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synthetic [listen] synthetisch; künstlich {adj} [listen]

synthetic material; synthetic [listen] Kunststoff {m} [listen]

synthetic materials; synthetics Kunststoffe {pl}

synthetic enamel Kunstharzlack {m}

synthetic enamels Kunstharzlacke {pl}

air-drying synthetic enamel lufttrocknender Kunstharzlack

stove-drying synthetic enamel ofentrocknender Kunstharzlack

synthetic biology synthetische Biologie {f} [biochem.] [techn.]

synthetic monofilament Chemiedraht {m}; Chemie-Monofilament {n}

synthetic fibre; synthetic fiber [Am.]; man-made fibre Kunstfaser {f}

synthetic fibres; synthetic fibers; man-made fibres Kunstfasern {pl}

synthetic resin Kunstharz {n}

synthetic resins Kunstharze {pl}

synthetic resin paint Kunstharzfarbe {f}

synthetic resin cement Kunstharzkitt {m}

synthetic resin-compressed wood Kunstharzpressholz {n}

synthetic resin plaster Kunstharzputz {m} [constr.]

synthetic resin machine paint Kunstharz-Maschinenlack {m}

synthetic fibre [Br.] / fiber [Am.] Synthesefaser {f}; Chemiefaser {f} (aus vollsynthetischen Rohstoffen) [textil.]

synthetic rubber Synthesekautschuk {m}

lubrication; fining (of synthetic fibres) [listen] Avivieren {n}; Avivage {f}; Schönung {f} (von Chemiefasern) [textil.]

lubricant (for synthetic fibres) [listen] Aviviermittel {n}; Avivagemittel {n}; Avivage {f}; Schönungsmittel {n} (für Chemiefasern) [textil.]

plastics production; production of synthetic materials Kunststofferzeugung {f}; Kunststoffherstellung {f} [techn.]

vinyl ester; vinylester /VE/ (synthetic resin) Vinylester {m} /VE/ (Kunstharz) [chem.]

statement; proposition (logic) [listen] [listen] Aussage {f}; Proposition {f}; Satz {m} (Logik) [phil.] [listen] [listen]

statements; propositions [listen] Aussagen {pl}; Propositionen {pl}; Sätze {pl} [listen]

analytical statement; analytical proposition analytischer Satz

descriptive statement/proposition; description statement/proposition [listen] [listen] beschreibender Satz

simple statement; simple proposition einfacher Satz

complex statement; complex proposition komplexe Aussage; zusammengesetzter Satz

contradictory statement; contradictory proposition kontradiktorischer Satz

logical statement; logical proposition logische Aussage; logische Proposition

logically false statement/proposition logisch falscher Satz

logically true statement/proposition logisch wahrer Satz

particular proposition; specific proposition Partikuläraussage; besonderer Satz

synthetic(al) statement; synthetic(al) proposition synthetischer Satz

general statement/proposition; universal statement/proposition [listen] universelle Aussage; universeller Satz; Allaussage; Allsatz

proposition in itself; abstract proposition (Bolzano) Satz an sich (Bolzano)

income tax Einkommensteuer {f}; Einkommenssteuer {f} [fin.]

analytical income tax; schedular income tax; schedular tax analytische Einkommenssteuer

graduated income tax gestaffelte Einkommensteuer

synthetic income tax; comprehensive income tax; global income tax synthetische Einkommensteuer; Gesamteinkommensteuer

to deduct income tax at source Einkommensteuer einbehalten

theory of evolution; evolutionary theory Evolutionstheorie {f}; Evolutionslehre {f} [biol.]

Darwinistic theory of evolution; Darwinism darwinistische Evolutionstheorie; Darwinismus {m}

neo-Darwinistic theory of evolution; neo-Darwinism; synthetic theory of evolution; neo-Darwinist synthesis; modern synthesis neodarwinistische Evolutionstheorie; neodarwin'sche Theorie; Neodarwinismus {m}; synthetische Evolutionstheorie; neodarwinistische Synthese; moderne Evolutionssynthese; moderne Synthese

tanning substance; tanning compound Gerbstoff {m} [chem.]

tanning substances; tanning compounds Gerbstoffe {pl}

natural tanning substance; natural tanning compound; vegetable tanning substance; tannin; tannoid natürlicher Gerbstoff; pflanzlicher Gerbstoff; Pflanzengerbstoff {m}; Vegetabilgerbstoff {m}; Tannin {n}

artificial tanning substance; synthetic tanning substance; syntannin; syntan künstlicher Gerbstoff; synthetischer Gerbstoff {m}; Syntan {n}

condensed tannin; catechol-type tannin; catecholtannin kondensierter Pflanzengerbstoff; kondensiertes Tannin; Brenzkatechin-Gerbstoff; Katechin-Gerbstoff

hydrolysable tannin; ellagitannin blumebildender Gerbstoff; hydrolysierbarer Gerbstoff

combined tannin gebundener Gerbstoff

engine oil Motoröl {n} [auto]

synthetic engine oil synthetisches Motoröl

zero bond; zero [listen] Nullcoupon-Anleihe {f} [fin.]

zero bonds; zeros Nullcoupon-Anleihen {pl}

synthetic zero bond synthetische Nullcoupon-Anleihe

retort Retorte {f}

retorts Retorten {pl}

retort with two mouthpieces Durchstoßretorte {f}

tubulated retort Röhrenretorte {f}

synthetic; artificial [listen] [listen] aus der Retorte

spinneret (production of synthetic fibres) Spinndüse {f} (Kunstfaserherstellung) [techn.]

spinnerets Spinndüsen {pl}

textile fibre [Br.]; fibre [Br.]; textile fiber [Am.]; fiber [Am.] [listen] [listen] Textilfaser {f}; Faser {f} [textil.]

textile fibres; fibres; textile fibers; fibers Textilfasern {pl}; Fasern {pl}

alginate fibre; alginate fiber Alginatfaser {f}

spray fibre gespritzte Faser

synthetic fibre synthetische Faser

judgement [Br.]; judgment [Am.] (logic) [listen] [listen] Urteil {n} (Logik) [phil.] [listen]

analytical judg(e)ment; analytic judg(e)ment; judg(e)ment of explanation; judg(e)ment of explication; judg(e)ment of extension analytisches Urteil; Erläuterungsurteil {n}

judgement of beauty; judgment of beauty Schönheitsurteil {n}

synthetic judg(e)ment; judg(e)ment of extension synthetisches Urteil

disinterested judgement; disinterested judgment uninteressiertes Urteil

judgement of perception; judgment of perception Wahrnehmungsurteil {n}
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