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29 results for axles
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type of axle Achsbauform {f}

types of axles Achsbauformen {pl}

axle [listen] Achse {f}; Welle {f} [listen] [listen]

axles Achsen {pl}; Wellen {pl}

fixed axle feste Achse

monobloc axle Monoblockachse {f}

wheelset axle Radsatzwelle {f}

driving axle; drive axle; live axle (railway, machine) Antriebsachse {f}; Treibachse {f} (Bahn, Maschine) [mach.]

driving axles; drive axles; live axles Antriebsachsen {pl}; Treibachsen {pl}

drive axle Antriebsachse {f} [auto]

drive axles Antriebsachsen {pl}

dolly axle Dolly-Achse {f}; Hilfsachse {f} für Sattelauflieger [auto]

dolly axles Dolly-Achsen {pl}; Hilfsachsen {pl} für Sattelauflieger

stub axle Faustachse {f} [techn.]

stub axles Faustachsen {pl}

cranked stub axle gekröpfte Faustachse

fork axle Gabelachse {f}

fork axles Gabelachsen {pl}

rear axle; back axle Hinterachse {f} [auto]

rear axles; back axles Hinterachsen {pl}

hollow axle Hohlachse {f}

hollow axles Hohlachsen {pl}

axle of a circular saw; axle of a buzz saw [Am.] Kreissägewelle {f}

axles of a circular saw; axles of a buzz saw Kreissägewellen {pl}

coupled axle (railway) Kuppelachse {f} (Bahn)

coupled axles Kuppelachsen {pl}

crank axle Kurbelachse {f} [techn.]

crank axles Kurbelachsen {pl}

steering-type axle Lenkachse {f} [auto]

steering-type axles Lenkachsen {pl}

leading axle; front axle; fore axle; radial axle; radius axle (railways) Lenkachse {f}; Leitachse {f}; Vorderachse {f} (Bahn)

leading axles; front axles; fore axles; radial axles; radius axles Lenkachsen {pl}; Leitachsen {pl}; Vorderachsen {pl}

hub axle Nabenachse {f} [techn.]

hub axles Nabenachsen {pl}

trailing axle Nachlaufachse {f} [auto]

trailing axles Nachlaufachsen {pl}

full floating axle; jointed cross shaft axle Pendelachse {f} [auto]

full floating axles; jointed cross shaft axles Pendelachsen {pl}

independent tandem axle Pendeltandemachse {f}

independent tandem axles Pendeltandemachsen {pl}

portal axle; portal gear lift Portalachse {f} [auto]

portal axles; portal gear lifts Portalachsen {pl}

wishbone axle Querlenkerachse {f} [auto]

wishbone axles Querlenkerachsen {pl}

double wishbone axle Doppel-Querlenkerachse

axle [listen] Radachse {f}

axles Radachsen {pl}

quick-release hub axle Schnellspannachse {f} [techn.]

quick-release hub axles Schnellspannachsen {pl}

independent axle Schwingachse {f}

independent axles Schwingachsen {pl}

swing-axled mit Schwingachse versehen

bearing axle Tragachse {f} [techn.]

bearing axles Tragachsen {pl}

traction unit; tractive unit; motive power unit (railway) Triebfahrzeug {n} (Bahn)

tractive stock; motive power Triebfahrzeuge {pl}

electric traction unit elektrisches Triebfahrzeug

diesel-electric motor vehicle dieselelektrisches Triebfahrzeug

tractive unit with independent axles Triebfahrzeug mit Einzelachsantrieb

tractive unit with coupled axles Triebfahrzeug mit gekuppelten Radsätzen

superstructure of the traction unit Aufbau des Triebfahrzeugs; Triebfahrzeugaufbau

traction test Betriebsversuch mit dem Triebfahrzeug

driving of a motive power unit Führen eines Triebfahrzeugs

traction unit running light Leerfahrt {f} eines Triebfahrzeugs; Triebfahrzeug-Leerfahrt {f}

summary inspection of the traction unit summarische Triebfahrzeugkontrolle {f}

front axle Vorderachse {f} [auto]

front axles Vorderachsen {pl}

front-axle shaft; differential car axle [Br.]; drive shaft [Am.] Vorderachswelle {f} (Antriebswelle der Räder) [auto]

front-axle shafts; differential car axles; drive shafts Vorderachswellen {pl}

idler axle Zwischenachse {f} [techn.]

idler axles Zwischenachsen {pl}

quick-release axle Steckachse {f} [techn.]

quick-release axles Steckachsen {pl}
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