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maker of paint brushes Pinselmacher {m}

drum brushes; brushes Schlagzeugbesen {m}; Jazzbesen {m}; Trommelbesen {m}; Besen {m} [mus.] [listen]

sealing brush Abdichtbürste {f}

sealing brushes Abdichtbürsten {pl}

contact brush; carbon brush; brush (which provides contact with a commutator/slip-ring in motors/generators) [listen] Abtastbürste {f}; Schleifbürste {f}; Kontaktbürste {f}; Kohlebürste {f}; Bürste {f}; Schleifkohle {f}; Motorkohle {f} (die bei Motoren/Generatoren den Kontakt mit einem Kommutator/Schleifring herstellt) [electr.] [listen]

contact brushes; carbon brushes; brushes Abtastbürsten {pl}; Schleifbürsten {pl}; Kontaktbürsten {pl}; Kohlebürsten {pl}; Bürsten {pl}; Schleifkohlen {pl}; Motorkohlen {pl}

dusting brush (for powder) Aufstäubebürste {f}

dusting brushes Aufstäubebürsten {pl}

pastry brush Backpinsel {m} [cook.]

pastry brushes Backpinsel {pl}

brush [listen] Bürste {f} [listen]

brushes Bürsten {pl}

bottle brush Flaschenbürste {f}

distributing brush Verstreichbürste {f}

wire brush Drahtbürste {f}; Stahlbürste {f}

wire brushes Drahtbürsten {pl}; Stahlbürsten {pl}

wire brushing Abbürsten mit Drahtbürste

rotary wire brush rotierende Drahtbürste

eyeliner brush Eyelinerpinsel {m}

eyeliner brushes Eyelinerpinsel {pl}

joint brush (garden tool) Fugenbürste {f} (Gartengerät)

joint brushes Fugenbürsten {pl}

lint brush Fusselbürste {f}

lint brushes Fusselbürsten {pl}

hand brush Handfeger {m}

hand brushes Handfeger {pl}

radiator brush (vacuum cleaner component) Heizkörperbürste {f}; Lamellenbürste {f} (Teil eines Staubsaugers)

radiator brushes Heizkörperbürsten {pl}; Lamellenbürsten {pl}

block brush; wallpaper brush Malerbürste {f}; Kleisterbürste {f}; Tapezierbürste {f}; Flächenstreicher {m}; Waschel {m} [Bayr.]

block brushes; wallpaper brushes Malerbürsten {pl}; Kleisterbürsten {pl}; Tapezierbürsten {pl}; Flächenstreicher {pl}; Waschel {pl}

paintbrush; paint-brush Malpinsel {m}; Farbpinsel {m}; Pinsel {m}

paintbrushes; paint-brushes Malpinsel {pl}; Farbpinsel {pl}; Pinsel {pl}

graining brush Maserungsbürste {f} (Email)

graining brushes Maserungsbürsten {pl}

nail brush; nailbrush Nagelbürste {f}

nail brushes; nailbrushes Nagelbürsten {pl}

brush; paint brush [listen] Pinsel {m}

brushes; paint brushes Pinsel {pl}

shaving brush Rasierpinsel {m}

shaving brushes Rasierpinsel {pl}

raising brush Raubbürste {f} [textil.]

raising brushes Raubbürsten {pl}

wheel brush Rotorbürste {f}

wheel brushes Rotorbürsten {pl}

blusher brush [Br.]; blush brush [Am.] (cosmetics) Rougepinsel {m} (Kosmetik)

blusher brushes; blush brushes Rougepinsel {pl}

dusting brush (vacuum cleaner component) Saugpinsel {f} (Teil eines Staubsaugers)

dusting brushes Saugpinsel {pl}

scrubbing brush; scrub brush Scheuerbürste {f}

scrubbing brushes Scheuerbürsten {pl}

contact brush Schleifbürste {f}

contact brushes Schleifbürsten {pl}

scrub brush; scrubbing brush Schmutzbürste {f}

scrub brushes; scrubbing brushes Schmutzbürsten {pl}

shoe brush Schuhbürste {f}

shoe brushes Schuhbürsten {pl}

fingerprint duster brush; fingerprint duster; fingerprint brush (forensics) Spurensicherungspinsel {m}; Einstaubpinsel {m} (Kriminaltechnik)

fingerprint duster brushes; fingerprint dusters; fingerprint brushes Spurensicherungspinsel {pl}; Einstaubpinsel {pl}

toilet brush Toilettenbürste {f}; WC-Bürste {f}; Klobürste {f} [ugs.]

toilet brushes Toilettenbürsten {pl}; WC-Bürsten {pl}; Klobürsten {pl}

universal brush (vacuum cleaner component) Universalbürste {f} (Teil eines Staubsaugers)

universal brushes Universalbürsten {pl}

hot air brush Warmluftlockenbürste {f}; Warmluftbürste {f}

hot air brushes Warmluftlockenbürsten {pl}; Warmluftbürsten {pl}

scrubbing brush Wurzelbürste {f}

scrubbing brushes Wurzelbürsten {pl}

to brush sb./sth. [listen] jdn./etw. bürsten; ausbürsten {vt} [listen]

brushing bürstend; ausbürstend

brushed gebürstet; ausgebürstet

brushes bürstet; bürstet aus

brushed bürstete; bürstete aus
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