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dredger Baggerschiff {n}; Baggerboot {n}; Schwimmbagger {m}; Nassbagger {m}; Bagger {m} [constr.]

dredgers Baggerschiffe {pl}; Baggerboote {pl}; Schwimmbagger {pl}; Nassbagger {pl}; Bagger {pl}

grab dredger; grabble dredger Greifbagger {m}; Greiferbagger {m}

dipper dredge; dipper dredger; dipper shovel Löffelschwimmbagger {m}; Schwimmlöffelbagger {m}

slewing dredger [Br.]; sluing dredger [Am.] Schwenkbagger {m}

floating dredger freifahrender Schwimmbagger

stationary dredger stationärer Schwimmbagger {m}

shovel dredger [Br.]; dipper dredger [Br.]; dredging shovel [Am.]; mechanical shovel; power shovel; mechanical navvy [Am.]; power navvy [Am.] (construction machine) Löffelbagger {m} (Baumaschine)

shovel dredgers; dipper dredgers; dredging shovels; mechanical shovels; power shovels; mechanical navvies; power navvies Löffelbagger {pl}

steam shovel Dampfbagger {m} [hist.]

push shovel Stiel-Löffelbagger

dragshovel auf Zug arbeitender Löffelbagger

crawler shovel Löffelbagger auf Raupenketten; Raupenketten-Löffelbagger

stripping shovel Löffelbagger mit großer Reichweite

shovel dredger with dragline equipment Löffelbagger mit Schleppschaufel

cutting height of a shovel dredger Reichhöhe des Löffelbaggers

digging depth of a shovel dredger Reichtiefe des Löffelbaggers

bucket; scoop; shovel [Am.] (of an excavator or dredger); digger bucket; excavator bucket; dredger bucket; dredging bucket; dipper shovel [Am.] [listen] [listen] [listen] Baggerschaufel {f}; Schaufel {f}; Baggerlöffel {m}; Löffel {m}; Baggerkübel {m}; Baggereimer {m} [constr.] [listen]

buckets; scoops; shovels; digger buckets; excavator buckets; dredger buckets; dredging buckets; dipper shovels Baggerschaufeln {pl}; Schaufeln {pl}; Baggerlöffel {pl}; Löffel {pl}; Baggerkübel {pl}; Baggereimer {pl} [listen]

clamshell bucket; grab bucket Greifkübel {m}; Greifer {m}

continuous-bucket dredger; continuous-bucket excavator; bucket(-ladder) excavator; ladder-bucket dredger; bucket-chain dredger; chain-bucket dredger Eimerkettenbagger {m}

continuous-bucket dredgers; continuous-bucket excavators; bucket(-ladder) excavators; ladder-bucket dredgers; bucket-chain dredgers; chain-bucket dredgers Eimerkettenbagger {pl}

bucket of the multi-bucket excavator Eimer des Eimerkettenbaggers

bucket-ladder dredge; bucket-ladder dredger; bucket dredge; bucket dredger; elevator dredger Eimerkettennassbagger {m}

bucket-ladder dredges; bucket-ladder dredgers; bucket dredges; bucket dredgers; elevator dredgers Eimerkettennassbagger {pl}

cutterhead dredger Fräßkopfbagger {m} [techn.]

cutterhead dredgers Fräßkopfbagger {pl}

hopper barge; self-emptying barge; dredger's mud barge; dump scow Klappschute {f}; Bodenentleerschute {f} [naut.]

hopper barges; self-emptying barges; dredger's mud barges; dump scows Klappschuten {pl}; Bodenentleerschuten {pl}

coastal dredger; coastal dredge Küstenbagger {m}

coastal dredgers Küstenbagger {pl}

hopper dredger Laderaumbagger {m}

hopper dredgers Laderaumbagger {pl}

saddle block (of a digger or dredger) Löffelarmlager {m} (Bagger) [constr.]

suction dredger; hydraulic dredger Saugbagger {m}

suction dredgers; hydraulic dredgers Saugbagger {pl}

shaker; dredger Streubüchse {f}

rail-mounted excavator; rail-mounted dredger Schienenbagger {m}

hopper (of a dredger) [listen] Baggerprahm {m}; Prahm {m}

hoppers Baggerprahme {pl}; Prahme {pl}

retract winch (dredger) Löffelrückholwinde {f} (Bagger)

retract winches Löffelrückholwinden {pl}

digger arm (of an excavator or dredger) Schaufelarm {m}; Löffelarm {m} (eines Baggers) [constr.]

digger arms Schaufelarme {pl}; Löffelarme {pl}
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