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18 results for catheter
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catheter Katheter {m} [med.]

catheters Katheter {pl}

embolectomy catheter Embolektomiekatheter {m}

urethral catheter Harnröhrenkatheter {m}

intranasal catheter Nasenkatheter {m}

splinting catheter Schienungskatheter {m}

indwelling intravenous catheter venöser Infusionskatheter

to insert a catheter einen Katheter legen

catheter biopsy Katheterbiopsie {f} [med.]

cardiac catheter; intracardiac catheter; cardiac cath Herzkatheter {m} [med.]

cardiac catheters; intracardiac catheters Herzkatheter {pl}

left cardiac catheter Linksherzkatheter {m}

suction catheter Absaugkatheter {m} [med.]

suction catheters Absaugkatheter {pl}

urinal catheter Blasenkatheter {m} [med.]

urinal catheters Blasenkatheter {pl}

dilatation catheter Dehnkatheter {m} [med.]

flow-directed catheter Einschwemmkatheter {m} [med.]

implanted venous access port; central venous port; central venous catheter; implantable venous access system; central venous access device; subcutaneous port; implantable port; port-a-cath ® zentraler Venenzugang {m}; zentraler Venenkatheter {m}; Portkatheter {m}; Port {m} [med.]

balloon-tipped dilating catheter Ballondilatationskatheter {m} [med.]

balloon-tipped dilating catheters Ballondilatationskatheter {pl}

balloon catheter Ballonkatheter {m} [techn.]

dialysis catheter Dialysekatheter {m} [med.]

endotracheal catheter Endotrachealkatheter {m} [techn.]

ablation Abtragung {f}; Ablation {f}; Ablatio {f} (Entfernen von Körpergewebe) [med.]

catheter ablation Katheterablation {f}

medical report; findings report Befund {m}; Befundbericht {m}; Arztbrief {m} [med.] [listen]

medical reports; findings reports Befunde {pl}; Befundberichte {pl}; Arztbriefe {pl}

outpatient clinic report; outpatient report Ambulanzbefund {m}

doctor's report; medical report ärztlicher Befund

cardiac catheter report; cardiovascular catheterization report Herzkatheterbefund {m}

echocardiography report Herz-Ultraschallbefund {m}

clinical report Befund des Krankenhauses

report of the physician in charge Befund des behandelnden Arztes

drainage [listen] Drainage {f} [med.]

postural drainage Drainage durch Lagerung; Lagerungsdrainage {f}

tidal drainage Drainage mit Ebbe und Flut

infusion-aspiration drainage; drip-suck irrigation Drainage mit Saugung und Spülung

transhepatic ring catheter drainage Drainage ohne Ende

postural-percussion drainage Lagerungs- und Kopfdrainage {f}

lymphatic drainage; drainage of the lymphatic fluid Lymphdrainage {f}

open / closed drainage offene / geschlossene Drainage

transhepatic drainage transhepatische Drainage

transpapillary drainage transpapilläre Drainage

wound drainage Wunddrainage {f}

patency (of channels) Durchgängigkeit {f} (von Kanälen) [med.]

patency of a catheter Durchgängigkeit eines Katheters

airway patency Atemwegsdurchgängigkeit {f}; Atemwegdurchgängigkeit {f}; Luftwegdurchgängigkeit {f}

indwelling {adj} (of a cannula, catheter etc.) Verweil...; Dauer... (Kanüle, Katheter usw.) [med.]

indwelling cannula Verweilkanüle {f}; Dauerkanüle {f}

indwelling catheter; self-retaining catheter Verweilkatheter {m}; Dauerkatheter {m}

indwelling urinary catheter Harnblasenverweilkatheter {m}; Blasendauerkatheter {m}

indwelling intravenous catheter venöser Infusionskatheter {m}

ureteral; ureteric ureterisch; Ureter...; Harnleiter {adj} [anat.]

ureteral kink Harnleiterabknickung {f}; Ureterenabknickung {f}; Ureter-Kinking

ureteral bud (in an embryo) Harnleiteranlage {f}; Ureterknospe {f} (beim Embryo)

ureteral catheter Harnleiterkatheter {m}; Ureterenkatheter {m}; Ureterkatheter {m}

ureteral catheterization Harnleiterkatheterung {f}; Ureterenkatheterisation {f}; Ureterkatheterung {f}

ureteral meatotomy (operative) Harnleitermündungserweiterung {f}; Ureterenmeatotomie {f}; Uretermeatotomie {f}

ureteral nerve Harnleiternerv {m}; Ureternerv {m}

ureteral orifice; ureteral ostium Harnleiteröffnung {f}; Uretermündung {f} (Ostium ureteris)

ureteral polyp Harnleiterpolyp {m}; Ureterpolyp {m}

ureteral reflux Harnleiterreflux {m}; Ureterreflux {m}

ureteral irrigation Harnleiterspülung {f}; Ureterenirrigation {f}; Ureterirrigation {f}

ureteral stricture Harnleiterverengung {f}; Ureterstriktur {f}
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