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437 similar results for hever
Tip: Gender of German nouns:
{m} = der, {f} = die, {n} = das, {pl} = die

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Similar words:
Heber, Heer, Heger, heuer, Heuer, Hevea-Kautschuk
Similar words:
brain-fever, ever, ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-improving, ever-increasing, ever-present, fever, first-ever, haver, hewer, hover, hover-pallet, lever, never, Never!, never-dying, never-ending, never-failing, never-never, never-to-be-forgotten

Anfahrrollenhebel {m} roller lever

Anfangsblocksperre {f}; Anfangssperre {f} (Bahn) mechanical device locking the lever of the entry signal to a section (railway)

Arzneimittelfieber {n} [med.] drug fever

Bowdenzughebel {m} (Kfz, Fahrrad) [auto] Bowden wire lever (motor vehicle, bicycle)

Bremshebel {m}; Bremsarm {m} brake lever; brake arm

Bremshebelüberzug {m} brake lever sleeve

Denguefieber {n} [med.] dengue fever; dengue

Pfeiffersches Drüsenfieber {n}; Studentenfieber {n}; Mononukleose {f} [med.] glandular fever; mononucleosis; kissing disease

Ebola {n}; Ebolafieber {n} [med.] Ebola; Ebola fever

Englisches Schweißfieber {n}; Englischer Schweiß {m}; Schweißseuche {f}; Schweißsucht {f} (sudor anglicus) [med.] English sweating disease; English sweating fever; English sweate

Feldfieber {n} [med.] field fever

Frühlingsgefühle {pl} spring fever

Fünftagefieber {n}; Wolhynisches Fieber [med.] Wolhynia fever; trench fever

Gelbfieber {n} [med.] yellow fever (jack); amarillic yphus

Gelbfieberepidemie {f} [med.] yellow fever epidemic

Gelbfieberimpfung {f} [med.] yellow fever vaccination

Gelbgießerkrankheit {f} [med.] brass-founder's fever (disease)

Gelenkrheumatismus {m} [med.] rheumatic fever; articular rheumatism

Handhebelgestänge {n} hand lever gear; hand lever rods

Hasenpest {f} [med.] rabbit fever; deer fly fever; Ohara's disease; tularaemia

Hebelgesetz {n} [phys.] lever principle; principle of the lever

Hebelkettenzug {m}; Hebelzug {m}; Kettenzug {m}; Zughub {m} [techn.] ratchet lever hoist

Hebelwirkung {f} [phys.] lever action

Heber {m} [techn.] jack [listen]

Heuschnupfen {m} [med.] hay fever; hayfever

Hevea-Kautschuk {m} hevea rubber

Hundefieber {n}; Stuttgarter Fieber; Hundetyphus {m} [med.] canicola fever; canine leptospirosis; Stuttgart disease

Hundetyphus {m} canicola fever

Jagdfieber {n} hunting fever

Katzenkratzkrankheit {f} /KKK/; Katzenkratzfieber {n}; Katzenkratzlymphadenitis {f} [med.] cat scratch disease /CSD/; cat scratch fever; inoculation lymphoreticulosis; subacute regional lymphadenitis

Kautschukbaum {m}; Parakautschukbaum {m} (Hevea brasiliensis) [bot.] caoutchouc tree; Para rubber tree; rubber tree

Kindbettfieber {n} [med.] childbed fever

Kokzidioidomykose {f}; Talfieber; Wüstenfieber {n}; Wüstenrheumatismus {m} [med.] coccidioidomycosis; cocci; valley fever; California fever; San Joaquin Valley fever; desert rheumatism

Kollektivheber {m} [aviat.] lever assy

Kontinua {f} [med.] continued fever; continua

Küstenfieber {n} (Theileria-Infektion) [med.] East Coast fever; African fever; Rhodesian fever; theileriasis

Landstreitkräfte {pl}; Bodentruppen {pl}; Heer {n} [mil.] [listen] ground forces; land forces

Mietkauf {m} [econ.] hire-purchase; rent-to-own /RTO/ [Am.]; never-never [Br.] [coll.]

Milzbrand {m}; Anthrax {n} [med.] anthrax; splenic fever

Montageverletzung {f} lever damage

Oroyafieber {n} [med.] Oroya fever

Papageienkrankheit {f} [med.] parrot fever

Paratyphus {m} [med.] paratyphoid; paratyphoid fever

etw. auf Raten kaufen; etw. auf Teilzahlung kaufen [geh.] {vt} to buy sth. on hire purchase [Br.] / on H.P. [Br.]; to buy sth. on the installment plan/system [Am.] / on a deferred payment plan [Am.] / on a deferred payment basis [Am.] / on a time payment plan [Am.] / on deferred terms [Am.]; to buy sth. on the never-never [Br.] [coll.]

Rifttalfieber {n} [zool.] [med.] rift valley fever /RVF/

Sandfliegenfieber {n} [med.] sand-fly fever; phlebotomus fever; Chitral fever

Schalthebel-Anlötteile {pl} shift lever bosses

Scharlach {m}; Scharlachfieber {n} [med.] scarlet fever; scarlatina

Schlammfieber {n} [med.] slime fever

Schubstange {f} der Lenkung [auto] steering lever drop arm

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