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72 results for suction
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suction; removal by suction [listen] Absaugung {f} [techn.]

suction; pull (of air, water) [listen] [listen] Sog {m}; Sogwirkung {f} (von Luft, Wasser) [phys.]

suction filter; suction strainer; Nutsch filter Nutschfilter {m}; Nutsche {f} [chem.]

suction filters; suction strainers; Nutsch filters Nutschfilter {pl}; Nutschen {pl}

vacuum tank filter Nutschfilter mit Vakuumtank

slit-sieve filter funnel; Buchner suction filter; Buchner suction filtration funnel; Buchner suction funnel; Buchner funnel Siebschlitznutsche {f}; Büchnernutsche {f}; Büchnertrichter {m}

suction power; suction strength Saugkraft {f} [techn.]

the suction power of a vacuum cleaner die Saugkraft eines Staubsaugers

the suction strength of a pump die Saugkraft einer Pumpe

suction catheter Absaugkatheter {m} [med.]

suction catheters Absaugkatheter {pl}

suction hood Absaughaube {f}

suction hoods Absaughauben {pl}

suction funnel Absaugtrichter {m}

suction funnels Absaugtrichter {pl}

suction pressure Ansaugdruck {m} [techn.]

suction nozzle Ansaugdüse {f}; Einlaufdüse {f} [techn.]

suction nozzles Ansaugdüsen {pl}; Einlaufdüsen {pl}

suction filter Ansaugfilter {m} [techn.]

suction filters Ansaugfilter {pl}

suction tube Ansaugleitung {f}

suction tubes Ansaugleitungen {pl}

suction pump Ansaugpumpe {f}

suction pumps Ansaugpumpen {pl}

suction pipe (vacuum cleaner etc.) Ansaugrohr {n}; Absaugrohr {n}; Saugrohr {n} (Staubsauger usw.)

suction pipes Ansaugrohre {pl}; Absaugrohre {pl}; Saugrohre {pl}

suction hose; flexible suction tube (vacuum cleaner etc.) Ansaugschlauch {m}; Saugschlauch {m} (Staubsauger usw.)

suction hoses; flexible suction tubes Ansaugschläuche {pl}; Saugschläuche {pl}

suction system Ansaugsystem {n}; pneumatische Förderung {f}

suction crater Entnahmekrater {m}

suction craters Entnahmekrater {pl}

suction feeding Nahrungsaufnahme {f} durch Ansaugen [zool.]

suction syrup (sugar production) Nutschsirup {m} (Zuckerherstellung) [agr.]

suction pipes (sugar production) Saugapparat {m}; Nutschapparat {m} (Zuckerherstellung) [agr.]

suction dredger; hydraulic dredger Saugbagger {m}

suction dredgers; hydraulic dredgers Saugbagger {pl}

suction gas overheating Sauggasüberhitzung {f}

suction strainer Saugfilter {m} [mach.]

suction strainers Saugfilter {pl}

suction bell Saugglocke {f}

suction bells Saugglocken {pl}

suction chamber Saugkammer {f}

suction chambers Saugkammern {pl}

suction head Saugkopf {m} [techn.]

suction heads Saugköpfe {pl}

suction basket; strainer Saugkorb {m}; Saugkopf {m} [techn.]

suction baskets; strainers Saugkörbe {pl}; Saugköpfe {pl}

suction line Saugleitung {f} [techn.]

suction lines Saugleitungen {pl}

suction cup Saugnapf {m}

suction cups Saugnäpfe {pl}

suction plate Saugplatte {f}

suction plates Saugplatten {pl}

suction hose Saugschlauch {m} [techn.]

suction hoses Saugschläuche {pl}

suction side (of a pump) Saugseite {f} (einer Pumpe) [techn.]

suction device Saugvorrichtung {f}

suction devices Saugvorrichtungen {pl}

suction effect Saugwirkung {f}

suction effects Saugwirkungen {pl}

suction trap; suctory trap (in carnivorous plants) Schluckfalle {f}; Saugfalle {f} (bei fleischfressenden Pflanzen) [bot.]

suction type mill Unterdruckmühle {f} [techn.]

suction type mills Unterdruckmühlen {pl}

suction ... [listen] ansaugend; Ansaug... {adj} [techn.]

suction head; suction lift (pump); capillary rise; adsorptive height Saughöhe {f}

suction pipe check valve and screen Saugkorb {m}

suction hood Ablufthaube {f} [techn.]

suction hoods Ablufthauben {pl}

suction systems Absaug-Systeme {pl} [techn.]

suction burner Absaugbrenner {m} [techn.]

suction devices Absaugevorrichtungen {pl} [techn.]

suction pipes Absaugrohre {pl} [techn.]

suction pipelines Absaugrohrleitungen {pl} [techn.]

suction technology Absaugtechnik {f} [techn.]

suction tables Absaugtische {pl} [techn.]

suction removals Absaugungen {pl} [techn.]

suction fans Absaugventilatoren {pl} [techn.]

intake stroke; suction stroke; induction stroke; intake period Ansaugtakt {m}

compression stroke Verdichtungstakt {m}; Kompressionstakt {m}

working stroke; power stroke; firing stroke; expansion stroke (piston engine) Arbeitshub {m}; Arbeitstakt {m}; Ausdehnungshub {m}; Expansionstakt {m} (Kolbenmotor)

exhaust stroke Ausstoßtakt {m}

intake air; induction air; inlet air; suction air Ansaugluft {f}

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