

paintbrush; paint-brush Malpinsel {m}; Farbpinsel {m}; Pinsel {m}

paintbrushes; paint-brushes Malpinsel {pl}; Farbpinsel {pl}; Pinsel {pl}

oil paint Ölfarbe {f}

oil paints Ölfarben {pl}

brush; paint brush [listen] Pinsel {m}

brushes; paint brushes Pinsel {pl}

brush application of paint Pinselanstrich {m}

brush applications of paint Pinselanstriche {pl}

maker of paint brushes Pinselmacher {m}

china paint Porzellanaufglasurfarbe {f}

china paints Porzellanaufglasurfarben {pl}

painting on porcelain; china paint Porzellanmalerei {f}

anti-rust paint; rust protection paint; rustproof paint Rostschutzfarbe {f}

make-up; paint [obs.] [listen] Schminke {f}; Make-up {n}; Makeup {n}

wrinkle/ripple finish; wrinkle/ripple paint [listen] Schrumpflack {m}

dazzle paint Schutzanstrich {m} [naut.]

spray paint Sprayfarbe {f}

spray paints Sprayfarben {pl}

paint-spraying work Spritzlackierarbeit {f}; Lackierarbeit {f} [auto]

paint-spraying; spraying Spritzlackierung {f}; Lackierung {f}; Spritzlackieren {n}; Lackieren {n} [auto]

spray painting; spray paint Spritzlackierung {f}

coat; coat of paint [listen] Überzug {m} (Farbe; Metall); Belag {m}; Anstrich {m} [listen] [listen]

second coat zweiter Anstrich

turpentine paint Wachsfarbe {f}

turpentine paints Wachsfarben {pl}

water-based; waterborne (paint; varnish) auf Wasserbasis (Anstrichfarbe, Lack)

watercolour paint [Br.]; watercolour [Br.]; watercolor paint [Am.]; watercolor [Am.] Wasserfarbe {f}; Aquarellfarbe {f}

watercolour paints; watercolours; watercolor paints; watercolors Wasserfarben {pl}; Aquarellfarben {pl}

gouache paint; gouache deckende Wasserfarbe {f}; Gouachefarbe {f}

weather protective paint Wetterschutzfarbe {f}

fogginess; fogging (of a paint) Wolkigkeit {f} (einer Anstrichfarbe)

cement paint Zementfarbe {f}

zinc paint Zinkfarbe {f}

two-pack paint Zweischichtlack {m}

compatbile with paint coating anstrichverträglich {adj}

piebald horse; coloured horse [Br.]; pinto-colored horse [Am.]; pinto horse [Am.]; pinto [Am.]; paint horse [Am.]; paint [Am.] geschecktes Pferd {n}; Schecke {f}

piebald horses; coloured horses; pinto-colored horses; pinto horses; pintos; paint horses; paints gescheckte Pferde {pl}; Schecken {pl}

Wet paint! Frisch gestrichen!

concrete paint Betonfarbe {f}

concrete paint Betonlack {m}

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