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Camp {n} camp [listen]

Camps {pl} camps

Campingbett {n}; Campingliege {f}; Gartenliege {f}; Sonnenliege {f}; Dreibeinliege {f} camp bed [Br.]; sunbed [Br.]; cot [Am.] [listen]

Campingbetten {pl}; Campingliegen {pl}; Gartenliegen {pl}; Sonnenliegen {pl}; Dreibeinliegen {pl} camp beds; sunbeds; cots

Campingplatzparzelle {f}; Campingparzelle {f}; Campingstandplatz {m}; Campingstellplatz {m} camping pitch; camping site; campsite [Am.]; camp and caravan site [Br.]; camper with trailer site [Am.]

Campingplatzparzellen {pl}; Campingparzellen {pl}; Campingstandplätze {pl}; Campingstellplätze {pl} camping pitches; camping sites; campsites; camp and caravan sites; camper with trailer sites

Campingstuhl {m} (folding) camp chair

Campingstühle {pl} (folding) camp chairs

Campingtisch {m} (folding) camp table

Campingtische {pl} (folding) camp tables

Ferienlager {n}; Ferienfreizeit {f} [Dt.] [soc.] holiday camp [Br.]; vacation camp [Am.]; summer camp

Ferienlager {pl}; Ferienfreizeiten {pl} holiday camps; vacation camps; summer camps

ins Ferienlager fahren to go to a holiday/vacation camp

Näherung {f}; Approximation {f} [math.] approximation [listen]

erste Näherung first-order approximation

in erster Näherung in the first approximation

Bayes-Näherung Bayes' approximation

Blum-Näherung Blum approximation

Borges-Approximation Borges' approximation

Burkholder-Näherung Burkholder approximation

Camp-Paulson-Approximation Camp-Paulson approximation

Hastings-Näherung Hastings approximation

Laplace-Approximation Laplace approximation

Merrington-Pearson-Näherung Merrington-Pearson approximation

Näherung nach Esseen Esseen-type approximation

Näherung durch Polynome polynominal approximation

Harley'sche Approximation Harley approximation

Näherung durch Potenzreihenentwicklung power series approximation

Poisson-Approximation Poisson approximation

Sattelpunktnäherung saddle point approximation

Satterthwaite-Approximation; Satterthwaite-Test Satterthwaite's approximation; Satterthwaite's test

beschleunigte stochastische Approximation accelerated stochastic approximation

Dvoretsky'sches Theorem über stochastische Näherung Dvoretsky's stochastic approximation theorem

Notaufnahmelager {n} (für Flüchtlinge); Flüchtlingscamp {n} emergency accommodation centre; emergency accommodation center; transit camp; temporary reception camp

Notaufnahmelager {pl}; Flüchtlingscamps {pl} emergency accommodation centres; emergency accommodation centers; transit camps; temporary reception camps

zelten; campieren; campen {vi} to camp; to tent [listen] [listen]

zeltend; campierend; campend camping; tenting

gezeltet; campiert; gecampt camped; tented

er/sie zeltet he/she camps; he/she tents

ich/er/sie zeltete I/he/she camped; I/he/she tented

zelten gehen to go camping

Zelten verboten! No camping!

Campinggrill {m}; Campinggriller {m} [cook.] camp grill

Campinggrills {pl}; Campinggriller {pl} camping grills

Campingkocher {m} camping stove; camp stove; camping cooker

Campingkocher {pl} camping stoves; camp stoves; camping cookers
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