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ooze Sickern {n}; Quellen {n}; Triefen {n}

to ooze sickern; triefen; nässen {vi}

oozing sickernd; triefend; nässend

oozed gesickert; getrieft; genässt

oozes sickert; trieft; nässt

oozed sickerte; triefte; nässte

to ooze schwitzen; ausschwitzen; absondern {vt} [listen]

oozing schwitzend; ausschwitzend; absondernd

oozed geschwitzt; ausgeschwitzt; abgesondert

to ooze; to encroach; to ingress; to percolate eindringen {vi} [listen]

oozing; encroaching; ingressing; percolating eindringend

oozed; encroached; ingressed; percolated eingedrungen

to ooze away versickern; versiegen {vi}

oozing away versickernd; versiegend

oozed away versickert; versiegt

to ooze out; to percolate; to soak in; to soak into; to leak downward durchsickern {vi}

oozing out; percolating; soaking in; soaking into; leaking downward durchsickernd

oozed out; percolated; soaked in; soaked into; leaked downward durchgesickert

tanning liquor; tan-liquor; tan-ooze (leather processing) Gerbstoffbrühe {f} (Lederverarbeitung)

ooze Schlamm {m}; Schlick {m}

diatomaceous ooze; diatom ooze Diatomeenschlamm {m} [min.]

globigerina ooze Globigerinenschlamm {m}

pteropod ooze Pteropodenschlamm {m} [geol.]

radiolarian ooze Radiolarienschlamm {m} [geol.]

deep-sea ooze; deep-sea mud; pelagic ooze Tiefseeschlamm {m} [geol.]